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Photographs of Innes

Series consists of four photographs of Innes; two are copies of the same portrait and two are candid images.

Innes, John Clarke


This series consists of The Makortoff family collection of 136 photographic images. Some of the photographic images in this collection are in the form of postcards. The images depict Makortoff family members as well as various individuals related to the family at various social functions. Often, individuals or groups were photographed in the garden, in the fields or in front of the farm dwellings. There are photographs depicting transportation modes of the time period including horse carts and automobiles.

Charan Gill photographs

Series consists of photographs relating to Charan Gill’s run for political office with the BC New Democratic Party (NDP), independent of his work with the Canadian Farmworkers Union. These photographs were received with the CFU material and included in the collection due to Charan Gill’s involvement with the CFU from founding through the transfer of administration of the union to the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS).


Series is comprised of ephemera collected by Duthie Books, Ltd. Ephemera includes buttons, flyers, magnets, a patch, sticker and backstage pass for a 1995 Bryan Adams show.

Saskatchewan land settlement

Series comprises primarily government correspondence pertaining to the Doukhobor land settlement in Saskatchewan. Principal correspondents are the Department of the Interior (Ottawa), regional Dominion land offices in Saskatchewan (particularly the Dominion Lands Office in Yorkton, Saskatchewan), individual Doukhobor settlers, and the York Farmers’ Colonization Company Ltd. (headquarters Toronto) which arranged the land settlement of many Doukhobors in Saskatchewan. Items in the series evidence the legal and bureaucratic side of land settlement and reference: specific government acts and regulations; the granting of permission for ‘entry’ to settle land plots; notification of the cancellation of entry for land plots; liens placed against homesteads; individual settlers’ applications for patent on their homesteads following the payment of liens and the fulfillment of additional requirements. The majority of items are dated, handwritten on official letterhead and carry the dated stamp of the receiving office. Letter enclosures such as official forms are included. Series of correspondence pertaining to specific issues or individual settler cases emerge.

All items are in English; some carry fragments of Russian.


Series consists of a patent agreement filed by Innes and John Linkison King in New York City, for a device to be used in the navigation of ships and airplanes.

Innes, John Clarke

Circular letters

This series consists of circular letters to be read at an assembled meetings. The bulk of the letters dates between 1908-1912. Often they consist of direction from CCUB, such as livestock to sell, when to clear the fields, or when to come to a meeting. The letters also deal with the logistics of the move to British Columbia. Most of the letters were issued on the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) letterhead or on the Office of the Peter V. Verigin letterhead. Most letters are signed by P.V. Verigin, except for some signed by Mikhail Kazakov and some that are unsigned. Most letters are mimeographed.

Speeches, writings, views

This series consists of documents that were written by P. V. Verigin himself or by other individuals relating his views and ideas. These documents include transcripts of speeches and interviews, petitions, opinion pieces on the Doukhobor community and faith as well as some of the letter-like documents with his opinions on education. It also contains 70 page manuscript in a notebook by F. I. Wishloff recording P.V. Verign’s speeches. All documents in Russian, except for a few documents supplied with English translation.

Correspondence and other documents

Series documents the imprisonment of Sons of Freedom convicts at Piers Island Penitentiary between 1932 and 1934, from its initial stage in search for an island to set up the prison to determining the conditions for release of the prisoners. The records, the majority of which consist of correspondence between senior officials, shed light on the construction and management of the prison, as well as the problems that the federal prison system encountered regarding both personnel and prisoners.
Series consists of textual records including correspondence, telegrams, and memoranda, most of which were written to or by H. W. Cooper. The remainder of the records were created by other authorities, prisoners, and relatives of prisoners. Series also contains a warrant written by J. Cartmel and a chronology written in shorthand by H. W. Cooper. Also included in the series is an empty manila envelope. The records in this series have been arranged into the following three files: 1932; 1933; and 1934.


Series consists of publications by Innes as well as publications containing his work. Records include a chapbook of poetry written and illustrated by Innes, an issue of The Canadian Magazine containing an article by Innes, newspaper clippings, and layout materials for a short story.

