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F-74-12-5 · Sub-series · 1965-1967
Part of Simon Fraser Student Society fonds

Sub-series consists of the first (and only ) two issues of the Simon Fraser University Yearbook created and published by the Student Society. The yearbooks are hardcover bound volumes containing photographs, text and essays relating to aspects of campus life. The editors' intention was to create an annual yearbook, and volumes were produced for the first two years of the university's existence. The yearbook was discontinued after the second year (1966-67). The sub-series contains two hardcover copies of each yearbook; in 2015 the yearbooks were digitized

Year files
MsC-252-0-3-1 · Sub-series · 1951-2002
Part of Paul Keenleyside Social Credit collection

This sub-series contains records related to the Social Credit Party provincial election campaigns, by-elections, party conventions, constituency events and membership records. It contains: minutes, campaign and membership promotional material (flyers, stickers, news releases, lawn signs), correspondence, memos, party office material, statements, messages, speeches, lists, directories, by-laws updates, handbooks, ephemera, posters, photographs, convention programs, membership registration slips, newsletters, clippings.

Year books
MsC-252-0-1-1 · Sub-series · 1971-1996
Part of Paul Keenleyside Social Credit collection

This sub-series contains Year books that cover in detail activities of the BC Social Credit Party and BC Young Socreds. These books were made and added to as documents were created or received. The records contain circulars, correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, notes, reports, articles, newsletters, statements, poll records, lists, some financial records, maps, party logos, and other records. Some of the books contain internal records intended for the campaign managers and not for the public view at that time. These records provide an insight into internal activity and workings of BC Social Credit provincial level campaigns. One of the notable events that these records document is NDP’s promise to rescind the Restraint Program.

The majority of this sub-series contains the records created by the Burnaby Edmonds constituency (home constituency of the donor). Some records are general party records.

Writings of others
MsC-121-8-1-2 · Sub-series · [19--]-1997
Part of Doukhobor collection

This sub-series consists of the various writings: articles, poems and interviews created by other authors and collected by Eli Popoff. Material in this sub-series may have or may not have been published. Many writings in this sub-series are not dated.

Writings by students
MsC-125-0-3-4 · Sub-series · 2008–2015
Part of Derek Beaulieu fonds

Sub-series contains works written and/or produced by students of Derek Beaulieu, from institutions such as Alberta College of Art & Design, Henry Wise Wood Senior High School and the Writers Guild of Alberta. These publications reflect Beaulieu’s teaching and his approach to independent publishing.

Writings by others
MsC-125-0-3-5 · Sub-series · 2005–2013
Part of Derek Beaulieu fonds

Sub-series consists of correspondence and unpublished manuscripts from writers such as Helen Hajnoczky, Eric Zboya, Pete Spence, Jordan Scott and Mark Laliberte. Series also includes a publication edited by Christian Bök and produced in an edition of forty copies for Beaulieu’s fortieth birthday.

MsC-121-0-3-2 · Sub-series · 1906-1981
Part of Doukhobor collection

This sub-series consists of various writings created by the members of Sons of Freedom that illustrate their approach to life and their beliefs. This sub-series includes: songs texts, writings, letters, resolutions, speeches, messages, essays, addresses, protocol, and appeal. In many cases authorship and date of the documents are unknown. Known authors include: A. W. Efanov (Freedomite, “intellectual”, protester and probably an arsonist) and Florence Potapoff. The records are in Russian and/or English; some are handwritten and some printed.

MsC-121-0-4-7 · Sub-series · [192-]-[2008?]
Part of Doukhobor collection

This sub-series consists of various writings by the Doukhobor individuals or about the Doukhobor community and their beliefs. The documents in this sub-series include: essays, poems, dairies, notebooks, articles, text of songs, speeches, reports, messages, clippings and other writings.

