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Simon Fraser University Special Collections and Rare Books Doukhobor collection Series
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Audio -visual records

This series contains video recording and sound recordings related to Doukhobor culture, art and singing in Canada, Georgia and Russia.

Cassette tapes

This series contains 10 audio cassettes containing recordings of Russian music and recording of meetings and events.

CCUB (Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood)

This series consists of various documents that were created by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) and its members and that relate to the operations of the CCUB and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from 1898 until 1960, predominantly from 1907 until 1939. The documents relate to the leadership of the organization, administration of office and membership, land and financial matters, relationship with the Canadian government agencies and the Sons of Freedom, beliefs and ideology of the Doukhobors. The CCUB was established by the Doukhobors that settled in Saskatchewan in the early 1900s. Most members of the organization moved to the West Kooteney region of British Columbia between 1907-1912. The organization was led by Peter V. Verigin (Lordly), spiritual leader of the Doukhobors, until his death in 1924. Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov) took over the leadership of the CCUB in 1927. In the mid 1930s, in efforts to unite all the Doukhobors, Chistiakov created organization known as the Society of Named Doukhobors that was renamed the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) in 1940s. In 1938, the CCUB as an organization was dissolved due to bankruptcy and the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) replaced it.
This series is divided in to four sub-series: 1: Circular letters; 2: Correspondence; 3: Meeting minutes; 4: Documents; 5: Writings; 6: Financial records.


This series consists of 3 CD-ROMs containing original digital records of photographs of elders taken in 1975 and of Anna Markova funeral in 1978. [Stored with textual records]

Christian Community and Brotherhood of Reformed Doukhobors (CCBRD)

This series consists of records mainly created, received and accumulated by the members of the Christian Community and Brotherhood of Reformed Doukhobors (CCBRD). The documents in this series relate to operations of the CCBRD and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from 1899 until 2011, predominantly from 1950s until 1980s. This series relate also to the relationship between the CCBRD, the Sons of Freedom and the USCC. In 1949, Stephan Sorokin arrived in British Columbia became spiritual leader of the Sons of Freedom replacing John Lebedoff. Under his leadership, the organization formally became the CCBRD in 1956. This series contains documents illustrating administration of the organization, managing community and land, relationships and conflicts between parts of the community, leadership problems, Stephan Sorokin’s leadership, conflicts between Doukhobor community and the government of British Columbia and Canada, interest in immigrating out of Canada, and protests and imprisonment of the Sons of Freedom. The records also contain decisions, manifestos, legal and doctrinal arguments, memberships, land “claims” etc. The records include: administrative documents, forms, applications, individual and organizational correspondence, writings, petitions, statements, messages, declarations, protocols, lists, legal documents, songs texts, essays, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and publications. The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

This series is divided in to ten sub-series: 1: Administration; 2: Membership; 3: Key people; 4: Stephan Sorokin correspondence and documents; 5: Sons of Freedom related documents; 6: Land documents; 7: Writings; 8: Publications and clippings; 9: General documents; 10: Photographs.

Circular letters

This series consists of circular letters to be read at an assembled meetings. The bulk of the letters dates between 1908-1912. Often they consist of direction from CCUB, such as livestock to sell, when to clear the fields, or when to come to a meeting. The letters also deal with the logistics of the move to British Columbia. Most of the letters were issued on the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) letterhead or on the Office of the Peter V. Verigin letterhead. Most letters are signed by P.V. Verigin, except for some signed by Mikhail Kazakov and some that are unsigned. Most letters are mimeographed.

Circular letters

This series consists of circular letters addressed to the CCUB members. All letters are mimeographed and none are issued on the CCUB letterhead. All records are in Russian, but a couple of them are supplied with handwritten translations in English.


This series consists of clippings from various British Columbia newspapers between 1956-1971 depicting matters related to the Doukhobor community and other matters relating to Efanov‘s political interest, such as political cartoons, Winston Churchill and J. F. Kennedy. Many clippings depict marriage announcement of the Doukhobor members or their descendants.

