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Youth Employment Program

Sub-sub-series consists of records relating to the administration of the Youth Employment Program on campus and includes correspondence with the university community, student participants, AUCE 2, and the provincial government; agendas and reports prepared for the Student Employment Program review meeting; policies and procedures; program applications, adjudication statistics, and funding documents. Also included are records relating to development of the Enterprise Centre, a permanent student employment service on campus. Records include correspondence and working papers, reports, and financial statements and statistics.

Yellow notebook

Sub-sub-series consists of one yellow notebook with working notes taken by Hugh Johnston during the preparation of Radical Campus. The notebook includes numbered random notes. Pages are numbered 1-232. Interview subjects include Stan Wong, Colin Yerbury, John Buchanan, Percilla Groves, Arvid Grants, John Edmonds, John Conway, Lolita Wilson, Don Devoretz, Roger Blackman, Jerry Zaslove, John Munro, Len Berggren, John Tietz, Theodor D. Sterling, and Evan W. Alderson. Records include numbered random notes (p. 5-51); a rough indexing of The Peak articles (p.65-77); a rough indexing of the photocopies from fonds (p. 79-96); rough notes from interviews (p. 97-128); notes from F-79 SFU Faculty Association fonds and F-27 Office of the President fonds (p. 155-179); interview notes (p. 180-217); and odd notes interspersed throughout the notebook.


This sub-sub-series contains records related to forest ecosystems, forest management and forestry industry world-wide and some with focus on specific countries, such like Japan, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, India, and Brazil. Some records related to specific types of forest such as mangroves and boreal forests and some relate to timber supply and trade. This sub-sub-series contains reports, publications, articles and some correspondence.

Work Study Program

Sub-sub-series consists of records relating to the administration of the Work Study Program and includes correspondence with the university community, student participants, the provincial government and AUCE 2; student concerns regarding the program; project applications; salary policy and procedures; a copy of the 1982/1983 Statement of Agreement; the 1982/1983 Work-Study Manual; project reports; and budget papers. Records include correspondence and working papers, financial statements, and newspaper articles.

Women's Studies and the Women's Movement

Sub-sub-series consists of photocopied material relating to the Women's Movement, SFU's early feminists, and the development of the Women's Studies Department. This material contains two numerical sequences of pages: from 1-166 and from 789-824 (with gaps). Subjects, activities and events documented include the Committee on the Status of Women for the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada; the Status of Women Council; the American Sociological Association; the Working Women’s Association; the Vancouver Women's Caucus; Edmonton's Women's Liberation Movement; President Pauline Jewett; Margaret Benston; Andrea Lebowitz; Frances Wasserlein; the Women's Studies Curriculum Committee; and the Women's Studies Program. Records include briefs, minutes, correspondence, discussion papers, magazine articles, newsletters, proposals, and reports.

Wide distribution memos

Sub-sub-series consists of memoranda sent by the Vice-President, Academic for wide distribution, typically to all faculty Deans and department Chairs. Topics include program planning, budget, faculty positions, class size, employment equity, external reviews, tuition fees, international activities, and IT planning for Y2K. Records include memoranda, reports, schedules, meeting material, and statistics. Note that prior to 1992 the file classification system had no special category for this type of material and that wide-dstribution memos may be found throughout the fonds.

What's Brewing (CAMRA Canada)

Sub-sub-series consists of a copy of a 1990 issue of CAMRA Canada's What Brewing newsletter (Vol. 7, No. 3).

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Canada

What's Brewing (CAMRA BC)

Sub-sub-series consists of John Rowling's collection of What's Brewing magazine from the period when the magazine was the newsletter of CAMRA BC. It includes the inaugural issue of June 1990 through to 2010 (Volumes 1 through 20), with an additional single issue from 2013 (Volume 23, Number 5). Note that the volume numbering system repeated "Volume 7" for the years1996 and 1997. This run of issues is extensive but not complete: two issues are missing for 1995 (Vol. 2, Nos. 2-3), and one for 1996 (Vol. 3, No. 3) and one for 2004 (Vol. 14, No. 1).

The sub-sub-series also includes several issues from the post-2015 period, when What's Brewing was re-launched as an independent commercial venture. This run is not complete: it includes two issues from 2015 (Vol. 25), one issue from 2018 (Vol. 28, Issue 3), one from 2019 (Vol. 29, Issue 3), and the 2020 30th Anniversary Special Edition (Vol. 30, Issue 2).

What's Brewing Magazine (BC)

Views from the Dark Side files

Sub-sub-series consists of records relating to Views From the Dark Side of American History (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2011), a collection of six essays by Fellman, some of which had previous appeared as journal articles. Records include correspondence, publishing agreement, offprints, and paper and digital copies of the manuscript in multiple versions.

The digital copies of the manuscript are located in files 5, 6, and 8. No attempt has been made to analyze, compare, or reconcile versions. Version numbers (A-C) were assigned by the archivist based on date-modification timestamps. Print copies of the manuscript are also included among the paper files.

Files arranged chronologically.

Vice-President, Research - general

Sub-sub-series consists of correspondence of the Vice-President, Academic with, related to, or copied from the Vice-President Research. Topics include research policy development, research grants and professorships, development of the student information system (SIMON), supervision of research centres and institutes, and the deliberations and activities of a number of university committees including the SFU / Canada Foundation for Innovation Steering Committee, the University Publications Committee, the President's Research Grant Committee, and the University Radiology Safety Committee. Records include correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, communiqués and press releases, annual reports of research centres, and research grant proposals, summaries, and awards lists.

Vice-President, Harbour Centre - general

Sub-sub-series consists of the Vice-President, Academic's correspondence with, related to, or copied from the Vice-President, Development / Vice-President, Harbour Centre. Activities and topics documented include campus development, including establishment of the downtown campus at Harbour Centre (planning, construction, programming, staffing), and SFU Village, a 1980s plan to create a residential and commercial community using university lands (predecessor of the Burnaby Mountain Community plan); university fund-raising, including the Bridge to the Future Campaign (1987-1990), a national campaign to raise $32 million for university projects, programs, equipment, research, scholarships and bursaries, and development of the Harbour Centre campus; alumni relations; and development of policy relating to gifts and donations.

Vice-President, Financial Services - general

Sub-sub-series consists of the Vice-President Academic's correspondence with, related to, or copied from the Vice-President Financial Services (called Vice-President, Finance from 1985-1988), and some departments in that VP's reporting portfolio (Facilities Management and Security). Topics include payroll, accounting, capital planning, budget policies and procedures, tuition fee policy, development of the administration information system for payroll and personnel, the report of the President's Advisory Committee on Finance (1985), and a report on The Finance Function at SFU prepared by the Woods Gordon firm. Records include correspondence, reports, budget applications, capital plans, and financial statements.

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