MsC-121-0-1-5 · Sub-series · 1905-[194-]
Part of Doukhobor collection

This sub-series consists of the reports, writings, speeches, talks, addresses, mandate, manual, texts of songs created on behalf of the CCUB by its executive members. These documents relate to the history and ideology of the Doukhobor communities and its leaders and were written for the benefit of the communities. This sub-series contains both original mimeographed and manuscript documents as well as photocopies of documents. Most documents are in Russian and a few in English.

Writer-in-residence records
MsC-142-0-7-2 · Sub-series · 1998 - 2007
Part of Daphne Marlatt Fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Daphne Marlatt's role as writer-in-residence at various institutions. Records include correspondence, promotional records, job applications, and administrative documents.

F-260-2-2 · Sub-series · 1974-2010
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's delivery of special workshops, seminars, and public lectures. Events documented include Fellman's invitation to the University of Zambia (1981); the Davis Center Seminar at Princeton University (1983); a discussion with SFU's Stephen Duguid for a class for the Alaska Prison System (video, ca 1980s); Fellman's paper at the Gettysburg Civil War Institute (1993); the History Colloquium on War, Culture and Personality at Stanford University (1993); Fellman's talks for the Fifth Annual Jeans Lecture in History at the Missouri Southern State College (1999); and the War and Society Workshop delivered at the University of Georgia (2010).

Records include correspondence, visit itineraries, event publicity, seminar and workshop materials, text of lectures, and three video recordings (for the Alaska Prison System class and the two Jeans lectures).

Files arranged chronologically.

Workshop records
MsC-142-0-7-3 · Sub-series · [ca. 1985-2012]
Part of Daphne Marlatt Fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to various writing workshops and "studio" workshops Daphne Marlatt has lead. Records include administrative records, correspondence, workshop publications, and other teaching materials.

Workshop files
F-109-6-3 · Sub-series · 1971 - 1981
Part of School for the Contemporary Arts fonds

This sub-series consists of records relating to the planning and delivery of non-credit workshops. The types of workshops include sessions in acting, music, dance, theatre, clowning, video, holography, film making, self-help housing, and tai chi. Records include workshop outlines and descriptions; flyers, brochures and programs; correspondence, proposals and reports; letters of appointment and contracts; financial statements and budget working papers; enrollment statistics and fee schedules. Two scripts are included in the files: "Tracings: The Fraser Story" written by SFU students, the Theatre Network and Sharon Pollock (file 25), and the working script of a cabaret production (file 27).

Works on paper
MsC-125-0-5-1 · Sub-series · 1996–2005
Part of Derek Beaulieu fonds

Sub-series consists of artworks created by Beaulieu, many of which were produced while he was a student at Alberta College of Art + Design.

Works of others
MsC-128-0-2-3 · Sub-series · 1965–1994
Part of Al Neil fonds

Sub-series consists of writings and drawings by others; writers include Beth Jankola, Carolyn Zonailo, Howard Broomfield, Jamie Reid and Gail Tuttle. Artists include Madja Van Dam and Chris Reed.

Neil, Al
Works authored by McWhinney
MsC-191-0-2-1 · Sub-series · 1956-2013
Part of Edward McWhinney fonds

This series consists of 3 sub-series: Works authored by McWhinney (1956-2013); Works about McWhinney (1963-2012); Works edited or reviewed by McWhinney (1974-2015)

Works about Wah
MSC-17-0-3-1 · Sub-series · 1972 - 2012
Part of Fred Wah fonds

Series consists of works written by others about Wah. It includes reviews of Wah's work, academic works written about Wah's poetry and other writings, and interviews with Wah.

F-39-5-6 · Sub-series · 1994 - 1999
Part of Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology fonds

Sub-series comprises records relating to operation of the Work Pathfinder program, designed to provide girls and women with information and resources about science careers through development of web sites and a CD ROM. Records consists of correspondence; reports; grant applications and supporting documentation; contracts; and design planning documents.

MsC 142-0-8-6 · Sub-series · 1986 - 1996
Part of Daphne Marlatt Fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Daphne Marlatt's development and instruction of various Women's Studies courses, as well as English courses with feminist content. Records include articles, lecture notes, student evaluations, syllabi, and other course material.