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Red Lion Press

  • Corporate body
  • 1984-

The Red Lion Press is a BC-based publisher of anarchist, libertarian left and radical political literature. It was founded by Larry Gambone in Vancouver, BC in 1984. The first book it published was an edition Gambone prepared of The Nature of Human Brain Work by the nineteenth-century German socialist philosopher, Joseph Dietzgen, a work originally published in 1869. Gambone moved to Montréal in 1987, and began printing numerous of his own pamphlets and essays under the Red Lion imprint. In 2006, Gambone and the Press returned to BC, settling in Nanaimo. In addition to works by Gambone, Red Lion has also published books by Kevin Carson, Fred Casey, Sébastien Faure, Hans Feldt, Jack Kavanagh, Ima Louette, and Bill Pritchard.

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