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Family related documents

This series consists of documents created by J. J. Verigin’s close family members, his uncle Peter P. Verigin the Second and his mother Anna Markova, also sister of Peter P. Verigin the Second. The series includes the correspondence of Peter P. Verigin the Second, also known as Yastrebov and annotated map of the Doukhobor settlement drawn by Anna Markova.

Fiction - drama records

Series consists of records relating to dramatic works Daphne Marlatt has written or contributed to. Records include drafts, correspondence, administrative documents, production material, advertisements and research records.

The series has been arrange into the following three sub-series based on dramatic work: "The Portside" records (2007-2011), "The Gull" records (2000-2009), and "Shadow Catch" records (2010-2011).

Fiction - poetry records

Series consists of records relating to Daphne Marlatt's works of poetry. Records include manuscripts, correspondence, and legal agreements.

Series has been arranged into the following six sub-series based on book: General drafts and related records ([ca. 1970]-2014), "This tremor love is" records ([ca. 2001]), "Winter/rice/tea strain" records (2000), "Between brush strokes" records (2007-2009), "The given" records ([ca. 1958-2008]), and "Liquidities: Vancouver poems then and now" records (2002-2013).

Film and television works

Series consists of records related to film and television productions that Duke was involved with. Records include drafts of screenplays, scripts, publicity, call sheets, administrative documents, shooting scripts, itineraries and other records related to the development and production of Duke’s cinematic projects. This series contains records related to the following projects:
• "A Cry For Help" (1975)
• "An Ill Wind" (1988)
• "The Angel of English Bay" (1988)
• "A Sparrow Falls" (1993)
• "A Tale From Bali" (1988)
• "Citizenship" (1952)
• "Close Up" CBC (1958)
• "Columbo: Smokescreen" (1990)
• "Dance of Shiva" (1990)
• "Hard Feelings" (1980)
• "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" (1973)
• "Memory of a Murder" (1992)
• "Nude" (1987-1990)
• "Pauline" (1997)
• "Payday" (1973)
• "Silent Partner" (1982)
• "Stock Exchange" (1989-1990)
• "Sunday" (1966-1967)
• "Tai-Pan" (1985-1986)
• "The China Story" (1991)
• "The Heritage Minute" (1990)
• "The Insiders" (1991)
• "The Nightingale Saga" (1984)
• "The Raincoast Chronicles" (1989-1994)
• "The Thorn Birds" (1982)
• "When We Were Young" (1989)
• "Wojeck" (1989-1990)

Film scripts and related records

Series consists of records relating to film adaptations of Peter Trower’s novels "Grogan’s Cafe" and "Dead Man’s Ticket," as well as those relating to his acting role (as himself) in "The Diary of Evelyn Lau." Records include screenplays, correspondence, option agreements, and shooting schedule.

Series has been arranged into the following three sub-series according to film: Grogan’s cafe film records (1994-2005), Dead man’s ticket film records ([ca. 2000]) and The diary of Evelyn Lau film records (1993).

Film scripts, screenplays and related records

Series consists of scripts and screenplays written by Norman Klenman, alone and in collaboration with others, for feature and short films, both produced and not produced, as well as related records. Additional material includes related notes, correspondence, contracts, research material, and moving images. The series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: Film scripts, screenplays and related records – general, "The Swiss Conspiracy" screenplays and related records, and “Woodsmen of the West” screenplays and related records.


This series contains records relating to June Skinner's finances, primarily her income tax returns and royalty statements. The two sub-series are: Income Tax and Royalty Statements.

Skinner, June Margaret

Financial records

Series consists of records documenting the financial management of the filling Station Publications Society and "filling Station" magazine. Record types include bank statements, invoices, ledgers, tax returns, and distribution payment records.

Fire project

This series consists primarily of business records, particularly fundraising activities, and promotional materials associated with the conception, development and execution of the Fire Project, which consisted of workshops and touring performances.

The series is comprised of the following sub-series: Sub-series 1: Administrative records (1998-2009); Sub-series 2: Financial records (2001-2004); Sub-series 3: Grants/fundraising records (1998-2004); Sub-series 4: Production/performance records (1999-2003): Sub-series 5: Promotional records (1998-2003).

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Series consists mainly of textual material pertaining to Duke's involvement with the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. This series includes business correspondence and personal information regarding Duke's role within the organization.


This series contains textual materials and audio recordings of Gamelan music. It includes scores for Javanese and Balinese Gamelan (noted as Javanese or Balinese Gendhing), research materials related to Gamelan, and audio recordings (cassettes and vinyl records). It also includes information about the acquisition of SFU’s Gamelan, the Gamelan festival at SFU in 1986, and about the interdisciplinary production of A Gamelan Tempest at SFU in 1989. The photographs for these event are housed in Series 10: Photographs.

General business correspondence

Series consists of records related to Duke’s personal and administrative affairs. This diverse series includes:
• Personal notes and memos written by Duke for family, friends and staff
• Correspondence received by Duke from family, friends and business associates
• Administrative correspondence received by Duke from agents, publishers and other associates
• Receipts, bills and other financial records
• Personal and administrative faxes

General clippings and publicity

Series consists of articles relating to Ginger Goodwin’s life and legacy as well as articles reviewing and publicizing Stonebanks’ book. Most of the information contained in these clippings is very general and thus would not have provided much research help to Stonebanks, and, indeed, many of the articles were accumulated after the publication of Stonebanks’ book.

