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Series consists of Peter Trower’s incoming and outgoing correspondence. Includes correspondence with family, friends, other writers, publishers, fans, media personnel, and granting agencies.

Poetry – published poems

Series consists of copies of published poems by Peter Trower. Record types include newspaper and magazine clippings, photocopies, broadsheets, and an optical disc.

Film scripts and related records

Series consists of records relating to film adaptations of Peter Trower’s novels "Grogan’s Cafe" and "Dead Man’s Ticket," as well as those relating to his acting role (as himself) in "The Diary of Evelyn Lau." Records include screenplays, correspondence, option agreements, and shooting schedule.

Series has been arranged into the following three sub-series according to film: Grogan’s cafe film records (1994-2005), Dead man’s ticket film records ([ca. 2000]) and The diary of Evelyn Lau film records (1993).

Musical performances, sound recordings and related records

Series consists of sound recordings and related materials created or accumulated by Peter Trower. These include recordings of Trower's musical and performance projects, recordings of Trower's readings, recordings of the readings of other poets, and other musical albums and sound recordings accumulated by Trower. Trower's musical and performance projects have included the blues-rock band "Industrial Accident," the variety show group "Caulk Boots and Marlin Spikes," and Trower's two albums of poetry read aloud to musical accompaniment, "Sidewalks and Sidehills" and "Kisses in the Whiskey." Sound recordings of other writers and musicians accumulated by Trower are from friends of Trower's, writers who have influenced his work, and musical artists' of whom he is a fan.

Business and financial records

Series consists of records relating to Peter Trower’s business and financial interests. Includes several copies of Trower’s curriculum vitae, contracts and agreements, correspondence, royalty statements, mortgage records, and invoices.

Articles, reviews and interviews regarding Trower

Series consists of journal and newspaper articles and reviews pertaining to Peter Trower, books he has published or contributed to, his musical albums, and his participation in the band Industrial Accident. Also includes relating to awards and honours received by Trower, his activities and projects, and also include articles of a biographical nature. Series also includes sound and video recordings of interviews with Trower recorded between 1976 and 2000.

Readings, festivals and events records

Series consists of records relating to Peter Trower’s readings, his musical performances, and his participation in various literary festivals, conferences and other events. Series includes video and sound recordings of readings by Trower and readings by other authors, including Al Purdy and Patrick Lane. Also included are video and audio recordings of Caulk Boots & Marlin Spikes performances that Trower participated in, and a video recording copy of the "Between the Sky and the Splinters" documentary, filmed by the CBC in 1976. Record types include correspondence, notes, reading programs, set lists, newspaper articles and clippings, as well as posters, brochures, and other promotional material.

Awards and honours records

Series consists of correspondence, certificates, and promotional material relating to various awards and honours received by Peter Trower. Includes records relating to Trower’s receipt of a BC 2000 Book Award, the BC Gas Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 and the Canadian Author’s Association Jack Chalmers Poetry Award in 2005. Series also includes records relating to his third place finish for the BC Book Prizes Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize in 2001 and his nomination for a 2003 ReLit Award in the poetry category.


Series consists of photographs of Peter Trower, his partner Yvonne Klan, and their family, friends and other acquaintances. Photographs relate to Trower’s writing, musical and personal activities, his childhood in England and Canada, and his family life. Series includes many photographs of Trower with writer and publisher friends, giving readings, attending literary events, awards ceremonies, and book signings and performing with former bandmates Mike Dunn and Ken Dagliesh, Industrial Accident and the Caulk Boots and Marlin Spikes production. Also included are photographs taken during the filming of the documentary "Between the Sky and the Splinters" in 1976, photographs of Trower’s travels with Yvonne, his various residences, publicity shots for book covers, and photographs from his seventieth birthday party in 2000. Fellow writers appearing in photographs include Earle Birney, Trevor Carolan, Jim Christy, Lorna Crozier, Jamie Mandelkau, John Moore, Cath Morris, Mary Nichol, Stuart Nutter, Richard Olafson, Malcolm Parry, George Payerle, Joe Perone, Ted Poole, Greg Potter, Al Purdy, Robin Skelton, Carol Skoloff, Godfrey Stephens, Alan Twigg, Howard White, and Carolyn Zenailo.

Cartoons and other artwork

Series consists of cartoons, drawings, sketch books, watercolours, illustrations, and prints by Peter Trower and by other artists.

Series has been arranged into the following two sub-series: Cartoons and other artwork by Peter Trower (1949 to 1983) and Artwork by other artists (1969-1998).

Website records

Series consists of correspondence relating to the development of Peter Trower’s website, and some print outs of website pages.

Journals and calendars

Series consists of Trower’s journals and calendars, as well as some loose journal and notebook pages.

