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Personal papers

The subseries consists primarily of incoming letters from family and friends. Topics covered include, correspondence from the 1930s relating to the Halperns' efforts to emigrate to Canada and also George's early attempts to start a business in Canada. There are many letters from George's sister. In later decades, there are letters from Ida describing her travels and other letters from friends and associates regarding George's philanthropic activities

Subseries also includes personal papers such as birth certificate, immigration papers, passport, school certificates, and legal documents including wills, power of attorney and tax returns.

Articles, notes, correspondence

This sub-series contains various records created and collected by Eli Popoff and Iskra staff such as notes, drafts of articles and issues of Iskra as well as material such as articles, clippings, notes and data collected as a research resource for the Iskra content. It contains both published and unpublished material.


This sub-series consists of the individual Doukhobor writings in the format of journals and diaries. The records describe personal experiences of the authors in Russia before immigration to Canada and their experiences as immigrants in Canada and United States as well as later visits to Soviet Union. The records contain personal experiences of the authors as well as accounts of Doukhobor life and their community as immigrants.
Most of the records are in Russian.


This sub-series is comprised of photographs of Ajaib’s life and family in his formative years.


This sub-series consists of various writings created by the members of Sons of Freedom that illustrate their approach to life and their beliefs. This sub-series includes: songs texts, writings, letters, resolutions, speeches, messages, essays, addresses, protocol, and appeal. In many cases authorship and date of the documents are unknown. Known authors include: A. W. Efanov (Freedomite, “intellectual”, protester and probably an arsonist) and Florence Potapoff. The records are in Russian and/or English; some are handwritten and some printed.

Correspondence from P.P. Verigin

This sub-series consists of the personal and Doukhobor community matters correspondence of P. V. Verigin sent to various members of the CCUB, including: A. Katelnikov, I. Shukin, V. Makhonin, N. Kotelnikov, V. Ribin, V. Makhonin, N. Kotelnikov, I. Kutniakov, V. Sukharev, I Tregubov ,Ivan Zebrov, Ivan Rylkoff, Ivan Kanigin, Ivan Dubasov and Mikhail Kazakoff, Leaders of CCUB and Youth Union. Some of the correspondence reflect Verigin’s plan for economic restructuring of the CCUB. All correspondence in this sub-series is mimeographed, except for one hand-written letter. Some of the records are original mimeographs, some are photocopies. Some mimeographs are signed only by P.P. Verigin while others were transcribed from originals by others. Transcriber is not always indicated. All records are in Russian.

Financial records

This sub-series consists of documents of financial nature that include: correspondence, reports, statements, receipts, purchase orders, bills of sales, accounting books. These documents were created by the CCUB executive members in branch offices in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Washington State in USA. These sub-series also contains legal documentation that relate to the financial operations of the CCUB and its members. Most of the documents in this sub-series are original mimeographs, some with handwritten notes, as well as there is some handwritten documents. Most documents are in Russian and some are in English.

Ephemera and publications

This sub-series consists of broadsides, ephemera, pamphlets, invitations, calendar, publications, newsletters, newspapers and magazines created by the USCC and its executive members, as well as by agencies outside of the Doukhobor community, but that relate to the Doukhobors. These records documents the history of the Doukhobor community as well as their culture, ideology and beliefs.

Meeting minutes

This sub-series consists of mimeographed CCUB convention minutes held in Nadezhda, Verigin Station and Spasskoye between 1908-1912, and photocopies of the CCUB meetings minutes held in Brilliant, BC and Verigin Sask. between 1925-1928. Nadezhda and Verigin minutes contain income and expenditure statements. Most of the Brilliant and Verigin meeting minutes contain by-law documents.

Personal papers

Subseries consists of biographical information, personal papers, legal documents, autograph books and notebooks. Also includes letters written to Fanny by her parents, and letters written by Fanny to secure repayment of her loan of $19,000 to the Augustinian Fathers of Shanghai.

Circular letters

This sub-series consists of circular letters to be read at an assembled meetings. The bulk of the letters dates between 1908-1911. Often they consist of direction from the CCUB, such as livestock to sell, when to clear the fields, or when to come to a meeting. The letters relate to the CCUB operation in British Columbia and Saskatchewan (Station Vering). The letters also deal with the logistics of the move to British Columbia. Most of the letters were issued on the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) letterhead, but there are some without any letterhead and some on the Office of the Peter V. Verigin letterhead. Most of the letters are original mimeographs and only a few photocopies. All records are in Russian.

