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Books edited

Series consists of records relating to Karasick’s editorial work. Records include marked-up drafts, and correspondence and contracts related to the work.


Series consists of the archive copies of broadsides produced by Mother Tongue Press.

Broadsides and posters

Series consists of various broadsides and posters designed by Bringhurst. Materials include broadsides printed with page proofs for the book "The Surface of Meaning: Books and Book Design in Canada," advertisements for lectures and readings, type specimens, and poems and other publications by both Bringhurst and others.

Business and financial records

Series consists of records relating to Peter Trower’s business and financial interests. Includes several copies of Trower’s curriculum vitae, contracts and agreements, correspondence, royalty statements, mortgage records, and invoices.

Business and financial records

Series consists of records related to Blaser’s finances, including contracts, royalties and speaking honorariums, personal budgets, bank and personal loan information, pension records, tax records, mutual funds and stocks held by Blaser, and life insurance policies purchased by Blaser.

Business files

Series consists of correspondence, agreements, project-related records, financial statements and other records pertaining to Klenman’s involvement with various film companies, in particular Galanty Productions Limited (Galanty Limited), The Canadian Kinetoscope Company Limited, Solenty Limited, Bull & Bear Films Limited and the Canadian Talking Picture Company Limited.

Business operational files and related records

Series consists of correspondence with professional organizations, governmental departments or ministries, and service providers dealt with in the course of normal business. Records include: internal communications, external correspondence, reports, grant applications and awards, contracts, minutes, notes, trade publications, contracts, memorandum, and invoices.

Business proposals

Series is comprised of requests for proposals, correspondence and proposals for bookstores in the following locations: Vancouver Airport, BC Ferries, Open Learning Agency's Knowledge bookstore and the Vancouver Writers Festival.

Business records

This series is comprised of records related to the administration of several of Jim’s business ventures such as J.J. Douglas Ltd., Douglas & McIntyre, and consulting work conducted following his retirement from those companies.


This series contains campaign and commemorative ca. 84 buttons and 2 small metal plaques used in various campaigns of the BC Social Credit Party between years 1974-1996. The buttons cover the subject areas of candidates, elections, government initiatives and programmes, leaderships, party events and protests.

Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?

Series consists of notebooks containing drafts and notes, unbound drafts, and copies edited for the novel Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? It also includes articles, interviews and reviews from Canadian and international newspapers.

Capilano College (University)

Series consists of records generated from Coupey’s work as an Instructor of English Literature, Canadian Literature, Composition and Creative Writing at Capilano College. Records include and are not limited to the following: correspondence, departmental records, VHS teaching materials, Art Advisory Committee records, greeting cards, ephemera, newspaper clippings, dispute information regarding Capilano University’s cuts to the Fine Arts program, contact information for the Capilano College Art Institute, memos regarding reading engagements, memoranda, applications, project proposals, list of expenses, Coupey’s CVs and correspondence for Paid Educational Leaves. Also included are correspondence, maps, memoranda, travel plans, Aichi Gakusen College information, photographs, travel and tourist guides, handwritten research notes, and itinerary for Coupey’s visit to Japan.

In 2003 just prior to Coupey's retirement, Coupey received a one month faculty exchange at Capilano College's sister school Aichi Gakusen College, Okazaki, Japan in the Aichi Prefecture. Aichi Gakusen, like Capilano College, is a coed liberal arts college situated in Aichi, Japan. One of the College's goals is to offer a faculty exchange to Capilano instructors to pursue their professional development projects as they relate to Japan. As part of the Faculty exchange, Capilano College faculty are to provide lectures, have office hours available to students and assist with orientation of Aichi Gakusen students, who may eventually attend Capilano College. While at Aichi, Coupey researched calligraphy from the Kamakura period, 14th to 16th C. During his stay, Coupey was fortunate to attend three major exhibitions of Kamakura period work in Kyoto, which provided in-depth research for his Faculty Exchange.

Cartoons and other artwork

Series consists of cartoons, drawings, sketch books, watercolours, illustrations, and prints by Peter Trower and by other artists.

Series has been arranged into the following two sub-series: Cartoons and other artwork by Peter Trower (1949 to 1983) and Artwork by other artists (1969-1998).

Cassette tapes

This series contains 10 audio cassettes containing recordings of Russian music and recording of meetings and events.


Series consists of records related to film and television productions that Duke was involved in when employed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Records include drafts of screenplays, scripts, publicity, administrative documents, and other records related to the creation and production of Duke's projects. This series contains records related to the following projects:
• Zero Base Broadcast (1984)
• Eye Level (1987-1988)
• Les Crane Show (1964-1965)
• Quest (ca. 1962)
• The Insiders (19-)
• Wojeck (1990)

CCUB (Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood)

This series consists of various documents that were created by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) and its members and that relate to the operations of the CCUB and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from 1898 until 1960, predominantly from 1907 until 1939. The documents relate to the leadership of the organization, administration of office and membership, land and financial matters, relationship with the Canadian government agencies and the Sons of Freedom, beliefs and ideology of the Doukhobors. The CCUB was established by the Doukhobors that settled in Saskatchewan in the early 1900s. Most members of the organization moved to the West Kooteney region of British Columbia between 1907-1912. The organization was led by Peter V. Verigin (Lordly), spiritual leader of the Doukhobors, until his death in 1924. Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov) took over the leadership of the CCUB in 1927. In the mid 1930s, in efforts to unite all the Doukhobors, Chistiakov created organization known as the Society of Named Doukhobors that was renamed the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) in 1940s. In 1938, the CCUB as an organization was dissolved due to bankruptcy and the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) replaced it.
This series is divided in to four sub-series: 1: Circular letters; 2: Correspondence; 3: Meeting minutes; 4: Documents; 5: Writings; 6: Financial records.


