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Series consists of correspondence addressed to Blair Henshaw; some envelopes have AIDS-themed stamps, cinderellas (not issued for postal services by a postal jurisdiction) or slogans.


Series consists of the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Rick Antonson in his role as president of Nunaga Publishing and Antonson Publishing Ltd. For correspondence regarding government grants and Nunaga's role in publishing associations, see Series 5, Government and book information files.


Series contains letters and printouts of emails from friends, family members, professors, colleagues, universities, and funding organizations. Included are cards, postcards, notes, photographs, and outgoing draft correspondence. Series is divided into 2 subseries: Personal correspondence and Professional correspondence.


This series consists of correspondence between Efanov and various individuals and organizations that were a part of the Doukhobor community and some from beyond the community. The series contains Efanov’s inbound and outbound letters as well as letters reproduced by him, but written by Stephan Sorokin. Some letters are undated and authorship is not clear. All are handwritten in Russian, except for a few letters in English.


Series consists of emailed and hand-written correspondence between Derek Beaulieu and his personal and professional contacts. Also includes related records, including signed contracts, employment agreements, grant applications, award submissions and letters of recommendation, postcards, clippings, ephemera and photographs.


Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence created and received by James Delgado pertaining to personal and professional matters. Correspondence relates to Delgado’s work with the San Jose Historical Landmarks Commission, the National Park Service, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum, as well as to his professional research interests and the publication of various books and articles. Records includes letters, cards, and email printouts, as well as attachments and related records such as newspaper clippings, certificates, articles, newsletters, lecture programs, and contracts.

The series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: Personal correspondence (1973-2012), Outgoing correspondence (1978-2010), and Incoming correspondence (1990-2012).


Series consists of correspondence sent and received by Mootoo. Records include cards and letters sent by friends and admirers, printed emails exchanged between Mootoo and her agent and publishers, and other professional and personal correspondence.


Series consists of letters, printouts of emails, and faxes from various friends, editors, family members, and grants. Includes photographic material and drafts of poems and other writings.


Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence of a personal and business nature between Rimmer and various members of the printing community, including Paul Duensing, Jules Remedios Faye, Richard L. Hopkins, Richard Kegler, Robert R. Reid, William Rueter, Andrew Steeves, Christopher Stern and Alan C. Waring. Correspondence includes technical advice and comments on recent work. Records also include contact information, thank you letters and prints, as well as correspondence related to various organizations, including the American Typecasting Fellowship, Typochondriacs and the Alcuin Society.

Rimmer, Jim


This series consists of the Doukhobor community matters correspondence received or send by J. J. Verigin as the Secretary or the Honorary Chair of The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC), including letters, telegrams, open letters, declarations and proposals. The majority of the documents are in Russian.

Correspondence and other documents

Series documents the imprisonment of Sons of Freedom convicts at Piers Island Penitentiary between 1932 and 1934, from its initial stage in search for an island to set up the prison to determining the conditions for release of the prisoners. The records, the majority of which consist of correspondence between senior officials, shed light on the construction and management of the prison, as well as the problems that the federal prison system encountered regarding both personnel and prisoners.
Series consists of textual records including correspondence, telegrams, and memoranda, most of which were written to or by H. W. Cooper. The remainder of the records were created by other authorities, prisoners, and relatives of prisoners. Series also contains a warrant written by J. Cartmel and a chronology written in shorthand by H. W. Cooper. Also included in the series is an empty manila envelope. The records in this series have been arranged into the following three files: 1932; 1933; and 1934.

Correspondence of others

Series consists of correspondence of individuals other than Blaser, including poet Jack Spicer, artist Jess Collins, writer Stan Persky, Blaser’s partner David Farwell, Blaser’s mother Ina Blaser, Blaser’s maternal grandmother Sophia Auer, and other friends and family. Includes handwritten and typed correspondence as well as email correspondence. Series is divided into the following seven sub-series: Correspondence of Jack Spicer (1959-1962); Correspondence of Jess Collins ([196-?]-1967); Correspondence of Stan Persky (1963-1967); Correspondence of David Farwell (2006-2009); Correspondence of Ina Blaser (1919-1978); Correspondence of Sophia Auer (1916-1941); and General correspondence of others (1956, 1975).

Correspondence of Robin Blaser

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues. Material includes handwritten and typed correspondence as well as facsimile and email correspondence of both a personal and professional nature. Additional material includes enclosed contracts, poetry, and other textual records. The series is divided into five sub-series: Incoming correspondence; Outgoing correspondence; Alphabetical correspondence; Chronological correspondence; and General correspondence.

Correspondence with publishers

Series consists of correspondence between Daphne Marlatt and publishers of her various works. Also contains attachments and related records, including contracts, memoranda of agreements, financial documents, newspaper clippings, promotional material, manuscripts, and administrative records.

