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Articles, notes, correspondence

This sub-series contains various records created and collected by Eli Popoff and Iskra staff such as notes, drafts of articles and issues of Iskra as well as material such as articles, clippings, notes and data collected as a research resource for the Iskra content. It contains both published and unpublished material.

Administrative records

This sub-series consists of administrative records created by the Editorial Board and management of the Iskra

Tolstoy connection

This sub-series consists of various records demonstrating Leo Tolstoy’s connection to the Doukhobor community and beliefs and his family relationship with Doukhobors, particularly Alexandra Tolstoy. This sub-series contains excepts of Tolstoy’s writings, clippings, brochures, Iskra articles about Tolstoy, published letter of Tolstoy to the Doukhobors and other related material.

Selkrik College

This sub-series consists of the records relating to Eli Popoff’s seminar series on the Doukhobor history, customs and beliefs at the Selkirk College in Castlegar, B.C. The records consist of original unpublished material written by Popoff.
The sub-series contains presentation notes, lectures material, correspondence, registration details and other related material.

Lectures general

This sub-series consists of the various resources related to lectures, seminars and Sunday school material prepared and collected by Eli A. Popoff that are focused on Doukhobor history and beliefs. The material includes writings, notes, song texts, clippings, curriculum material, correspondence, booklets, Iskra articles, and other related material. This sub-series also includes meeting minutes documenting organization of the Sunday schools.

Administrative records

This sub-series consists of the administrative records that relate to the operation of the USCC as organization. It includes the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees meeting minutes (protocols), agendas, correspondence, financial records, circular letters, land related material, USCC newsletters, records related to the membership and records relating to the USCC relations with other Doukhobor organizations.

USCC general records

This sub-series consists of the various records relating to the USCC and its executive members and their relationship with members of the Doukhobor community and Doukhobor and other organizations. This sub-series contains records related to trips that the USCC executive members took as representative of the USCC, including trips to Russia and relationship of with Russian Government in early 1990 and 2000s and joint cultural projects, such as restaurant at Tolstoy's estate. It also includes records related to the Doukhobor community, youth and sport organizations, history of Doukhobor leadership and other records.

Festivals, events and choir records

This sub-series consists of the various materials relating to the organization of Doukhobor cultural events or the Doukhobor cultural representative groups participating in provincial or national events.
These events include: Tolstoy unveiling festival, 75th anniversary and Centennial celebration of Doukhobor arrival in Canada, Expo ’86 as well as various performance by Doukhobor choirs, including Heritage Choir, Tri Choir, Centennial Choir, United Doukhobor Centennial Choir, Friendship Choir, and Youth Choir. In addition, this sub-series contains material related to the cooperation with Kenneth Peacock of National Museum of Man in Ottawa in efforts to preserve Doukhobor songs and hymns. This sub-series contains grant correspondence and applications, festival planning records, financial records, events programs, songs text, meeting minutes of the choirs’ committees, photographs and other related records.

Symposiums records

This sub-series consists of the original source materials, hand-written first draft of English translation, working notes, reference documents and correspondence related to the Joint Doukhobor Research Committee symposium meetings from 1974-1982. This sub-series includes a rare copy (1 of 3) of complete Symposium summary typed in Russian.

General committees and conferences records

This sub-series consists of the records that relate to various committees and conferences that Eli Popoff participated in and attended on behalf of USCC. The records include correspondence, brochures, conferences materials, clippings, financial records, notes, writings, meeting minutes and other material. The records include documents of Moscow Peace Conference, Canada-USSR Friendship Society, peace conferences, Committee on Future, Doukhobor Centenary Conference and others. The records contain material relating to interactions with Russian and other governments, possible migration, peace initiatives, travel exchanges and perestroika.

Migration Committee

This sub-series consists of the records of Committee on Future and Committee on Migration. The Committee on Migration was established to investigate possibility of Doukhobors’ return to the land of their forefathers in the Soviet Union. The USCC Executive Committee and the Doukhobor Future Committee (DFC) decided to create two steering Committees. One committee to research the possibility of Doukhobor revival through the development of a desired lifestyle in Canada and the other committee to research such revival in the Soviet Union

MRA Conferences

This sub-series consists of the records related to the Moral Re-Armament Conferences held in Caux, Switzerland in the 1990s. The records include promotional material, booklets, brochures, photographs, publications, diary, Canadian Newsletter published by Moral Re-Armament and other related material.


This sub-series consists of the USCC annual convention delegate package records that include conventions agendas, procedures, meeting minutes, memorandums, correspondence, reports, trustee reports, participant lists, financial statements, annual reports and report from other Doukhobor organizations relating to schools, choirs, women’ clubs, youth organizations, Iskra publication, etc. These records are rare as convention packages were strictly issued in small numbers for the use of delegates only. Records are mostly in English and some in Russian.

Customs and traditions records

This sub-series consists of the various records relating to the Doukhobor history, customs and traditions including wedding and funeral practices, Doukhobor beliefs and symbols, ritual proceedings, dietary requirements and other related materials. These records document religious and traditional requirements expected of the USCC members. This sub-series includes, brochures, forms, minutes, writings, notes, instructions, songs texts, correspondence, clippings, articles and other materials.