Committees and associations

This series consists of records created by various Doukhobor organization including: Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations, Association of Canadians of Russian Descent, Joint Doukhobor Research Committee, National Doukhobor Heritage Village, Kootenay and Boundary Citizen Committee on Doukhobor-Canadian Affairs, BC Unity Group, Doukhobor Society of Canada, Doukhobor Youth National Executive Council, and Saskatoon Society of Doukhobor. The records include correspondence, meetings minutes, administrative records, financial records, festival records, and photographs, etc. Many records in the series relate to reconciliation attempts between various Doukhobor factions as well as the organization of cultural celebratory events. Records are in English and Russian.

This series has 4 sub-series: Sub-series 1: KCIR; sub-series 2: ACRD; sub-series 3: Joint Doukhobor Research Committee; sub-series 4: Various organizations.


This series consists of the Eli A. Popoff’s personal correspondence and his correspondence as a representative of the USCC which overlap on many occasions. These documents include correspondence with prominent Doukhobors, supporters of the Doukhobor cause in various countries, people interested in Doukhobor history and various organizations and departments of the Federal or Provincial governments. The correspondence is often accompanied by various materials, including writings, brochures, ephemera, promotional material, and clippings.


This series consists of correspondence of Peter Legebokoff with various individuals and organizations within the Doukhobor community and from outside of it, including allies in Canada and abroad. This series includes letters and related material such as songs text, reports, clippings, writings, articles, and photographs.


This series consists of the personal and the Doukhobor community matters correspondence of P. V. Verigin sent to and received from various members of the CCUB.


This series consists of the personal and Doukhobor community related correspondence of P. V. Verigin that dates from early 1900s until his death in October of 1924. Besides P. V. Verigin correspondence, part of File 1 is also correspondence by Anastasia Holoboff and Fodosia Verigin that dates from 1900s until 1959. Some letters are handwritten and some are mimeographed. All in Russian, except for a few in English.


This series consists of outgoing and incoming correspondence of Tom McGauley with various individuals of Doukhobor community, other researchers into Doukhobor history, and government representatives involved with the Doukhobor community. This file also contains photocopies of Doukhobor correspondence collected as research material. Some of the correspondence includes additional records including notes, chapters, proposals, etc


This series consists of correspondence between Efanov and various individuals and organizations that were a part of the Doukhobor community and some from beyond the community. The series contains Efanov’s inbound and outbound letters as well as letters reproduced by him, but written by Stephan Sorokin. Some letters are undated and authorship is not clear. All are handwritten in Russian, except for a few letters in English.


This series consists of the Doukhobor community matters correspondence received or send by J. J. Verigin as the Secretary or the Honorary Chair of The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC), including letters, telegrams, open letters, declarations and proposals. The majority of the documents are in Russian.

Correspondence, clippings

This series is revealing of early 20th century perspectives towards the Doukhobors in Canada. The following persons are authors or subject to the records: J.A. Forin, Isabel Forin, George Hoyland, H.M. Manson, Aylmer Maude, Alice Nike, George Soukoreff, John J. Verigin, Vlaldimir Tcherkoff, Leo Tostoy, L.W. Verigin.

Diaries, journals and writings

This series consists of writing, commentaries, notes, songs texts, diaries and notebooks written by Efanov between 1911 and 1971. The dairies account for the majority of content in this series and provide significant insight to Efanov’s point of view. In addition, this collection of original Doukhobor diaries is the most extensive such collection in existence, as far as is known.
Four of these diaries exist in photocopies at UBC; one (only) of the photocopied diaries is the subject of Julie Rak's Negotiated Memory: Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2004). Most diaries are hand-written in notebooks of various sizes, though one group of at least 10 (some appear to be in multiple volumes), are written on toilet paper pads from prison. Most records are handwritten in Russian language, except for a document in English.

Documents about J.J. Verigin

This series consist of documents written about J. J. Verigin in relation to his role as a leader of the USCC and his prominent role within the Doukhobor communities. The documents include: reports, accounts, opinions, statement, speech, biographies, song texts, hansard, newspaper and magazine clippings and articles. Most documents are in English, except one in Russian; all documents are printed.

Doukhobor songs records

This series consists of the correspondence, notebooks, list and texts of Russian and Doukhobor songs, hymns, psalms and poems. These records were created and collected with an aim to compiled "Sbornik" a collection of Doukhobor songs. Some of the correspondence is with potential publishers and printers.

