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Series consists of correspondence created and received by Patrick McTaggart-Cowan in both his personal and professional life. Includes records that reflect his student days at UBC and Oxford, his professional life from when he first joined the Meteorological Service to when he retired from the Science Council in 1975, and correspondence after his retirement. Also includes correspondence relating to a number of projects, events or interests with which McTaggart-Cowan was concerned.

Financial records

Series consists of records relating to the personal finances of McTaggart-Cowan. Includes records that reflect income while serving in Newfoundland, household accounts, banking records, and purchases.


Series consists of team schedules for both the intercollegiate athletic and recreation programs. Information recorded on the schedules include date of games/meets, opponents, host cities, and start times.

Workshop and course records

Series consists of records related to the operation of both athletic and recreation workshops and courses. Activities and topics documented include sports clinics; the establishment of a coaching specialist program; government fitness and training centres; the Task Force on Active Health Sciences and Leisure Studies; general education activity classes; the establishment of athletic credit courses; and sports camps and summer programs. Predominant document types include correspondence, clinic notes and handouts, reports, program postings, financial statements and recommendations, program rationales, course proposal forms, and course descriptions.

Senate Committees

The Senate operates through a system of standing and ad hoc committees. As of 2003, there are 24 Senate committees, but the number of committees has varied over time. Senate determines the membership and method of appointing or electing members to the committees. Most Senate committees have ex-officio administrators as chairs and only a few have Vice-chairs.

Standing committees with delegated responsibilities to perform duties on behalf of Senate usually report to Senate at yearly intervals. Temporary committees report to Senate by the date stated in the charge to the committee.

This series consists of records relating to the meetings and activities of the various Senate Committees.

Records include terms of reference; membership lists; and agendas, minutes, and supporting papers including correspondence, reports, briefs, course proposals, policies, statistics, lists, publications, drafts, notes, working papers and other documents.


Series consists of the personal and professional correspondence of Cunningham as well as miscellaneous documents apparently kept by Cunningham for their historical value in depicting the early years at SFU. Documents relate to such topics as the opening of the University, administrative and teaching matters, student protests, and the Friends of SFU (a U.S.-based fund-raising organization).

SFU Historical Essays

Cunningham asked several early faculty and other members of the SFU community to write down their recollections of the early years of the University. He had hoped that the University would produce a collection of essays to mark its 20th Anniversary. On the advice of an anonymous referee, the University decided against publishing the work. Cunningham considered other ways of producing the volume, but died before he could complete the project.

Series includes rough drafts and final drafts of essays selected for the volume by Cunningham. Essays are listed by individual author. Series also includes correspondence about the project, essays not selected for the proposed volume (submissions by Cunningham, G. Bursill-Hall, T. Finlayson, M. Gibbons, E. Harden, A. Hean, D. Roberts, W. Vidauer, and L. Wilson), and a collection of historical essays by Archie MacKinnon.


Series consists of a collection of artifacts accumulated by Patrick McTaggart-Cowan. Includes trophies, plaques, one print, and medals received by McTaggart-Cowan including the Order of Canada and Member of the British Empire. Series also includes a wooden replica of the university mace presented to McTaggart-Cowan in 1968.


Series consists of records relating to Bennett's funeral arrangements, funeral service, memorial service and memorial fund. Included are lists, programs, a press release, letters, notes, newspaper clippings, a folder and pamphlets.

Canadian Federation of Deans of Management and Administrative Studies (CFDMAS) records

Series consists of records relating to Dean Stanley Shapiro's tenure as Chairman of the Canadian Federation of Deans of Management and Administrative Studies from 1988 to 1990 and departmental membership in the CFDMAS from 1987 to 1995. Records include correspondence, agendas, minutes, legal contracts, budget and financial working papers, reports and publications.

Director of Development

Series consists of records arising from the activities of the Director of Development. Series includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, manuals, promotional literature, photographs, and other materials.

General fundraising

Series consists of records arising from the administration of ongoing fund raising activities of the Development office, including annual fund drives. Series includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, promotional literature, and other materials.

Progressive Conservative Party

Series consists of records compiled by W.A.C. Bennett as an active member of the federal Progressive Conservative Party. Activities documented are election campaigns and the 1948 Yale by-election for which W.A.C. Bennett was a candidate. Included are lists, statements, notices, newspaper clippings, 1948 poll statements, a map, minutes, memoranda, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, manuals, and correspondence addressed to W.A.C. Bennett as secretary-treasurer of the Yale Conservative Association.

B.C. Progressive Conservative Association

Series consists of records relating to Bennett's association with the B.C. Progressive Conservative Association and his first successful election campaign in 1941. Included are correspondence, file notes, lists, statements, receipts, a certificate, ballots, minutes, resolutions, memoranda, proposals, pamphlets and transcripts.

Post-Premier alphabetical file

Series consists of Bennett's alphabetical files generated after he left the Premier's Office on September 13, 1972. Included are correspondence, invitations, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, minutes and a statement. Also included are Social Credit Records consisting of ephemera, a memorandum, correspondence, newspaper clippings, a report, campaign thank you letters and a transcript.