This series consists of 3 CD-ROMs containing original digital records of photographs of elders taken in 1975 and of Anna Markova funeral in 1978. [Stored with textual records]


Series consists of chapbooks published by the filling Station Publications Society from 1993–2006.

Charan Gill photographs

Series consists of photographs relating to Charan Gill’s run for political office with the BC New Democratic Party (NDP), independent of his work with the Canadian Farmworkers Union. These photographs were received with the CFU material and included in the collection due to Charan Gill’s involvement with the CFU from founding through the transfer of administration of the union to the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS).

Christian Community and Brotherhood of Reformed Doukhobors (CCBRD)

This series consists of records mainly created, received and accumulated by the members of the Christian Community and Brotherhood of Reformed Doukhobors (CCBRD). The documents in this series relate to operations of the CCBRD and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from 1899 until 2011, predominantly from 1950s until 1980s. This series relate also to the relationship between the CCBRD, the Sons of Freedom and the USCC. In 1949, Stephan Sorokin arrived in British Columbia became spiritual leader of the Sons of Freedom replacing John Lebedoff. Under his leadership, the organization formally became the CCBRD in 1956. This series contains documents illustrating administration of the organization, managing community and land, relationships and conflicts between parts of the community, leadership problems, Stephan Sorokin’s leadership, conflicts between Doukhobor community and the government of British Columbia and Canada, interest in immigrating out of Canada, and protests and imprisonment of the Sons of Freedom. The records also contain decisions, manifestos, legal and doctrinal arguments, memberships, land “claims” etc. The records include: administrative documents, forms, applications, individual and organizational correspondence, writings, petitions, statements, messages, declarations, protocols, lists, legal documents, songs texts, essays, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and publications. The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

This series is divided in to ten sub-series: 1: Administration; 2: Membership; 3: Key people; 4: Stephan Sorokin correspondence and documents; 5: Sons of Freedom related documents; 6: Land documents; 7: Writings; 8: Publications and clippings; 9: General documents; 10: Photographs.

Chronological files

Series consists of records created or accumulated by Bringhurst's various professional activities. Such activities include writing, editorial work, his role as judge for various literary and typographic prizes, and speaking engagements at numerous conferences, festivals, and other events around the world. Records include drafts of talks and written works such as essays and books, notes and research related to talks and writings, page proofs, correspondence with event organizers, travel tickets and itineraries, and newspaper articles, brochures, conferences programs and other ephemera documenting events he participated in.

Circular letters

This series consists of circular letters to be read at an assembled meetings. The bulk of the letters dates between 1908-1912. Often they consist of direction from CCUB, such as livestock to sell, when to clear the fields, or when to come to a meeting. The letters also deal with the logistics of the move to British Columbia. Most of the letters were issued on the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) letterhead or on the Office of the Peter V. Verigin letterhead. Most letters are signed by P.V. Verigin, except for some signed by Mikhail Kazakov and some that are unsigned. Most letters are mimeographed.

Circular letters

This series consists of circular letters addressed to the CCUB members. All letters are mimeographed and none are issued on the CCUB letterhead. All records are in Russian, but a couple of them are supplied with handwritten translations in English.


Series consists mainly of textual material pertaining to the business transactions, staffing, and programming of CKVU-TV Vancouver. Due to the takeover of the station by Global TV and the subsequent litigations, this series also contains various legal records including transcripts of court proceedings, settlement contracts, affidavits and subpoenas. This series also includes business correspondence and personal information regarding Duke's role within the organization.

CKVU records

Series consists of correspondence, photographs, promotional material, magazine and newspaper articles, and other material accumulated by Norman Klenman relating to his and Daryl Duke’s establishment, ownership and management of CKVU-TV. Includes records relating to the 1975 application to the CRTC; programming, events and staffing issues; and the takeover of the station by CanWest in 1987.


This series consists of clippings from various British Columbia newspapers between 1956-1971 depicting matters related to the Doukhobor community and other matters relating to Efanov‘s political interest, such as political cartoons, Winston Churchill and J. F. Kennedy. Many clippings depict marriage announcement of the Doukhobor members or their descendants.

Commercial work

Series consists of sample, draft and completed commercial work produced by Rimmer as a free-lance designer employed by various companies, organizations and individuals. Records include items completed by Rimmer for Colophon Books, including Alison’s Fishing Birds and preliminary work on Allen Ginsberg’s Meditations at Lake Louise; editorial cartoons created by Rimmer for the Williams Lake Tribune from 1960 to 1961; and numerous prints, paintings, and logos created for commercial purposes. Companies, organizations and individuals represented include Murchie’s Tea and Coffee Ltd., Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Air Canada, Vancouver Public Library, Hot Jazz Club, the band Heart, Whistler village, Shrine Circus, and Douglas & McIntyre Publishers.

Rimmer, Jim

Commissions or consultations

Series consists of records and photographs relating to Judith Marcuse commissions for dancers or companies that did not involve Judith Marcuse Dance Company.

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