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Series consists of records relating to publications produced by Student Services departments and programs. Records include student handbooks, various departmental pamphlets, University Services Newsletters, and a university orientation package for 1979-1980.

Course outlines database export

Series consists of data migrated from a course outline repository database that was maintained by SFU Students Services and the university's IT Services Department. The database was retired in 2014 and the data migrated to SFU Archives in 2015. The data was migrated in the form of PDFs and is arranged by department.

School history and structure files

Series consists of records relating to the evolution of the School, its internal organization, mandate and scope of activities, reporting relationships, and departmental planning. Activities and events documented include departmental reviews, policy development, administrative reorganization, a market study conducted in 1971-1972, and a proposal for a downtown Canadian Centre for Contemporary Art (1984).

Records include correspondence, reports, background and discussion papers; proposals and planning documents; policy statements; budget submissions and supporting documentation; organization charts; media releases; meeting agendas, minutes and supporting papers; job descriptions and reclassifications; floor plans; work plans; notes and working papers.

Conferences and special events files

This series consists of records relating to conferences and events for which the School acted as host, organizer or participants, including the World Shakespeare Congress (1971), the Art and Reality Conference (1982), and various SFU Open Houses. Activities documented include event planning, funding, liaison with other participants, and publication of proceedings. Records include correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, brochures, flyers, programs, contracts and agreements, texts of papers delivered, summaries, reprints, media releases, interview schedules and press clippings, publication release forms, budgets and financial working papers, funding requests and grant applications.

Facilities management and equipment files

This series consists of records relating to the management of School facilities and equipment. Activities, topics and events documented include design, planning and construction of the SFU Theatre and Images Theatre, the history of the murals in the Theatre, policy development relating to security, facilities use and ticket procedures, management of equipment, transfer of responsibility for Images Theatre to the Audio Visual Centre in 1978, and space allocation planning for School administrative offices, teaching and performance space.

Records include correspondence, reports, policies and procedures, job descriptions, proposals, estimates, recommendations, floor plans, specifications and other architectural drawings, space inventories, equipment inventories and summaries, capital budget and major equipment requests, project request forms, invoices, and reference material.


Series consists of photographic material relating to productions and performances held at or by the School and its predecessors. Includes publicity photos and shots of performances, rehearsals, classroom, workshop and backstage scenes. Records include photographs, negatives, contact sheets and slides. The bulk of the photographs are in black and white.

Publications and posters

Series consists of publications and graphic material created by the School and its predecessors. Material includes annual reports, course guides, brochures, booklets, posters and newsletters.

Sound and moving images

Series consists of student film productions and accompanying textual records, as well as audio and audio-visual recordings of performances relating to the School's dance, music and theatre program, and the Summer Institute. Records include moving images, audio recordings, and textual material relating to publicity or post-production work.

Administrative files

Series consists of records relating to the administration of the School office and management of relations with non-academic employees. Activities and events documented include job classification, office policy development, personnel organization, labour disputes and strikes, forms management and file classification. Records include form templates, job descriptions, correspondence, policies and procedures, newsletters and media releases, and a file classification plan (1970).

Budget and financial records

Series consists of records relating to the management of the financial resources of the School and its predecessors. Activities and events documented include budget planning, funding and grant requests. Records include budgets, budget submissions and supporting papers; correspondence and reports; faculty, TA and sessional requirements, requests and authorizations; applications and proposals; capital equipment requests; and notes and working papers.

Committee files

Series consists of records relating to the meetings and deliberations of departmental committees and university and external committees in which the School participated. Series includes departmental meetings, and committees with responsibilities for departmental appointments and tenure reviews, student awards, curriculum development, public programming, policy development and department planning. Records include meeting agendas, minutes and supporting papers; correspondence, reports, and policies and procedures; committee membership lists; forms; program and course proposals and revisions; work plans, budgets and working papers.

Note that in the case of departmental committees, the files constitute the original, authoritative records of those committees. In the case of non-departmental committees (faculty, university and external committees), however, the School did not typically function as the official record-keeper or custodian of the committee's original records; accordingly, these files document the School's participation in the committees (correspondence and copies of committee records) rather than representing the authoritative record of those committees.

Director's correspondence files

Series consists of the Director's correspondence with School program areas and faculty, other university departments and external (non-university) individuals and organizations. Activities and events documented include policy development, curriculum development, faculty and student relations, budget planning, facilities and space planning, liaison and collaboration with other university departments and external organizations and associations. Records include correspondence and reports; policies and procedures; meeting agendas and minutes; program and course proposals and descriptions; budget papers; notes and working papers; and printed reference material.

