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Simon Fraser University Special Collections and Rare Books Martin Bartlett fonds Series
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This series contains material relating to Martin Bartlett’s compositional output throughout the course of his career.
The series is divided into 3 sub-series: Scores (1964-1993), Computer Programs (1985-1993), and Recordings (1965-1990).

Computer Programming

This series contains mostly computer disks and some audio cassettes relating to Bartlett’s programming of MABEL, FORTH, and MIDAS language development and usage, as well as startup disks and software, and information about experimental tuning systems. Some of the material relates to programs on the Buchla 400. The textual materials include notes and the manual to the Atari computer, as well as journal articles, magazines, scores, symposia programs, and correspondence.


This series contains personal and business correspondence to and from Martin Bartlett.


This series contains textual materials and audio recordings of Gamelan music. It includes scores for Javanese and Balinese Gamelan (noted as Javanese or Balinese Gendhing), research materials related to Gamelan, and audio recordings (cassettes and vinyl records). It also includes information about the acquisition of SFU’s Gamelan, the Gamelan festival at SFU in 1986, and about the interdisciplinary production of A Gamelan Tempest at SFU in 1989. The photographs for these event are housed in Series 10: Photographs.


This series contains Bartlett’s notebooks which have a wide array of content. Travel journals, sailing logs, computer schemas, sketch books, and compositional sketches are included. Relevant content may also be found for other series such as Series 5: Gamelan, Series 6: Research materials, Series 7: Writing, Series 8: Computer Programming, and Series 9: Compositions.


This series contains two synthesizers (Buchla 400 and The Black Box), an Atari computer, as well as various small objects and artworks from Bartlett’s possessions.

Personal Papers

This series contains Bartlett’s personal documents such as passports and birth certificate, adoption papers, citizenship certificates, university degrees, financial papers, tax documents, mortgage documentation, travel and boat paperwork, and pay slips.


This series contains photographs (black and white, colour, prints, slides, and negatives) from all periods of Bartlett’s life. There are extensive photographs of his travels in South East Asia, as well as numerous photos from his home on the Sunshine Coast and his travels with friends in his sailboat.

Research Material

This series contains textual materials and audio recordings (cassettes, audio reels, vinyl records) related to professional activities that are not specifically gamelan or composition, though they may also be related to both. Items include recordings of compositions by other composers, samples of sounds, recordings of different world music (especially a large number of recordings of Indian classical music), and some live concert recordings.


This series contains information related to Bartlett’s teaching at Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, and various public lectures including those at the Western Front. Material also includes student submissions such as compositions, writing, and recordings. The series includes textual materials and some audio recordings.


This series contains textual materials that Martin Bartlett wrote during the course of his career. Some are academic texts on composition and the use of electronics or tuning systems. Others are published works from yachting magazines, others are musings on the nature of art, beauty, and nature. There is also some information from grant applications and concert programs.