Innes, John Clarke


Series displays photographs taken on Piers Island showing the officers, guards, and matrons; male and female prisoners visiting through a fence that separates men’s and women’s compounds; female prisoners working; penitentiary buildings; penitentiary perimeter; vessel used for transferring prisoners; and a patrol boat. As there are no dates recorded for these photographs, it is not possible to determine the exact dates they were taken; however, based on the subject matter, it is assumed that dates of creation are between 1932 and 1934.

Circular letters

This series consists of circular letters addressed to the CCUB members. All letters are mimeographed and none are issued on the CCUB letterhead. All records are in Russian, but a couple of them are supplied with handwritten translations in English.


This series consists of the personal and the Doukhobor community matters correspondence of P. V. Verigin sent to and received from various members of the CCUB.


This series consists of one party hand-colored and 25 black and white photographs of J. J. Verigin and his family taken at various events, such as funeral of Peter P. Verigin, funeral of Evodokia, funeral of Anna Fedorova, J. J. Verigin’s wedding and Jubilee 50th anniversary of Doukhobors in Canada. There are several composite photographs containing images that pre-date the composites in some cases by a couple of decades.


This series contains black and white as well as partly hand-colored photographs from various periods of P. P. Verigin’s life starting from around 1880s until his death and funeral in 1939. In specific, this series contains photographs of Verigin mainly with his family and with close friends. There are several photographs from his funeral as well as P. P. Verigin vising his father’s tomb. There are several composite photographs containing images that pre-date the composites in some cases by a couple of decades.

Records about P. P. Verigin

This series consists of documents reporting details of events attended by P. P. Verigin or events related to him. These accounts relate to P.P. Verigin’s arrival in Canada, his visit to Saskatchewan, his visit to the Sons of Freedom in God’s Valley and P.P. Verigin’s wrath at Verigin communalists. In addition, this series contains index of documents written by or relating to P.P. Verigin and letter of E. G. Sherstobitoff requesting enlargement of Verigin’s photos. Most of the documents were transcribed/written down by individuals working with P. P. Verigin (transcriber is not always indicated). Some of mimeographed documents are original, some are photocopies. Most of documents are in Russian except for some supplied with handwritten or mimeographed translation in English.

Illustrations and cartoons

Series consists of editorial cartoons drawn for newspapers, illustrations created for newspapers and other publications, Christmas cards illustrated by Innes, and sketches. The majority of the cartoons pertain to World War I.

Innes, John Clarke

Records relating to childhood/high school

This series is comprised of material associated with Ajaib’s early years living on Vancouver Island through to his attendance at two Vancouver-area high schools: Kitsilano High School and Vancouver Technical Secondary School.
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs (1904-1942?) and Textual records (1912-1942).

Records relating to Innes’ paintings

Series consists of postcards of images of Innes’ paintings, programs and reviews from exhibits of his work in Vancouver, articles and pamphlets about his work, photographs of paintings, and sketches.

Innes, John Clarke

Records relating to World War II service

This series contains material associated with Ajaib’s World War II military service as an aircraft mechanic in Saskatchewan and the Yukon.
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs and Textual records.

Correspondence, clippings

This series is revealing of early 20th century perspectives towards the Doukhobors in Canada. The following persons are authors or subject to the records: J.A. Forin, Isabel Forin, George Hoyland, H.M. Manson, Aylmer Maude, Alice Nike, George Soukoreff, John J. Verigin, Vlaldimir Tcherkoff, Leo Tostoy, L.W. Verigin.


This series contains newspaper clippings, quotes (many with June's personal commentary), and photographs. Most of which were created before June was married or while she was a newlywed. Other records in this series are a report card, and birthday cards for a baby.

Skinner, June Margaret


This series consists of the personal and Doukhobor community related correspondence of P. V. Verigin that dates from early 1900s until his death in October of 1924. Besides P. V. Verigin correspondence, part of File 1 is also correspondence by Anastasia Holoboff and Fodosia Verigin that dates from 1900s until 1959. Some letters are handwritten and some are mimeographed. All in Russian, except for a few in English.


This series contains images of Doukhobor meeting that took place in Grand Forks in 1958 and images of Peter V. Verigin with large group of Doukhobors during a celebratory events in 1924.

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