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Smith, Dave

  • Person
  • 1965-

Dave Smith is a beer journalist and publisher based in British Columbia's Lower Mainland. Since 2015 Smith has edited and published What's Brewing Magazine, the journal of BC's craft beer movement.

Smith was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1965. After his family relocated to BC, Smith went on to study Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (1982-1984) and Business Management and Communications at BCIT (1992-1994). During the late 1980s and 1990s Smith worked at technology-related businesses, eventually focussing around the Internet. He established Dave Smith Consulting Services in 1999, which eventually evolved into web services company Line49 Design Group Inc., where Smith continues as principal.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Smith became interested in craft beer and the collection of breweriana (items such as beer bottles) as a hobby. With his wife Ivana he found a shared passion for beer tourism and soon began attending beer festivals and related events. The pair joined the fledgling Vancouver branch of the Campaign for Real Ale Society of British Columbia (CAMRA BC) in 2005, at which point they began volunteering at beer events regularly. Smith also served as a technical consultant for CAMRA Vancouver, establishing their website’s domain name and email system.

By 2013, this activity had sparked an interest in beer writing that led to contributions to CAMRA BC's long-running magazine-style newsletter, What's Brewing. When it suspended publication in 2014, Smith and other contributors found themselves without a forum for beer writing in BC. By tapping into the web publishing resources available through Line49 Design, Smith was able to evolve What’s Brewing into a digital-first magazine. Through the remainder of the 2010s, dozens of BC craft beverage enthusiasts and professionals would voluntarily contribute to this new platform, which eventually included a comprehensive weekly newsletter, events calendar, Tasting Panel and profiles of numerous BC craft community members.

In 2018, Line49 also took over publication of Beer Me BC—a website founded in 2012 which had become BC’s most prominent source of ongoing beer reviews, job postings and resources. At the end of 2020, What's Brewing joined its sister publication as an online-only service, and the pair of websites continue to be sources of BC craft brewing community news via web and social media.

Simon Fraser Student Society

  • Corporate body

The Simon Fraser University Society (SFUSS) was established on October 5, 1965. "University" was later dropped and it is now known as the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). The SFSS still maintains its original constitutional objectives: "to promote, direct, administer, coordinate all student activities of, by and for the students of Simon Fraser University, and to promote cooperation amongst the students of Simon Fraser University and cooperation between the members of the Society and students within the Province and elsewhere." Its mandate has come to include advocating for students rights and providing services to graduate and undergraduate members. These include advocacy services, such as Legal Aid and Women's Centre, and retail services, such as Quad Books, the Print Shop and the Pub.

In its first year, the Society organized social events, co-sponsored Vietnam teach-ins, started a co-op bookstore, and protested against the poor quality food offered on campus. In the 1970s, the Society organized against tuition fee increases, lobbied for improved on-campus housing, started a women's centre, and opened a student-run pub. The 1980s saw the development of plans for a student union building and a continuation in the struggle for affordable education. In the 1990s the Society has constructed the Maggie Benston Centre, expanded its services and continues to advocate on behalf of students for accessible, affordable education.

The Executive Council originally consisted of 14 elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ombudsman, Clubs Director, Public Relations Officer, Arts, Science and Education Presidents, Athletics Coordinator, Social Convenor, Cultural Director, and Housing coordinator. This remained until 1977 when changes to constitutional by laws established five at large positions: President, Treasurer, External and Internal Relations Officers, Secretary, and Public Relations Officer and the Ombuds Office. Currently, six elected Executive officers and 36 Student Union representatives elected by students from each academic department sit on the Forum, the student representative body responsible for all major Student Society decisions. The Departmental Student Unions and Standing Committees supply information and recommendations to the Forum. Student Society Standing Committees deal with every aspect of the Society's operations.

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Canada

  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1978-1992

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Canada was an advocacy organization based in Quebec and Ontario, formally incorporated under the national Cooperative Corporations Acts in January 1982. Its origins, however, trace back to 1978, when a homebrewers' cooperative was established in Montreal as CAMRA Montreal. Almost simultaneously a similar organization developed in Ottawa, and the two fused in the national organization created in 1982.

CAMRA Canada shared the overall philosophy and general aims of the UK Campaign for Real Ale that had been established in 1971 to revive the production of traditional cask-conditioned beer. There was no formal affiliation, however, as CAMRA UK has no provision for international branches. CAMRA Canada was a national organization with local chapters, and it produced a regular newsletter called (like CAMRA UK's) What's Brewing from 1982 to 1992. For its relationship to BC's CAMRA organization, see the SFU AtoM entry on CAMRA BC. By the mid-1990s, CAMRA Canada was defunct and the newsletter no longer appeared.

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