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Royalties records and related correspondence

Series consists of correspondence and associated financial records relating to royalties, book sales, manuscript development, editorial layout, grant applications and contract negotiations. Records include: correspondence, sales figures, balance sheets, financial statements, printouts, royalty statements, notes, mailing lists, book reviews, tax forms, grant applications and receipts.

For related materials, see also Series 2: Author correspondence and Series 5: Editorial correspondence and related records

Draft manuscript files

Series consists of one file labeled “Manuscript – A Very Ordinary Life”. The papers inside are annotated and heavily edited at times.

Personal records

Series consists of articles, correspondence, and other material pertaining to the career and projects of Norman Klenman, his family and his colleagues. Includes material relating to CKVU television, his partnerships with Daryl Duke and William (Bill) Davidson, and the film "Now that April’s Here." Series also contains some autobiographical material written by Klenman, with emphasis on the chronology of his career.

Articles and general writings

Series consists of articles and other writings by Norman Klenman. Includes drafts of the "Salt Spring Island Tatler" and the "Salt Spring Island Spectator", as well as copies of the “Diamond Jim Brady” columns he wrote in the 1990s.

Business files

Series consists of correspondence, agreements, project-related records, financial statements and other records pertaining to Klenman’s involvement with various film companies, in particular Galanty Productions Limited (Galanty Limited), The Canadian Kinetoscope Company Limited, Solenty Limited, Bull & Bear Films Limited and the Canadian Talking Picture Company Limited.

General scripts, screenplays and related records

Series consists of radio play scripts and various screenplays for film and television, including many in draft format, as well as story outlines, project notes and research, and a few articles written by Norman Klenman.

Television scripts, screenplays and related records

Series consists of draft and final version scripts and screenplays for television film series, plays and serial programs, produced and not produced, as well as related records. The majority of the scripts and screenplays were written by Klenman; others are based on his writings. Includes scripts and screenplays written for CBC-TV, 20th Century Fox, QM Productions and Universal Television Productions, and the following television series: "The Danny Thomas Hour", "The Felony Squad", "I Dream of Jeannie", "The Invaders", "The Iron Horse", "Our Man Flint", "The Phoenix Team", "Quest", "The Seaway", "The Starlost", and "The Survivors". Screenplay projects for CBC include “H.R. : H.R. MacMillan – the early years” for the series "The Winners"; dramatizations of Barry Broadfoot’s "Six War Years" and Henrik Ibsen’s "An Enemy of the People"; as well as “Sam. Johnson” and “Tim Buck : Shooting Reds in the Kingston Pen,” neither of which were produced. Also included in the series are three film reels for "California Dreamin’" (1968) an hour-long documentary for CTV about the migration of Canadian talent to Hollywood, and Klenman’s story ideas for several popular television series, including "Bonanza", "Daniel Boone", "The F.B.I.", "Felony Squad", "The Fugitive", "Jericho", "Judd for the Defense", "The Invaders", "The Iron Horse", "I Spy", "It Takes a Thief", "Mannix", "Mission Impossible", "The Outsider", "Run for Your Life", "Star Trek" and "Tarzan".

Film scripts, screenplays and related records

Series consists of scripts and screenplays written by Norman Klenman, alone and in collaboration with others, for feature and short films, both produced and not produced, as well as related records. Additional material includes related notes, correspondence, contracts, research material, and moving images. The series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: Film scripts, screenplays and related records – general, "The Swiss Conspiracy" screenplays and related records, and “Woodsmen of the West” screenplays and related records.

CKVU records

Series consists of correspondence, photographs, promotional material, magazine and newspaper articles, and other material accumulated by Norman Klenman relating to his and Daryl Duke’s establishment, ownership and management of CKVU-TV. Includes records relating to the 1975 application to the CRTC; programming, events and staffing issues; and the takeover of the station by CanWest in 1987.

Administrative records

Series consists of records relating to the administration of the Canadian Farmworkers Union, including financial records, meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, membership information, publications, and photographs of events.

The series is arranged into nine sub-series: Minutes and executive reports (1978-1994); Account books and other financial records (1980-1997); Fundraising correspondence, photographs, and other records (1978-1997); Membership surveys, photographs, and other records ([1979-ca. 1999]); Publications, publicity records, and ephemera (1975-2010); Correspondence (1978-1998); Convention and meeting minutes, photographs, and other records (1979-1995); Reports (1974-1997); and General administrative records ([1975]-1996).

Event photographs

Series consists of photographs of Canadian Farmworkers Union staff and numerous social and cultural events held by the union, including bhangra performances as well as visits by United Farmworkers of America President Cesar Chavez and the Manitoba Farm Workers Association.

Union action records

Series consists of correspondence, legal records, photographs, and other material relating to the Canadian Farmworkers Union’s promotion and certification of the union in individual work sites; negotiations with farm owners; individual workers’ complaints; strikes; and participation in rallies for a variety of causes.

