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Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society

This series consists of records related to the work of Peter Legebokoff as a curator of the Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society, including organization of the Doukhobor Village Museum and other projects aiming at preservation of the Doukhobor culture.

General records

This series consists of the records relating to the Peter Legebokoff’s association with various Doukhobor organizations, including the USCC, the Joint Doukhobor Research Committee, and the Doukhobor Cultural Association. The records relate to the Doukhobor cultural events, Sunday school meetings, conventions, and other cultural matters. The records include meeting minutes, correspondence, writings, notes, lists, reports, commemorative pins and buttons and other related material.


This series consists of correspondence of Peter Legebokoff with various individuals and organizations within the Doukhobor community and from outside of it, including allies in Canada and abroad. This series includes letters and related material such as songs text, reports, clippings, writings, articles, and photographs.

Doukhobor songs records

This series consists of the correspondence, notebooks, list and texts of Russian and Doukhobor songs, hymns, psalms and poems. These records were created and collected with an aim to compiled "Sbornik" a collection of Doukhobor songs. Some of the correspondence is with potential publishers and printers.

Publications, clippings, etc.

This series consists of the publications, clippings, articles, writings, booklets, Iskra issues and clippings, and photographs. The records in this series relate to the Doukhobor community and its culture activities as well as to Doukhobor history and a way of life.

BC Book Prizes 2006

The materials in this series consist of media clippings, programs, pamphlets, bookmarks and promotional posters.

BC Book Prizes

BC Book Prizes 2007

The records in this series consist of media clippings, programs, a photograph, pamphlets, bookmarks and promotional posters.

BC Book Prizes

BC Book Prizes 2008

The materials in this series consist of media clippings, photographs, programs, pamphlets, bookmarks and promotional posters.

BC Book Prizes

BC Book Prizes 2009

The materials in this series consist of media clippings, programs, pamphlets, bookmarks and promotional posters.

BC Book Prizes


Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence created and received by James Delgado pertaining to personal and professional matters. Correspondence relates to Delgado’s work with the San Jose Historical Landmarks Commission, the National Park Service, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum, as well as to his professional research interests and the publication of various books and articles. Records includes letters, cards, and email printouts, as well as attachments and related records such as newspaper clippings, certificates, articles, newsletters, lecture programs, and contracts.

The series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: Personal correspondence (1973-2012), Outgoing correspondence (1978-2010), and Incoming correspondence (1990-2012).


Series contains photographs, (including prints, contact sheets, negatives and slides) created or compiled by James Delgado relating to his professional and personal activities. Images relate to his archaeological and maritime work, writing, and his personal life.
The series has been divided into the following three sub-series: Photographs (1975-2008), Titanic images ([2000?]), and Slides (1969-[before 2010]).

Video recordings

Series consists of video recordings of television programs on which Delgado was interviewed, recordings of programs related to his work and interests (predominantly shipwrecks), and programs featuring projects and expeditions he worked on.

Electronic records

Series consists of electronic records created by Delgado through his personal and professional activities. Records are predominantly related to Delgado's writing. Records are in 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch floppy disc formats.

Personal records

Series consists of records created or accumulated by James Delgado's through his early life and his personal activities. Records relate to his years as a student, his job applications, and his personal interests and achievements. Records include correspondence (including letters, printouts of emails, and greeting cards), drafts of Delgado's resume and job applications, certificates, awards, early writings, drawings, high school assignments, photographs, and newspaper clippings. Series also includes records documenting Delgado’s appointment to the role of Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM), as well as brochures and newspaper clippings regarding the VMM and its exhibits.

Project records

Series consists of records relating to projects James Delgado worked on for the National Park Service, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Records focus on archaeological and shipwreck sites, court cases regarding salvage and treasure hunting of shipwrecks, and nominations of archaeological and shipwreck sites for Historic Places status. Records include correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, articles, reports, surveys, and proposals.
The series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: General project records (1967-2010), Maritime archaeology records (1973-1991), and S.S. Central America records (1978-1994).

Expedition records

Series consists of records relating to archaeological tourist expeditions, boat cruises and exploratory expeditions of shipwrecks, for which James Delgado served as a lecturer or expedition leader. Records include correspondence, brochures, reports, pamphlets, travel itineraries, and expedition reports.