Personal correspondence

  • MsC-123-0-1-1
  • Sub-series
  • 1973-2012, predominant 1973-1989 and 2001-2009
  • Part of James Delgado fonds

Sub-series consists of correspondence created or received by James Delgado, as well as other related records labelled "personal papers" and "personal correspondence" in the creator's original arrangement of his files. Correspondence from 1973 to 1989 focuses primarily on Delgado’s time with the San Jose Historical Landmarks Commission and the National Park Service, and correspondence from 2001 to 2009 focuses on Delgado’s time at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Records include letters, email printouts, and cards, as well as attachments and related records such as photographs, certificates, newspaper clippings, newsletters, lecture programs, publication contracts, and writing drafts.

Outgoing correspondence

  • MsC-123-0-1-2
  • Sub-series
  • 1978-2010, predominant 1978-1991, 2004-2010
  • Part of James Delgado fonds

Sub-series consists of James Delgado's outgoing correspondence, primarily relating to his professional activities. Correspondence from 1978 to 1991 focuses on Delgado’s time as Historian for the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and includes his responses for requests for information, reports on historic sites and shipwrecks authored by Delgado, and focuses on several specific projects he undertook during his time there. Correspondence from 2004 to 2010 primarily relates to the business of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Incoming correspondence

Sub-series consists of James Delgado's incoming correspondence, primarily relating to his professional activities. Records span Delgado's time working with the National Park Service, the National Maritime Initiative, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, and relate to administrative matters at these institutions, as well as events he attended and projects he worked on. Correspondence relating to shipwreck and historic site projects includes expedition reports, itineraries, and research records. Correspondence relating to Delgado's writing projects focuses on the publication of books and articles, and includes some copies of articles written by Delgado, advertisements for his books, and book reviews. Sub-series also contains some correspondence relating to the television program "The Sea Hunters." Records include letters, email and fax printouts, and greeting cards, as well as attachments and related records such as newsletters, certificates, newspaper clippings, and magazine articles.


Sub-series consists of photographs relating to various expeditions, trips, and projects, created or compiled by James Delgado throughout his professional career. Photographs depict shipwrecks, dives, exhibits, and events at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Records included print photographs, contact sheets, and negatives.

Titanic images

Sub-series consists of a print of a drawing of the Titanic, as well as colour photographs, printed from digital images onto non-photographic paper, of underwater images from the Titanic and artefacts recovered from the Titanic.


Sub-series consists of photographic slides created or compiled by James Delgado through his professional and personal activities. Includes slides compiled by Delgado for research, writing, and other professional activities, as well as slides created from personal family photographs. Slides depict archaeological sites Delgado has visited, shipwreck sites he has studied, historical landmarks and other sites related to his work, and photographs compiled for the use in his publications and lectures.

General project records

Sub-series consists of records relating to various projects James Delgado worked on throughout his professional career. Records were created or compiled by Delgado through his work for the National Park Service, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. A large number of files are related to exploring shipwreck sites, court cases related to shipwreck salvage, and the nomination of shipwrecks for Historic Places status. Records include correspondence, photographs, notes, meeting agendas and minutes, newspaper clippings, journal and magazine articles, pamphlets, trip reports and itineraries, press releases, project proposals, and reports.

Maritime archaeology records

Sub-series consists of records created or compiled by James Delgado through his work on maritime archaeology projects, primarily projects undertaken while he worked as a historian for the National Park Service. A large number of records focus on Delgado's work on the preservation of shipwreck sites through the National Registry of Historic Places. Records include correspondence, newspaper clippings, slides and photographs, research records, and surveys of shipwrecks.

S.S. Central America records

Sub-series consists records relating to the sinking of the ship S.S. Central America in 1857, as well as records relating to the ship's salvage and the resulting court case regarding ownership of its treasure, for which Delgado served as an expert witness. Records include newspaper articles, research records, and legal documents.

Episode files

Sub-series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence between James Delgado, Eco-Nova Multimedia Productions, and others involved with the production of 'The Sea Hunters' television series. Also included are newspaper clippings and articles written by Delgado regarding episodes or their subject matter, research records, records relating to and ideas for episodes, and travel and filming itineraries.


Sub-series contains photographs, contact sheets, and negatives compiled by James Delgado relating to the television series "The Sea Hunters." Photographs depict Delgado and the "Sea Hunters" team members during the planning, research, and filming of episodes.


Sub-series contains slides compiled by James Delgado during the filming of "The Sea Hunters." Slides relate to several locations, shipwrecks, and events featured in the series, including Vrouw Maria (Finland), Fox (Greenland), USS Akron, Dresden (Chile), and D-day.

Video recordings

Sub-series contains videocassettes of episodes of "The Sea Hunters," including the final cuts of episodes intended for broadcast, master tapes, and clips, as well as videocassettes for press kits.

Books and publication records

Sub-series consists of records relating to Delgado's activities writing and books, pamphlets, and booklets. Series contains drafts and covers of books, as well some pamphlets and booklets. Also included are research records and correspondence regarding the publication of his books. A large number of the files from accrual MsC 123a contain correspondence and contracts relating to the book "Encyclopedia of underwater and maritime archaeology," for which Delgado served as editor.


Sub-series contains reports written or co-authored by Delgado, primarily for university assignments and for the National Park Service. Also included are assessments of historical sites and other surveys and reports focusing on historical, archaeological or shipwreck sites.


Sub-series contains correspondence relating to Delgado's writing activities, including the publication of books and articles. Also contains some correspondence relating to projects Delgado participated in, such as the Sutro Heights Park and USS Mississinewa projects.

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