Family related documents

This series consists of documents created by J. J. Verigin’s close family members, his uncle Peter P. Verigin the Second and his mother Anna Markova, also sister of Peter P. Verigin the Second. The series includes the correspondence of Peter P. Verigin the Second, also known as Yastrebov and annotated map of the Doukhobor settlement drawn by Anna Markova.

General Correspondence and Documents

This series consists of original correspondence from Doukhobors in various capacities writing about their experiences with the police or the legal system, other Doukhobors, factions, etc. Mostly dating from late 1940s-1980s. The series includes records relating to the CCUB, the USCC, the CCBRD, the Sons of Freedom, J. J. Verigin, and S. Sorokin. This series contains letters, legal documents, statements, writings, lists, affidavits, reports, song texts and poems, newspaper clippings and other accompanying documents.

The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

General photographs

This series consists of photographic black and white, and color images depicting the Doukhobor Community in Russian, Saskatchewan and British Columbia from before 1886 until 1978, but predominantly 1900-1950s. The images portray various individual members of the Doukhobor community, families and groups in their traditional clothing. More often than not the individuals are unidentified. The images of individuals are often form the early decades of the 20th century. The images also depict various community and personal events, such as funerals, concerts, performances and religious rites as well as places, such as villages, towns, factories, etc. Many images consist of vernacular shots taken by participants, family, etc. and some are taken by identified local photographers.
This series includes images of important Doukhobor leaders including: Anastasia Holoboff, Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov), Peter P. Verigin III (Yasterbov), Anna Markova, Lukeria Kalmykov, Stefan Sorokin, John J. Verigin, and many others.

Some images are in the format of a postcard, some are mounted on boards or contained in their original folding mounts.

General records

This series consists of the records relating to the Peter Legebokoff’s association with various Doukhobor organizations, including the USCC, the Joint Doukhobor Research Committee, and the Doukhobor Cultural Association. The records relate to the Doukhobor cultural events, Sunday school meetings, conventions, and other cultural matters. The records include meeting minutes, correspondence, writings, notes, lists, reports, commemorative pins and buttons and other related material.

General records

This series contains general material, mostly correspondence that related to the history of Doukhobor community in Canada.

General records

This series consists of various records relating to the Doukhobor communities including USCC, CCBRD and Sons of Freedom. It includes reports, transcripts of testimonies, chronologies, phone directories, events programs, Doukhobor leadership messages to community.

Government documents

This series consists of mainly photocopies of documents created by various government bodies: federal, provincial and local between 1873 and 1987 relating to the Doukhobor communities in Canada. These records also include correspondence, open letters, statements, reports, messages and telegrams send by the Doukhobor communities to the government officials. This series also includes some photocopies of newspaper clippings, articles, chapters of publications, trial proceedings and maps.
Most of these documents are housed in other archives and contain file reference numbers. This collection was created by members of the Doukhobor community during their research of the Doukhobor history and Doukhobor relations with the Canadian governments. The files indicate photocopy requests by Steve Lapshinoff, Makortoff, Chernoff, and Sam Shlakoff. In addition, many of the records relate to the Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations (KCIR) and court cases and proceedings that Doukhobor communities were involved in.

Most documents are in English and some in Russian.

This series consists of 4 sub-series: Verigins, Immigration, Land and General documents


This series consists of a photocopy of transcripts of 18 interviews with members of Doukhobor community. Transcripts are in Russian and English.

Iskra records

This series consists of administrative records created by the Iskra’s editorial board and publishing activity, as well as various records collected as resources and research material for the Iskra publication.
This series includes article drafts, notes, correspondence, clipping, issues of periodicals, songs, texts, articles, speeches, reports, meeting minutes, agendas, teaching material, and other related records.
This series is divided into three sub-series: 1: Articles, notes and related; 2: Administrative records; 3: Tolstoy Connection.

Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society

This series consists of records related to the work of Peter Legebokoff as a curator of the Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society, including organization of the Doukhobor Village Museum and other projects aiming at preservation of the Doukhobor culture.

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