Sea hunters records

Series consists of records relating to the production of the National Geographic television show "The Sea Hunters," which James Delgado co-hosted with Clive Cussler from 2001 to 2006. Series contains correspondence and administrative records relating to the show, research records, photographs, and video recordings of episodes.
The series has been arranged into the following four sub-series: Episode files (1999-2006), Photographs (2000-2005), Slides (2001-2004), and Video recordings (1999-2005).

Writing records

Series consists of records relating to the writing and editing activities of James Delgado throughout his professional career. It includes correspondence with publishers, editors, co-authors, and other stakeholders regarding the publication of books and articles, reports written for university assignments and for his employers, writings drafts, articles, book covers, and research records. Series also includes publicity records and reviews of Delgado's books.

The series has been arranged into the following six sub-series: Books and publication records ([197-]-2011), Reports (1977-1992), Correspondence (1980-2008), Article drafts ([before 1990?]-2001), Published articles (1979-2004), and Publicity records and reviews (1991-2006).

Newspaper clippings

Series consists of records relating to newspaper articles written by James Delgado, featuring Delgado, or citing him or his work. These articles relate primarily to his early work on archaeological digs, his writing, expeditions he has participated in, and to shipwreck discoveries. Records include email printouts and newspaper clippings (both originals and photocopied reproductions).

Lectures and education records

Series consists of records relating to James Delgado's speaking engagements, teaching activities, and other events he has attended. Records include correspondence, publicity records (including posters, brochures, and leaflets), itineraries, and conference proceedings, programs and papers.

Audio recordings

Series consists of audio cassettes, primarily of interviews with James Delgado or of interviews conducted by him. Some tapes relate to shipwreck dives and other projects he has worked on.


Series consists of the publications and other records generated from the publishing activity of housepress over its seven-year existence. Series contains the following sub-series: housepress publications (1997–2007), Editorial files (1997–[before 2005]), Administrative files (1998–2004), Financial records (1999–2007), Electronic file backups ([ca. 1999]–[ca. 2003]), and Objects ([between 1997 and 2004]).


No press

Series consists of the chapbooks and editorial records generated from the publishing activity of No press since its founding. Series contains the following sub-series: No press publications (2005–2015); Editorial files (2005–2014).

No press


Series consists of records generated from Beaulieu’s work as an author, editor, academic and teacher. Records include research, correspondence, contracts, proofs at various stages of production, drafts, transcriptions and publications. Series is arranged into the following sub-series: Poetry and book files (1996–2014); Article files (1998–[before 2015]); Academic research and writings (1991–2014); Writings by students (2008–2015); Writings by others (2005–2013) and Handmade books ([before 2009]).


Series consists of emailed and hand-written correspondence between Derek Beaulieu and his personal and professional contacts. Also includes related records, including signed contracts, employment agreements, grant applications, award submissions and letters of recommendation, postcards, clippings, ephemera and photographs.


Series consists of print works on paper, photographic documentation, paintings, drawings and linocuts used in the preparation of artworks and chapbooks. Series is divided into the following four sub-series: Works on paper (1996–2005), Linocuts [before 2009], Photographs documenting artworks (1991–[before 2009]), and Artworks by others (2002–[before 2013]).

Promotional records

Series consists of posters, flyers, handbills, ephemera, promotional objects, t-shirts and bags, and other material publicizing art and literary readings, conferences or other projects Beaulieu was part of or contributed to. The series also includes newspaper clippings of reviews, articles written by Beaulieu and articles featuring Beaulieu and his work.

Personal records

Series consists of Beaulieu’s resume, work assessments and tax returns filed by Derek Beaulieu from 1994 to 2007.

Research and advocacy records

This series contains records that McCrory collected to document environmental situation in Canada related to parks, watersheds, pulp-mill and logging industry, forest cutting, boreal forests, economic value of forest industry, and effect of industrial activity on the environment. Some of the records relate to the Indigenous peoples’ situation in some provinces in relation to land rights, land use and industrial activity. The records in this series contain various reports, correspondence, news items, maps, photographs and other material.
This series is divided into ten sub-series: Parks; Watersheds; Forestry and pulp industry; Boreal forests, Indigenous peoples; Economics; Climate change; Energy industry; General records; Government policies and documents.

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