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To this cedar fountain

Series includes records related to writing and publishing To this Cedar Fountain, Braid's book of poetry written in response to Emily Carr's paintings, which was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay (BC) Poetry Prize. Records include corresondence from readers, publisher, book reviews, interviews with Braid, and rough drafts.

Labour Canada interviews

In 1988 Kate Braid traveled across Canada interviewing tradeswomen for inclusion in two booklets she produced for Labour Canada -- Building the Future: Profiles of Canadian Women in Trades and Looking Ahead: Profiles of Two Canadian Women in Trades. Series includes audio cassettes, transcripts, notes, drafts of profiles, a logbook, correspondence, government publications and reference material.

CBC interviews

In 1990 Kate Braid wrote a feature on women in trades for the CBC radio program Ideas, based on a cross-country interview trip. Series includes audio cassettes and logbook.

Women in trade

Series consists of records related to Braid's work with women in trade, including training materials, conference planning and proceedings, reports, curricula, interviews and publications. Series is arranged in 4 subseries:

  1. Conference planning
  2. Reports
  3. Tradeswomen: a quarterly magazine
  4. Publications

In fine form: the Canadian Book of Form Poetry

Series consists of records relating to Braid's work on co-editing, along with Sandy Shreve, a publication on Canadian form poetry. Records include notes and contributions by form type, correspondence with writers, including PK Page, and drafts.

Red Bait: Struggles of a Mine Local

Series consists of record relating to Braid's work co-authoring (along with Al King) the book Red Bait: Struggles of a Mine Local. Series includes transcripts of interviews with Al and Lillian King, drafts, edits and comments to the manuscript by various reviewers, reviews, and Al King's obituary and associated notes.

A Well-mannered Storm: the Glenn Gould Poems

Series consists of records relating to writing the poems about Glenn Gould and his music's affect on her, which occurred just as Braid found out she had gone deaf in one ear. Records include drafts, research on composers and composition, correspondence, book launch records, and reviews.

Emily Carr: Rebel Artist

Series consists of records relating to Braid's writing Emily Carr: Rebel Artist, a book for young readers on the famous Canadian artist. Records include drafts, correspondence, and research.

Women's Monument background records

Series consists of records which were used to define and develop the Project within its social and artistic contexts. Includes reference materials such as statistics on violence against women; original proposals for the Project; speeches given by Committee members at public functions; biographies of the fourteen women; "What They're Saying," a brochure of quotations from well-known public figures who supported the Project; information on other memorials; a budget and a financial statement. Examples of core published materials, such as brochures and the single rose logo and letterhead, are preserved here as well as a cloth banner. Also includes a VHS copy of the film, Marker of Change, donated by the film's producer.

Photographs and slides

Series consists of photographs of various activities including fundraising events, December 6th memorials, jury process, committee meetings, design competition exhibition, Monument construction, and dedication of the Monument. Permission to copy the photographic material was granted by the various photographers in return for photo credit.

Committee minutes and reports

Series consists of minutes relating to the decision-making of the Committee which coordinated the Project. During the busy period of 1997, the Committee did not take minutes at every meeting. Also includes annual reports from 1994–1997.


Series consists of letters received from the public about the Project and examples of letters sent by the Committee in response. Also includes official support letters from community leaders, correspondence with the fourteen families of the murdered women, and correspondence with translators for the project's inscription.

Fundraising records

Series consists of records relating to the fundraising activities which financed the Project. Activities documented include Reel Change, a filmathon; See Jane Fly, a poetry "bash;" and Lives We Value, a reception. Includes direct mail request letters, and specific requests made to corporations, foundations, unions, associations, VanCity Credit Union and government. Also includes examples of published materials such as programs and flyers.

Media relations clippings and releases

Series consists of material created by the Project for the media, as well as examples of Canadian print media coverage of the Project. Extensive news clippings from 1991-1998 indicate the scope of the public debate which was inspired by the Project and the social issues it represented. Includes press releases issued by the Committee from 1991-1997, and the text of a television commercial created for the Women's Television Network.