Miscellaneous items - undated

Series consists of miscellaneous undated records relating to a range of subjects. Included are statements, lists, financial statistics, letters, statements, notes, itineraries and poems.


Series consists of photographs produced throughout W.A.C. Bennett's personal and political life, including personal and family photographs, photographs of Bennett and other political figures during Bennett's term as Premier of British Columbia, and photographs of British Columbia Social Credit Party activities. Series includes photographs, negatives, slides, and contact sheets.

Bennett and Social Credit Party background

Series consists of materials relating to W.A.C. Bennett's family background and to the development of the Social Credit Party in B.C. Includes transcribed interviews with family members, copied documents such as death certificates, copies of Social Credit Party papers, copies of Bennett's speeches, interviews with Bennett, and research correspondence.

Loans Division records

Series consists of records related to the activities of the Loans Division of the University Library and includes correspondence with the university community; policy development on loan procedures including on-line and external; annual reports, monthly Division activity reports, and turnstile statistics; Division meeting minutes; Division budget planning and financial working documents; reports including information on staff activities, workload, projects, the 24 hour Library opening experiment, and on the SHARE project with Okanagan College in Kelowna; interlibrary loans procedures between SFU and the University of British Columbia, progress reports and statistics; and participation in the B.C. Post Secondary Interlibrary Loan Network.

Records include correspondence, minutes, reports, questionnaires, statistics, policies, and financial working papers.

Information Systems Division records

Series consists of records related to the Information Systems Division of the University Library and includes correspondence between Library staff and EPIC, GEAC, and BRS System database vendors; vendor proposals and purchase agreements; automation reports and database planning records; monthly division activity reports; GEAC project planning, training, and implementation; and minutes of the GEAC Acquisition Planning Committee, RFP Steering Committee, Name and Address System Steering Committee, and the British Columbia Library Network.

Records include correspondence and working papers, minutes, reports and statistics, project proposals and updates, and contracts, agreements, and invoices.

1963 Official files

Series consists of the official files of the Premier's Office opened, or continued, in 1963. The records reflect topics such as B.C. Hydro, Federal Departments, Federal-Provincial Conferences, Finance, P.G.E. Railway, Power Development, Columbia River, Premiers' Conference and Social Credit. Included are correspondence with members elected in 1963 (years are cumulated), other correspondence, telegrams, reports, speeches, minutes, statements and notes.

1972 Official files

Series consists of the official files of the Premier's Office opened, or continued, in 1972. The records reflect topics such as B.C. Hydro, Elections, Federal-Provincial Conferences, Finance, Health Services, Highways, Premier's Office, B.C. Medical Plan and Premiers' Conference. Included are correspondence, a petition, financial statistics and speeches. Photocopied Premier's Office file lists are included at the end of this series.

1953 Official files

Series consists of the official files of the Premier's Office opened in 1953. Included are correspondence with Members elected in 1953 (years are cumulated), other correspondence, memoranda, a budget, an annual report and income statements.

1954 Official files

Series consists of the official files of the Premier's Office opened, or continued, in 1954. The records reflect topics such as the B.C. Power Commission, Federal Departments, Finance, International Joint Commission, Oil Pipeline and the P.G.E. Railway. Included are correspondence, financial statements, annual reports, statistics, charts, and press releases.

1955 Official files

Series consists of the official files of the Premier's Office opened, or continued, in 1955. The records reflect topics such as Attorney General, B.C. Electric, B.C. Power Commission, Highways, Oil Pipeline and P.G.E. Railway. Included are correspondence, statistics, reports, balance sheets, memoranda and speeches.

1957 Official files

Series consists of the official files of the Premier's Office opened, or continued, in 1957. The records reflect topics such as the B.C. Power Commission, P.G.E. Railway and Power Development. Included are correspondence, financial statistics, reports, minutes, maps and speeches.

Departmental correspondence

Series consists of W.A.C. Bennett's correspondence with the provincial departments of Agriculture, the Attorney-General, Education, Finance, Health and Welfare, Labour, Lands and Forests, Mines, Municipal Affairs, Public Works, Trade and Industry, and with the Premier's Office. Included is some South Okanagan constituent correspondence. There is a gap from May 13, 1948 to June 14, 1949 when W.A.C. Bennett was not the M.L.A. for South Okanagan.

B.C. Fruit Growers' Association

Series consists of records compiled by W.A.C. Bennett as a member of the Transportation Committee of the B.C. Fruit Growers' Association. Included are mimeographed minutes, reports, circular letters (carbon copies), a few original letters and printed resolutions.

Ephemera (MLA)

Series consist of ephemera and miscellaneous papers selected by W.A.C. Bennett during his term as M.L.A. Included are posters, pamphlets, memoranda, statements, annual reports, transcripts, pamphlets, press releases, miscellaneous minutes, statistics, proposals, briefs, resolutions, mimeographed letters and newsletters.

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