Correspondence, clippings

This series is revealing of early 20th century perspectives towards the Doukhobors in Canada. The following persons are authors or subject to the records: J.A. Forin, Isabel Forin, George Hoyland, H.M. Manson, Aylmer Maude, Alice Nike, George Soukoreff, John J. Verigin, Vlaldimir Tcherkoff, Leo Tostoy, L.W. Verigin.

Court case records

Series consists of records related to the court case between the City of Vancouver and Sean O’Flynn-Magee, Jane Doe, John Doe and other unknown persons. It includes: affidavits of Garrick Bradshaw, Penny Ballem, Murray Wightman, Frank Dodich, John McKearney, Cael Hopwood, Brenda Proksen, Blake Chersinoff, and Will Johnston; short leave requisition; notice of civil claim; and notice of application.

Court records

This series consists of documents relating to libel court case initiated by Stefan Sorokin against Dennis Williams of Trail Times Limited in 1959. Sorokin was represented by Messrs Rankin and Dean Barristers and Solicitors. The records include transcripts of Examination for Discovery, Court of Appeal, related correspondence and documents.

Dance, movement and music scores

This series represents a collection of dance scores and choreographic materials compiled throughout Ruth’s career. Some are for single events while others show the growth and evolution of pieces as they are adapted over the years for different venues, groups or types of dances, and to the audiences for which they are performed.

Deol Society records

Series consists of records relating to the administration and activities of the Deol Agricultural Education and Research Society (the Deol Society), including financial records, meeting minutes, correspondence, project records, newsletters, and other publications.

The series is arranged into five sub-series: Administrative records and correspondence (1982-1995); Financial records (1981-1998); Programming and project reports, correspondence, and photographs ([198--ca. 1997]); Employment and grant records (1977-1990); and Publications (1982-1995).


Series consists of diaries written by Betty Krawczyk while she was incarcerated at Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women. Series includes three files containing two bound dairies and handwritten notes on loose-leaf paper.


Series consists of diaries kept by Billy. Records include loose diary pages and bound diaries.

Diaries, journals and writings

This series consists of writing, commentaries, notes, songs texts, diaries and notebooks written by Efanov between 1911 and 1971. The dairies account for the majority of content in this series and provide significant insight to Efanov’s point of view. In addition, this collection of original Doukhobor diaries is the most extensive such collection in existence, as far as is known.
Four of these diaries exist in photocopies at UBC; one (only) of the photocopied diaries is the subject of Julie Rak's Negotiated Memory: Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2004). Most diaries are hand-written in notebooks of various sizes, though one group of at least 10 (some appear to be in multiple volumes), are written on toilet paper pads from prison. Most records are handwritten in Russian language, except for a document in English.

Documents about J.J. Verigin

This series consist of documents written about J. J. Verigin in relation to his role as a leader of the USCC and his prominent role within the Doukhobor communities. The documents include: reports, accounts, opinions, statement, speech, biographies, song texts, hansard, newspaper and magazine clippings and articles. Most documents are in English, except one in Russian; all documents are printed.

Douglas & McIntyre files

Series consists of correspondence, notes, memos and minutes documenting the sale of Antonson Publishing’s assets to Douglas & McIntyre (D&M), and Rick Antonson’s subsequent role as Vice President, then member of D&M’s board of directors.

Doukhobor songs records

This series consists of the correspondence, notebooks, list and texts of Russian and Doukhobor songs, hymns, psalms and poems. These records were created and collected with an aim to compiled "Sbornik" a collection of Doukhobor songs. Some of the correspondence is with potential publishers and printers.

Draft manuscript files

Series consists of one file labeled “Manuscript – A Very Ordinary Life”. The papers inside are annotated and heavily edited at times.

Drawing the line records

Series consists of records created and accumulated by the Kiss and Tell collective during the production, exhibition, and promotion of the photographic exhibition “Drawing the Line” and the book “Drawing the Line: Lesbian Sexual Politics on the Wall.” Records include photographs, correspondence, exhibition specifications and guidelines, promotional and press materials, and articles. Photographs include not only those 98 images ultimately selected for use the “Drawing the Line” exhibition, but also many more photographs taken by Stewart in the process of creating the artwork, as well as photographs of the exhibition itself.

Duthie Books 40th anniversary project files

Series is comprised of records gathered and produced for the fortieth anniversary of Duthie Books, celebrated in 1997. Records include photographs, correspondence, notes, drafts and ephemera.

Earth project

This series consists primarily of business records, particularly fundraising activities, and promotional materials associated with the conception, development and execution of the Earth Symposium (2004) and Festival (2005).

The series is comprised of the following sub-series: Sub-series 1: Administrative records (2001-2009); Sub-series 2: Financial records ([ca. 2002]-2006); Sub-series 3: Grants/fundraising records (2002-2009); Sub-series 4: Production/performance records (2002-2009): Sub-series 5: Promotional records (2001-2009).

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