Monument design records

Series consists of records relating to the site for the Monument, and its artistic design. Activities documented are site selection, the national design competition (stages one and two), and selection of the dedication languages inscribed on the Monument. Includes correspondence, notes, a site map, subcommittee minutes, competition guidelines, records pertaining to the jurisdiction of the Vancouver Parks Board and the Vancouver Public Art Committee, copies of all 98 design submissions, and questionnaires given out to the public with regard to the dedication languages. Also includes transcripts and audiotapes containing discussions about the selection of seven dedication languages for the site. Also includes the original maquette and artwork for the winning design by Beth Alber.

Exhibits records

Series consists of records relating to the art gallery exhibitions of sixteen Special Mention designs which the Jury selected from the national design competition for the Monument, as well as the three finalists' stage two designs. Activities documented include the first exhibit, Giving Voice, at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1994, and the touring exhibits at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in 1995, the Nickel Arts Museum in Calgary in 1996 and the Surrey Art Gallery in 1997. Includes programs and other published materials. Also includes mock-up drawing of exhibit lay-out.

Construction records

Series consists of records related to the building of Marker of Change, the Women's Monument by the artist, Beth Alber. The Groundbreaking Ceremony is also documented.

The monument consists of fourteen pink Laurentian granite "benches" arranged in a wide circle approximately ninety feet in diameter. Each bench approximates the length of a woman's body (5'5"), representing and inscribed with the name of one of the murdered women. (Each name appears on the side of the bench facing into the circle.) A horizontal vulva-shaped hollow, sand-blasted into the top surface of each bench, gathers rainwater, a symbolic vessel for tears and memory. Every other bench has an inscription of the Dedication in one of seven languages. The Dedication reads:

The fourteen women named here were
murdered December 6, 1989
University of Montreal.
We, their sisters and brothers,
remember, and work for a better world.
In memory and in grief for all women
who have been murdered by men.
For women of all countries, all classes,
all ages, all colours.

Surrounding the benches is a protective ring of clay tiles with over five thousand names of individuals and groups who donated to the Project. Tiles inscribed with epitaphs written by the families are located across from the bench of their respective daughters or sisters. A feather inscription designed by Susan Point is incised in Genevieve Bergeron's bench to signify to all First Nations people that the language inscribed there, Chinook, is First Nations. An orientation stand at one corner of the site has key text written in Braille and raised lettering for people who are visually impaired. The site is wheelchair accessible.

Includes all of the inscriptions that appear on Marker of Change --- for example, the text on the fourteen families' tiles, on the benches, donor tiles and orientation stand, and a drawing of the feather. Also includes a site map and donor tile placement map, and a file describing tile creation by Sumas Clay Inc. Should damage occur, these records contain the details that would be needed to guide repairs or restoration. Also includes budget, contracts and the Engineer's Seal of Approval.

Unveiling ceremony records

Series consists of records relating to the Unveiling Ceremony for Marker of Change, which was held on December 6, 1997. Includes speeches given at the ceremony, correspondence, and published materials. Also includes an audiotape of oral readings of the dedication in the seven dedication languages and a two-set videotape of the Unveiling Ceremony.

Office files

Series consists of records relating to the general administrative and operational activities of the Department as described in the Scope and Content note. Files are arranged according to the original filing system. Includes correspondence, minutes, reports, policies and other documents.

Faculty files

Series consists of files related to the appointment, salary, and tenure of faculty members. It includes correspondence, curricula vitae, memoranda and reports.

Department history and structure files

Series consists of records relating to the development of the two programs that eventually merged to form the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies. Activities and events documented include curriculum development, program and department proposals, and reporting of courses and events.

Records include correspondence, reports, proposals, publications and other documents.