General Correspondence and Documents

This series consists of original correspondence from Doukhobors in various capacities writing about their experiences with the police or the legal system, other Doukhobors, factions, etc. Mostly dating from late 1940s-1980s. The series includes records relating to the CCUB, the USCC, the CCBRD, the Sons of Freedom, J. J. Verigin, and S. Sorokin. This series contains letters, legal documents, statements, writings, lists, affidavits, reports, song texts and poems, newspaper clippings and other accompanying documents.

The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

General correspondence and personal records

This series is comprised of some of Laurier LaPierre’s personal records, including legal and medical records, newspaper articles and both personal and general correspondence. It contains primarily textual records, but also photographs and some ephemera. Included also are programs, cards and ephemera from LaPierre’s funeral.

General documents

This series contains records related to the BC Social Credit Party internal administration, party leadership, and organization of provincial campaigns. In addition, the records relate to the campaigns in specific constituencies and administration of BC Young Socreds. The records include: campaign and membership promotional material, clippings, correspondence, memos, minutes, notes, executive members, membership lists, constitution and by-laws, resolutions, reports, constituency handbook, policies, resolutions, articles, conference and convention materials, data sheets, ballots, party newsletters, posters and photographs.

This series is arranged into four sub-series: 1. Year files; 2. Leadership; 3. Party offices; 4. BC Young Socred.

General operational files

Series consists of operational files reflecting the editing and publishing of Rattler magazine. Records reflect the production process, promotion of the zine, and the reception of Rattler in the local press. Includes correspondence, notes, clippings, posters, other poetry zines, ephemera, and silk-screened t-shirts.

General photographs

Series consists of slides and prints featuring images of Jim Rimmer, as well as various aspects and stages of the printing process and the design and cutting of metal typefaces in his studio. Also included is an image of Gerald Giampa.

General photographs

This series consists of photographic black and white, and color images depicting the Doukhobor Community in Russian, Saskatchewan and British Columbia from before 1886 until 1978, but predominantly 1900-1950s. The images portray various individual members of the Doukhobor community, families and groups in their traditional clothing. More often than not the individuals are unidentified. The images of individuals are often form the early decades of the 20th century. The images also depict various community and personal events, such as funerals, concerts, performances and religious rites as well as places, such as villages, towns, factories, etc. Many images consist of vernacular shots taken by participants, family, etc. and some are taken by identified local photographers.
This series includes images of important Doukhobor leaders including: Anastasia Holoboff, Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov), Peter P. Verigin III (Yasterbov), Anna Markova, Lukeria Kalmykov, Stefan Sorokin, John J. Verigin, and many others.

Some images are in the format of a postcard, some are mounted on boards or contained in their original folding mounts.

General records

This series consists of the records relating to the Peter Legebokoff’s association with various Doukhobor organizations, including the USCC, the Joint Doukhobor Research Committee, and the Doukhobor Cultural Association. The records relate to the Doukhobor cultural events, Sunday school meetings, conventions, and other cultural matters. The records include meeting minutes, correspondence, writings, notes, lists, reports, commemorative pins and buttons and other related material.

General records

This series contains general material, mostly correspondence that related to the history of Doukhobor community in Canada.

General records

This series consists of general records relating to the Stephen Sorokin, the CCBRD and Sons of Freedom including clippings, issues of publications, forms and applications, scrapbook with photographs and maps, ship manifests and notes. Many of the records in this series relate to the potential Doukhobor emigration to South America.
Some records are in Spanish.

General records

This series consists of various records relating to the Doukhobor communities including USCC, CCBRD and Sons of Freedom. It includes reports, transcripts of testimonies, chronologies, phone directories, events programs, Doukhobor leadership messages to community.

General scripts, screenplays and related records

Series consists of radio play scripts and various screenplays for film and television, including many in draft format, as well as story outlines, project notes and research, and a few articles written by Norman Klenman.

George Stanley poems and other writings

Series documents Stanley’s creative process, including research, writing, and editing in preparation for publication.

Series includes: research notes, drafts, notebooks, typescripts, manuscripts, and chapbooks. Files in the series are arranged alphabetically by title of work, and include a file of miscellaneous poetry

Stanley, George Anthony

Government and book information files

Series consists of records documenting government grants, general book business reference material, and the publishing association and group activities of Nunaga Publishing and Rick Antonson. Associations and organizations include the Canada Council, BC Publishers Group, Canadian Book Information Centre and the Independent Publishers Association.

Government documents

This series consists of mainly photocopies of documents created by various government bodies: federal, provincial and local between 1873 and 1987 relating to the Doukhobor communities in Canada. These records also include correspondence, open letters, statements, reports, messages and telegrams send by the Doukhobor communities to the government officials. This series also includes some photocopies of newspaper clippings, articles, chapters of publications, trial proceedings and maps.
Most of these documents are housed in other archives and contain file reference numbers. This collection was created by members of the Doukhobor community during their research of the Doukhobor history and Doukhobor relations with the Canadian governments. The files indicate photocopy requests by Steve Lapshinoff, Makortoff, Chernoff, and Sam Shlakoff. In addition, many of the records relate to the Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations (KCIR) and court cases and proceedings that Doukhobor communities were involved in.

Most documents are in English and some in Russian.

This series consists of 4 sub-series: Verigins, Immigration, Land and General documents

Government publications

This series contains booklets published by the BC government: The Statement of Votes (various election dates) and Election Act (1982) The Statement of Votes booklets were issued after each provincial election and contain detailed poll by poll results and poll map for each constituency. These booklets were analyzed during the course of campaign development to examine where the previous election candidate had lost and won. Based on this statistical data, maps and plans were made for tactical ground operation of the next campaign. These maps were used principally in management of canvass and election day operations. The Election Act booklet were also kept for reference purposes during the election campaigns.

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