The series is arranged into four sub-series: Unionization and organizing notes, photographs, and other records ([198-]-1985); Certification correspondence, contracts, and photographs (1980-1992); Photographs, legal records, and correspondence relating to complaints, strikes, and rallies (1979-[199-?]); and General planning and research newspaper clippings, notes, and photographs ([1978]-1997).

Programming and project records

Series consists of records relating to programs for farmworkers run by the Canadian Farmworkers Union, as well as external programs participated in by the union or its administrators, and various union projects. Records include ESL program planning and teaching materials, farmworker safety educational material, and documentary films and exhibits.

The series is arranged into four sub-series: English as a Second Language (ESL) training materials and photographs ([1965]-1987); General programming correspondence, photographs, and educational material ([198-]-1998); Project files and photographs ([1979]-Printed 2013 (originally created 1986)); and Meeting minutes, correspondence, photographs, and other records relating to collaboration with other organizations ([198--ca. 1997]).

Research and advocacy records

Series consists of research material relating to a number of issues the Canadian Farmworkers Union investigated in order to provide information to workers, provide support to other groups, and publicly advocate for awareness and change. Subjects include the regulation and safe handling of pesticides, workers’ rights and occupational safety legislation, and general labour and minority rights. Records include newspaper clippings, journal articles, publicity materials, photographs of workers and events, awareness and event posters, worker housing blueprints, bumper stickers, and other ephemera.

The series is arranged into four sub-series: Pesticides subject files and photographs (1979-1994); Occupational health and safety subject files and photographs ([197-]-2011); Labour and rights movements subject files (1979-1998); and General subject files (1979-1993).

Deol Society records

Series consists of records relating to the administration and activities of the Deol Agricultural Education and Research Society (the Deol Society), including financial records, meeting minutes, correspondence, project records, newsletters, and other publications.

The series is arranged into five sub-series: Administrative records and correspondence (1982-1995); Financial records (1981-1998); Programming and project reports, correspondence, and photographs ([198--ca. 1997]); Employment and grant records (1977-1990); and Publications (1982-1995).

Charan Gill photographs

Series consists of photographs relating to Charan Gill’s run for political office with the BC New Democratic Party (NDP), independent of his work with the Canadian Farmworkers Union. These photographs were received with the CFU material and included in the collection due to Charan Gill’s involvement with the CFU from founding through the transfer of administration of the union to the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS).


This series consists of professional correspondence related to Eden Robinson's writing career, as well as newspaper clippings and photocopies of reviews of her work.

Awards, events and reviews

This series was originally titled "Miscellaneous records". The title was changed and the contents slightly rearranged for better intellectual access. It consists of photocopies of Eden Robinson's university degress, as well as awards, prize information, publicity and newspaper clippings of reviews.

Records relating to "Son of a Trickster"

Records obtained in an accrual donated by Eden Robinson in 2018 and in 2020. This series consists of a draft of the novel "Son of a Trickster", as well as a review and poster advertisement.

Records relating to "Trickster Drift"

Records obtained in an accrual donated by Eden Robinson in 2018 and in 2020. This series consists of drafts of the novel "Trickster Drift" as well as the author's writing plan.

Short stories records

Series consists of records relating to the writing and publishing of Flood’s many short stories. Records include drafts, notes, research, correspondence with publishers, publishing documents and printed journals. The series is divided into the following five sub-series: "The Animals in Their Elements" notes, drafts and other records (1976-1998); "My Father Took a Cake to France" notes, drafts and other records (1986-1999); "The English Stories" notes, drafts and other records (1990-2007); Published stories - general records (1968-2008); and Records related to unpublished stories (1961-1986).

Manuscripts, correspondence and other records relating to Flood's novels

Series consists of records relating to Flood’s two novels, one published and one unpublished. Records include handwritten and typed manuscripts, correspondence, drafts, research materials, publishing records and a published excerpt. The series is divided into two sub-series: The woman in the window (1974-1980) and Making a stone of the heart (1994-2004).

Essays, talks, reviews and related records

Series consists of records relating to essays, talks and reviews written or given by Flood. Records include drafts, notes and correspondence. Series also includes seven publications in which Flood’s stories are printed: "Paris Transcontinental" (1995); "Event" (1991); "Canadian Forum" (1983, 1993); "The Reader" (Summer 1994, Winter 1994); and "Books In Canada" (1993).

Allan Grant diaries and notebooks

Series consists of Allan Grant's diaries and notebooks. The diaries record his daily life, with diary entries ranging from two lines to twelve lines. Typical entries include a note about the weather, the types of activities he undertook around the farm, expenses, and notes about meetings with friends and neighbours. The notebooks detail his involvement in municipal and co-operative organizing and lecture notes, poetry, or quotations from books that he recorded and found inspirational.

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