Curriculum and instruction files

Series consists of records relating to the credit and non-credit instruction offered by the School and its predecessors, including courses, workshops, the annual Summer Symposium for secondary school students (1986-1991), and the annual Summer Institute for advanced students and working professionals (1987-1994). Records include correspondence, reports, course and workshop files, brochures, budgets and financial working papers.

Public programming files

This series consists of records relating to public events programming by the School and its predecessors. Records include correspondence, reports, media releases, schedules, program event flyers and brochures.

Faculty relations files

Series consists of records relating to the School's faculty members. Activities, topics and events documented include the "Juliani dispute" in 1968 over the use of theatre facilities; faculty research funding; the development of criteria to assess scholarship in the fine and performing arts; and faculty members' correspondence with students, administrators, other faculty, and with external correspondents. Records include correspondence, reports, dispute documentation, legal opinions, contracts, and policies and procedures.

Student relations files

Series consists of records relating to students of the School and its predecessors. Activities, topics and events documented include the development of student-related policies (lab and workshop fees, reviews of student productions, and guidelines for MAs by special arrangement), and student projects (including the film "The Painted Door", a dance lecture / demonstration project in secondary schools, and a study of Vancouver public art entitled "Art for View").

Records include correspondence, project budgets, invoices, grant application forms, questionnaires, and project products (script, booklet).

General office files

Series consists of records relating to the broad mandate of Facilities Management and its many activities, including the planning, construction and maintenance of physical plant and grounds, and the planning and delivery of services to the University. It includes meeting agenda and minutes, certificates, contracts, correspondence, copies of deeds, lists, maps, memoranda, plans, and reports.

Legal cases

Series consists of records relating to two cases of litigation in which Facilities Management was involved. It includes correspondence, engineering reports, pleadings and legal releases, specification books, and testimony and supporting documents.

Departmental files

Series consists of records relating to the operations, policies and procedures of Facilities Management, including committee meetings, the delivery of ancillary services, and the design and construction of buildings and grounds. It includes agenda and minutes of meetings, certificates, contracts, correspondence, drawings, memoranda, and annual and other reports.

Concordia Management

Series consists of the construction records of Concordia Management, the project managers for the construction of the University's Multipurpose Complex. It includes correspondence and construction documents such as contracts, change and variation orders, progress reports, site minutes, and deficiency lists.

Association records

Series primarily comprises copies of records created by a number of associations currently or formerly active in the field of beekeeping. Records consist of association constitutions, meeting minutes, proceedings, newsletters, correspondence, and other documents.

Series is arranged into 6 sub-series:

  1. British Columbia Commercial Beekeepers Association
  2. Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturalists
  3. Canadian Beekeepers' Council
  4. Fraser Valley Pollinators' Association
  5. Provincial Apiarists' Association
  6. Other associations

Government publications, reports, correspondence

Series comprises publications, reports and correspondence of government departments and programs responsible for apiculture in their jurisdiction. Government departments represented primarily include the Department or Ministry of Agriculture for British Columbia, but also Canada, Ontario, and the United States. For types of records, see sub-series descriptions.

Series is arranged into 6 sub-series:

  1. British Columbia - beekeeper registers
  2. British Columbia - correspondence
  3. British Columbia - newsletters
  4. British Columbia - publications and forms
  5. British Columbia - reports
  6. Other governments

Papers, publications, reports

Series comprises miscellaneous publications relating to apiculture. Documents include booklets (including The Honey Flow, published in 1907), pamphlets, articles, reports, scholarly publications, bulletins, and catalogues.


Series comprises photographs primarily featuring BC beekeeping yards, personalities, exhibits, association meetings, and equipment, but also portrait photographs of former Dominion Apiarists Dr. T. Gochnaur, C. B. Gooderham, and F.W.L. Sladen.

Subject files

Series comprises records created or collected by various individuals involved in the BC beekeeping field on a variety of apiculture-related topics and activities. Records consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications, catalogues, a bound volume of clippings, and an original manuscript that includes photographs.

Women's Caucus records

Series consists of records of the Vancouver Women's Caucus. The group began as the Women's Caucus at Simon Fraser University. In 1969 the group moved off-campus in order to reach a larger number of women. The activities of the caucus included demonstrations, discussions, and abortion counseling. It also dealt with issues such as jobs, education, and society's responsibility for children. In 1969 it founded the feminist newspaper, The Pedestal (later known as Women Can), and in 1970 it organized the Abortion Cavalcade/Caravan to Ottawa. Includes correspondence, minutes, articles and position papers.

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