Before Cumberland notes and research records

Sub-series consists of Stonebanks’ notes and research records relating to the period of Ginger Goodwin’s life between 1906 and 1910: after he left England, and before he settled in Cumberland. Records include reproduced research records, correspondence, and notes written by Stonebanks on sources consulted. Research materials for this sub-series were used primarily for chapter 2 of Stonebanks’ book.


This sub-series consists of correspondence of the Sons of Freedom as well as correspondence of other Doukhobor organizations, such as the CCUB, the USCC, the CCBRD and individuals of the Doukhobor community that relate to the Sons of Freedom activities and beliefs.

1910 land mine purchase sale by Dunsmuir notes and research records

Sub-series consists of notes and research records relating to the sale of the company R. Dunsmuir and Sons by James Dunsmuir to Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. in 1910. In 1910 Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. also purchased Robert Dunsmuir's company Wellington Colliery Company Ltd. Research materials from this sub-series were used primarily for chapter 2 of Stonebanks’ book.

Tolstoy connection

This sub-series consists of various records demonstrating Leo Tolstoy’s connection to the Doukhobor community and beliefs and his family relationship with Doukhobors, particularly Alexandra Tolstoy. This sub-series contains excepts of Tolstoy’s writings, clippings, brochures, Iskra articles about Tolstoy, published letter of Tolstoy to the Doukhobors and other related material.

Textual records

This sub-series is comprised of material relating to Ajaib’s high school years – school papers and notes, yearbooks, and course books.

General documents

This sub-series consists of various documents that were created by the USCC and its members and that relate to the operations of the USCC and matters relating to the Doukhobor community from late 1930s until 1984. The documents include: reports, meeting minutes, protocols, petitions, correspondence, legal documents, forms, essays, articles, and clippings.

Cumberland 1912-1915 notes and research records

Sub-series consists of Stonebanks’ notes and research records relating to Ginger Goodwin’s life for the period of time he lived in Cumberland, 1912-1915. Records include reproduced research records from various sources, correspondence, and notes about sources consulted. Research materials in this sub-series were used primarily for chapters 3 and 4 of Stonebanks’ book.


Subseries consists of portraits of W.A.C. Bennett, promotional photographs of Bennett and others, and photographs of Bennett family and friends. Portraits include photographs of W.A.C. Bennett at various ages, and a photo of Bennett in Freemason regalia. Promotional photographs include photos of Bennett and others at speeches and rallies, as well as posed photographs at various locations, such as boats, railroad tracks, airports and other sites. Promotional photographs also include a photo of Bennett posing for a painted portrait for Time magazine. Photographs of the Bennett family and friends include family portraits; early photos of Bennett's wife May; photographs of birthday, wedding, and Christmas celebrations of friends and family; and a class photo from Hampton Consolidated School in New Brunswick, which includes W.A.C. Bennett as a pupil.

Other governments

Sub-series comprises records generated by government departments and programs responsible for apiculture in their jurisdiction, other than British Columbia. Government departments represented include the Departments of Agriculture for Canada, Ontario, and the United States. Records include publications and reports.

Family papers

Subseries consists of miscellaneous records of various members of the Smythe family. Records of Dallas Smythe include a 1915 diary, military records, and records arising from a private business venture to establish a television station in the Champaign-Urbana area in Illinois. Subseries also includes employment and pension records of Smythe's father, J.W. Smyth, and issues of Alternatives, a newsletter edited by Dallas Smythe's wife Jennie.

Trail, 1916-1919 notes and research records

Sub-series consists of Stonebanks’ notes and research records relating to Ginger Goodwin’s life between the years on 1916 and 1919, while he lived in Trail, working as a smelterman for the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (later known as Cominco). Research materials in this sub-series correspond primarily to chapters 4 and 5 of Stonebanks’ book.

After Trail notes and research records

Sub-series consists of Stonebanks’ notes and research records relating to Ginger Goodwin’s life after leaving Trail in 1918, as well as events after his death, notably the investigation into Dan Campbell’s shooting of Goodwin. Research materials in this sub-series correspond primarily to chapters 6 through 9 of Stonebanks’ book.

Correspondence of Ina McCready Blaser

Sub-series consists of correspondence of Blaser’s mother, Ina (née McCready) Blaser, including handwritten correspondence from family and friends in addition to sympathy cards from her husband, Robert Blaser’s, death.

British Columbia - reports

Sub-series comprises reports issued by the Apiary or Apiculture branches of the BC Department or Ministry of Agriculture, including annual reports by the Provincial Apiarist. Of particular note is a 1919 report to the BC Deputy Minister of Agriculture on bee inspection work, which includes photographs and drawings. Records include original reports and copies.

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