Yvonne Klan records

Series consists of material relating to Peter Trower’s partner Yvonne Klan and her writing endeavours. Includes a published article written by Klan, a review of her book "The Old Red Shirt" and a draft of Trower’s introduction to the book, as well as another article and several tributes to Klan written after her death in 2004.

Reviews and articles regarding other writers and artists

Series consists of reviews, articles and other publications collected by Peter Trower relating to other writers and artists, particularly friends and acquaintances of Trower, as well as others who have influenced his work. Many of the items contain written notes or commentary by Trower. Includes material pertaining to the following individuals: Jim Christy, Lorna Crozier, Hubert Evans, Orville Fisher, Eileen Glassford, Jim Green, Bus Griffiths, britt hagarty, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Patrick Lane, Red Lane, Frank Lewis, Charles Lillard, John Moore, Stuart Nutter, Shari Pandit, Al Purdy, George Ryga, Robin Skelton, Godfrey Stevens, Robert Swanson, Warren Tallman, Tom Waits, and Jack Williams.

Works by other authors

Series consists of various works written by other authors, mainly those from British Columbia, either collected by Peter Trower or sent to him by others. Includes drafts as well as published versions of of poetry, articles, and essays. Some works contain editorial marks or comments by Trower, and some are signed by the author. Includes works by Joe Denham, britt hagarty, Patrick Lane, Curt Lang, Jamie Mandelkau, John Moore, Cath Morris, George Payerle, Greg Potter, Jamie Reid, Howard White, Jim Green, Carl Chrismas, Dorothy Livesay, David Day, and James Lewis, among others.

Personal records

Series consists of records of a personal nature created or acumulated by Peter Trower. Records include material relating to The Dylan Thomas Circle of Vancouver (an organization that promotes an appreciation of Dylan Thomas’ works), pamphlets from memorial services of Trower's friends, an invitation to Trower's nephew's wedding, and a photograph of Trower's former girlfriend June Boe.


Series consists of notebooks containing drafts and outlines of and notes for poems, articles, and short stories by Trower.

Prose – published book records

Series consists of material relating to the development of Peter Trower’s published novels and other prose collections, "Grogan's Cafe" (1993), "Dead Man’s Ticket" (1996), "The Judas Hills" (1996), and "Hellhound on his Trail & Other Stories" (2008). Record types include outlines, draft manuscripts, editorial comments, and promotional material.

The series has been arranged into the following four sub-series according to novel: Grogans’ Cafe records (1989), Dead man’s ticket records (1995), The Judas hills records ([197-?]-2000), and Hellhound on his trail & other stories records (2008).

Prose – unpublished book records

Series consists of records relating to unpublished books of prose either authored or proposed by Peter Trower, including "Bastions and Beaver Pelts," "The Counting House," "Gangsterquest," “Busted for Pot,” “Kisses in the Whiskey,” “Vancouver Centennial Anthology” and “Wild West Coast Woods.” Records include manuscripts, proposals, chapter outlines, and screenplay outlines.

Series has been arranged into the following four sub-series, according to project: Bastions and beaver pelts records ([198-]-1992), The counting house records (1991), Gangsterquest records (1982-2005), and General records (1969-[ca. 1983]).

Prose – articles, short stories and related records

Series consists of published and unpublished articles and short stories written by Peter Trower. Records include manuscripts and article clippings, including many articles published during Trower’s time as a journalist with the Coast News.

Series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: General records (1953-2002), Chronological files (1960-1999) and Coast News articles, reviews and poems (1993).

Poetry – published book records

Series consists of material relating to the developments, publication and promotion of Peter Trower’s published books of poetry. Includes edited and unedited manuscripts, outlines, correspondence, editorial comments, introductions by other authors, galley proofs, illustrations and photographs, and promotional material.

Series has been arranged into nine sub-series according to book: Poems for a dark Sunday records (1964-1969), Ragged horizons records (1976-1977), Bush poems records ([ca. 1978]), Unmarked doorways records (1989), Hitting the bricks records (1997), Chainsaws in the cathedral records (1998), A ship called Destiny records ([ca. 1999]-2000), There are many ways records (1961-2002), and Haunted hills and hanging valleys records (2002-2004).

Poetry – unpublished book records

Series consists of material relating to unpublished collections of Peter Trower’s poetry. Includes an edited manuscript for a proposed book entitled "The Gathering: Poems New and Revised," initial and final selections of poems for a proposed book entitled "Through the Apricot Air: Selected poems 1969-2002," poems drafts and selections of a proposed book entitled "Smeltertown and Other Poems" (or, alternately, "Smeltertown and Points South"), and an aborted logging poetry anthology to be co-edited with David Day.

Poetry – draft poems

Series consists of draft versions of published and unpublished poems by Trower, as well as drafts of poems written in collaboration with other poets.