Committee files

Series consists primarily of records relating to the meetings and deliberations of committees of the predecessor programs of the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies although the first few departmental meetings of SLAS are included in the Latin American Studies Steering Committee minutes. Records include committee agendas, minutes, and supporting papers. President's Advisory Committee on University Priorities (PACUP) committee files include correspondence.

Each committee has been assigned a separate sub-series. Committees have been grouped into the following types: LAS committees, Spanish Division and DLLL committees, and PACUP.

Additional records relating to Spanish division meetings, plenary meetings, and committee of chairmen meetings in the Department of Literature, Languages and Linguistics are found in F-13-1-4; F-13-1-47; and F-13-1-8 respectively.

Departmental correspondence

Series consists of the Chair's correspondence with University administration and other departments. Activities and events documented include budget preparation, conference planning, and program development. Records include correspondence, publications, and a single issue of the departmental newsletter.

Curriculum and instruction files

Series consists of records relating to the instruction offered by the Department of Latin American Studies and its predecessor programs. Series consists primarily of course files as well as a list of DLLL graduands and a history of LAS course enrollment. Records include course outlines, notes, posters, and exam questions.

Field school files

Starting in 1977 in Guatemala, the Latin American Studies program operated field schools during the summer in various countries. Subsequent field schools were held in Guatemala in 1978 and 1979; in Peru in 1981; in Mexico in 1983 and 1985; and in Cuba in 1988. The field schools provided courses and tours to local archaeological, historical, and tourist sites. Series consists of records relating to the operation of the field schools.

Records include brochures, program descriptions and schedules, course outlines, progress and final reports, correspondence, lists of participants, and other documents.

Student union files

Series consists of files relating to the activities of the Latin American Studies Student Union (LASSU). Activities and events documented include the presentation of cultural events and a course proposal put forward by LASSU. Records include news clippings, posters, correspondence, and newsletters.

Special events files

Series consists of records relating to public events sponsored by the Latin American Studies program and the Spanish Division of the Department of Literature, Languages, and Linguistics. Activities and events documented include lectures, film series, musical presentations, and conferences. Records include posters, correspondence, brochures, news clippings, and a report on the Spanish-speaking community in greater Vancouver.

Dean of Student Affairs

Series consists of records relating to Lolita Wilson's work as Dean of Student Affairs. Activities documented include correspondence with members of the university community, external organizations including the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and the Canadian Association of University Teachers, and with other Canadian universities and colleges; student orientation and surveys; admission and grading policies and procedures; budget planning; participation on university committees and national associations; and liaison with student services including Residence and Housing, Counselling Services, Health Services, Reading and Study Services, Chaplaincy, and Daycare. Also included are records relating to clubs, activities, and projects of the Simon Fraser Student Society. Records include correspondence and working papers, financial statements, reports, agendas and minutes, statistics and annual reports, press releases and publications.

Director of University Services

Series consists of records relating to Stephen Stratton's work as Director of University Services. Activities documented include new student orientation; wheelchair students on campus; participation on the Deans Fees Committee; projects including visits to local high schools and student placement; a proposal for integration of Financial Aid and the Resources Office; studies on student attrition and withdrawals; and liaison with student services including Day Care, Health Services, Counselling, and the Simon Fraser Student Society. Records include correspondence and working papers, reports, minutes and statistics.

Director of Student Services

Series consists of records relating to William (Bill) Stewart's work as the Director of Student Services and includes financial planning and budgets for Student Services departments; correspondence with the university community regarding student issues; participation on university committees; and records regarding projects and functions organized for the campus student population. Activities documented include liaison with individual student services including the Chaplain's Office, Counselling Service, Daycare Centre, Food Services, International Office, Health Services, Residences, Traffic and Security, Financial Aid, the Canada Employment Centre, and the Reading and Study Centre. Records include correspondence and working papers, financial statements and budgets, agendas and minutes, reports and statistics, newspaper clippings, contracts, photographs and publications including newsletters, brochures and posters.

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