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This sub-series consists of 24 photographs of Stephan Sorokin. Many of the photographs are portraits or close-up of Sorokin at different ages, however, very few photographs are actually dated. Some of the photographs depict Sorokin with individuals or groups of people and some photographs were taken at events.


Sub-series consists of typescripts written by other authors and sent to Thesen. Materials includes poems, handwritten notes, annotated typescripts, a thesis chapter, book chapters, and other published and unpublished materials.

General print photographs

Sub-series consists of print photographs of miscellaneous people and places as well as objects such as statutes, paintings, and collages.

Color slides

Sub-series consists of slides of Blaser and friends as well as interior and exterior images of Blaser’s house on Trafalgar Street in Vancouver, B.C. Also includes slides that were utilized by Blaser in his teachings.

Reviews & Interviews

Sub-series consists of reviews and an interview written by Thesen. Materials include handwritten notes, drafts, articles, reviews, an interview, edits and other textual materials.

Blaser family friends print photographs

Sub-series consists of photographs of friends of Blaser’s immediate family, including Sister Mary Seraphina, who was Blaser’s mother’s teacher and lifelong friend, and boyhood friends of Blaser’s.

General documents

This sub-series consists of lists, timelines, statements, petitions, reports, correspondence, memos, and newspaper clippings that document various aspects of Doukhobor history in Canada. The matters contained in this sub-series include: arrival of Doukhobors in Canada, relationship between the Doukhobor community, Verigins and the Sons of Freedom, as well as relationship of the Doukhobors with the Soviets and with the Canadian government. This sub-series includes printed, mimeographed and handwritten documents in Russian and/or English. Some are original documents and some are photocopies. In some cases, Russian handwritten document is supplied with a Russian and English version mimeograph.


This sub-series consists of the reports, writings, speeches, talks, addresses, mandate, manual, texts of songs created on behalf of the CCUB by its executive members. These documents relate to the history and ideology of the Doukhobor communities and its leaders and were written for the benefit of the communities. This sub-series contains both original mimeographed and manuscript documents as well as photocopies of documents. Most documents are in Russian and a few in English.

Correspondence to P.P. Verigin

This sub-series consists of the correspondence sent to P. V. Verigin by various members of the CCUB, including: M. Streliaev, I. Shukin, V. Ribin, P. Biriukov, V. Bonch-Bruevich, I. Tregubov, I. Gorbunov-Posadov, G. Rezendort. Some letters refer to the planned arrival of Peter P. Verigin in Canada, others to matters of the Doukhobor leadership. Also, includes correspondence from War Resisters International. All correspondence in this sub-series is mimeographed; some records are originals and some are photocopies. All records are in Russian.

Circular letters

This sub-series consists of circular letters to be read at an assembled meetings. The bulk of the letters dates between 1908-1911. Often they consist of direction from the CCUB, such as livestock to sell, when to clear the fields, or when to come to a meeting. The letters relate to the CCUB operation in British Columbia and Saskatchewan (Station Vering). The letters also deal with the logistics of the move to British Columbia. Most of the letters were issued on the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) letterhead, but there are some without any letterhead and some on the Office of the Peter V. Verigin letterhead. Most of the letters are original mimeographs and only a few photocopies. All records are in Russian.

Friends of Robin Blaser print photographs

Sub-series consists of photographs of Blaser and his friends and colleagues. Photographs include other notable writers and artists such as Robert Duncan, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, Jack Spicer, Jess Collins, as well as other notable American and Canadian poets and authors. The sub-series also includes print photographs that belonged to James Felts, a former partner of Blaser’s.

Correspondence from P.P. Verigin

This sub-series consists of the personal and Doukhobor community matters correspondence of P. V. Verigin sent to various members of the CCUB, including: A. Katelnikov, I. Shukin, V. Makhonin, N. Kotelnikov, V. Ribin, V. Makhonin, N. Kotelnikov, I. Kutniakov, V. Sukharev, I Tregubov ,Ivan Zebrov, Ivan Rylkoff, Ivan Kanigin, Ivan Dubasov and Mikhail Kazakoff, Leaders of CCUB and Youth Union. Some of the correspondence reflect Verigin’s plan for economic restructuring of the CCUB. All correspondence in this sub-series is mimeographed, except for one hand-written letter. Some of the records are original mimeographs, some are photocopies. Some mimeographs are signed only by P.P. Verigin while others were transcribed from originals by others. Transcriber is not always indicated. All records are in Russian.

Textual records

This sub-series is comprised of material relating to Ajaib’s high school years – school papers and notes, yearbooks, and course books.


This sub-series is comprised of photographs of Ajaib’s life and family in his formative years.

Textual records

This sub-series is comprised of material relating to Ajaib’s wartime service, including technical manuals, a log book, and ephemera.

Course notes

Subseries consists of records arising from Smythe's activities as a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Subseries includes class notes, term papers, and research notes.


This sub-series is comprised of Ajaib’s photographs taken during his military career. Included are numerous shots of various airplanes and the base at Fort Caron, Saskatchewan, where he was stationed.

War related documents

This sub-series consists of records relating to the Canadian government requirement of men registration for the military conscription purposes in 1940 and the Society of Named Doukhobor members efforts to be exempt from conscription based on their doctrine and beliefs.

Textual records

This sub-series is currently contains one of Ajaib’s East India Carpets business cards.

Office Files

Subseries consists of office records maintained by Smythe during his employment at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Series includes correspondence, exhibits presented to the Commission, written testimony, and some records received from the Board of War Communications.


Subseries consists of publications written or co-authored by Smythe in his position as chief economist at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Publications include reports, surveys, trend forecasts, studies, and statistics on the topics of radio and telegraph communications, television, and other communications industries.

Meeting minutes

This sub-series consists of mimeographed CCUB convention minutes held in Nadezhda, Verigin Station and Spasskoye between 1908-1912, and photocopies of the CCUB meetings minutes held in Brilliant, BC and Verigin Sask. between 1925-1928. Nadezhda and Verigin minutes contain income and expenditure statements. Most of the Brilliant and Verigin meeting minutes contain by-law documents.

Medical activities records

Subseries consists of personal and professional correspondence, patient notes, notebook of clinical data, scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Fanny's career, reprints of published articles, speeches on medical topics given by Fanny at various conferences and meetings, and lecture notes for some of her courses in neurology and psychiatry.

Reference files

Subseries consists of various files relating to organizations, such as the Chinese Medical Association; subjects of interest, such as aphasia; or publications, such as the Shanghai Medical Journal.

Personal papers

Subseries consists of biographical information, personal papers, legal documents, autograph books and notebooks. Also includes letters written to Fanny by her parents, and letters written by Fanny to secure repayment of her loan of $19,000 to the Augustinian Fathers of Shanghai.

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