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Forest certification and stewardship

This sub-series documents the development and creation of the Forest Stewardship program and Forest Stewardship Council, including analysis of all the necessary practices for creation of sustainable forestry and certification requirements, including CFL -Community Forest Licenses and CFA -Community Forest Agreements. Valhalla advocated true forest stewardship and creating sustainability and potential for the implementation of a community eco-system based plan. The sub-series includes records on tree farm licenses, data on jobs in forestry industry forest renewal, and logging regulation, etc. Some records pertain to situation in Canada and some describe international conditions.

Forestry and pulp industry

In the early 1990, McCrory began travelling across Canada in a van and began creating a grassroot network of groups working on forest issues. These travels resulted in documenting of pulp and paper industry’s plans to increase the amount of logging taking place in Canada. This sub-series contains documents that resulted from the travel as well as other documents created and collected subsequently that contain records on logging practices and policies, reports on sensitive forest ecosystems and wildlife inhabiting these ecosystems across Canada, reports of pollution and specific pollutants created by pulp and paper industry, as well as general and in-depth forestry practices. The records contain information on softwood lumber companies, quotas and trade legislation and practices. In addition, this sub-series contains information, reports, data and lists related to corporations involved in forestry industry and various forestry regulation and agreements. The records were created and collected by VWS, other environmental activist organizations, involved government agencies, and corporations. The sub-series contains reports, articles, policies, clippings, correspondence, newsletters, brochures, data sheets, maps, corporate details and other material.
This sub-series is divided into sub-sub-series based on geographic location of the forestry and pulp mills: Canada, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, World.

"Four Modernist Women" course development records

Sub-series consists of records relating to Daphne Marlatt's English course "Four Modernist Women," taught at the University of Victoria and the University of Saskatchewan. Records include articles, lecture notes, syllabi, and other course material.

Friends of Robin Blaser print photographs

Sub-series consists of photographs of Blaser and his friends and colleagues. Photographs include other notable writers and artists such as Robert Duncan, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, Jack Spicer, Jess Collins, as well as other notable American and Canadian poets and authors. The sub-series also includes print photographs that belonged to James Felts, a former partner of Blaser’s.

Gangsterquest records

Sub-series consists of records relating to Peter Trower and Yvonne Klan’s unpublished book project "Gangsterquest: The Search for the King of Safecrackers." An account of the life of Herbert Emerson Wilson (aka Herb Wilson), the project was originally titled "Holy Herb." Records include notes, research records, chapter and screenplay outlines, and edited and unedited draft manuscripts.


The sub-series contains correspondence with the Authors Guild (including bulletins), Canada Council, fans, Skinner's family, the Public Lending Right Commission, and the author Shirley Suttles.

Skinner, June Margaret

General administration

Subseries consists of records related to the general administration of the Indigenous Media Arts Group. Document types include certificates of incorporation, board meeting agendas and minutes, annual general meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, employment contracts, equipment rentals, phone and internet bills, and contact information for individuals or businesses.

General administrative records

Sub-series consists of records generated from the administration of "filling Station" magazine. These include forms, letterhead, distribution requests, serials registration, subscriber lists, contact lists, and a stamp.

General administrative records

Sub-series consists of a scrapbook and other records relating to the Canadian Farmworkers Union’s chronicling of its own history, photographs of staff and the CFU office, banners displayed at conventions and other events, and other general administrative material.

General committees and conferences records

This sub-series consists of the records that relate to various committees and conferences that Eli Popoff participated in and attended on behalf of USCC. The records include correspondence, brochures, conferences materials, clippings, financial records, notes, writings, meeting minutes and other material. The records include documents of Moscow Peace Conference, Canada-USSR Friendship Society, peace conferences, Committee on Future, Doukhobor Centenary Conference and others. The records contain material relating to interactions with Russian and other governments, possible migration, peace initiatives, travel exchanges and perestroika.

General conferences

Sub-series consists of records related to Blaser’s attendance at various poetry conferences. Records include correspondence, conference programs, maps, flight records, notes, and other textual material.

General correspondence

Sub-series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence between Blaser and family, friends, colleagues, and unidentified correspondents. Records include handwritten and typed correspondence, as well as facsimile and email correspondence. Additional material includes newspaper clippings, notes, receipts, and other textual material sent to Blaser.

General correspondence of others

Sub-series consists of correspondence of Blaser’s nephew Mark Samac to his mother, Hope Blaser Samac, correspondence of Jonathan Williams, and letter of Robert Duncan to Jack Spicer.

General course development records

Sub-series consists of records relating to Daphne Marlatt's development and teaching of various courses at post-secondary institutions. Records include articles, lecture notes, evaluations by colleagues, brochures, syllabi, and other course material.

General documents

This sub-series consists of various documents that relate to the CCBRD operations and organizational agenda as well as to the Doukhobor community beliefs, ideology and history. Some documents in this sub-series focus on particular individuals, other relate to the whole community or specific organizations within the community, such as the USCC, the Sons of Freedom, the CCUB and K.I.C.R. This sub-series includes index of articles written about the Doukhobors between 1920s and 1980s.

General documents

This sub-series consists of lists, timelines, statements, petitions, reports, correspondence, memos, and newspaper clippings that document various aspects of Doukhobor history in Canada. The matters contained in this sub-series include: arrival of Doukhobors in Canada, relationship between the Doukhobor community, Verigins and the Sons of Freedom, as well as relationship of the Doukhobors with the Soviets and with the Canadian government. This sub-series includes printed, mimeographed and handwritten documents in Russian and/or English. Some are original documents and some are photocopies. In some cases, Russian handwritten document is supplied with a Russian and English version mimeograph.

General documents

This sub-series consists of records relating to various matters of the Doukhobor communities being reported and recorded by various government agencies, such like BC Attorney General, office of BC Premier, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of External Affairs, RCMP and others. This records contain documents relating to alleged actions of terrorism, arson, bombings, and other matters such as imprisonment, protests, Doukhobor children, Doukhobor connection to the Soviet Union, military service, Doukhobor customs, etc.

General documents

This sub-series consists of various documents that were created by the USCC and its members and that relate to the operations of the USCC and matters relating to the Doukhobor community from late 1930s until 1984. The documents include: reports, meeting minutes, protocols, petitions, correspondence, legal documents, forms, essays, articles, and clippings.

General drafts and related records

Series consists of records relating to Daphne Marlatt's general poetry writing projects. Records include notes, drafts of poems, and correspondence with legal permissions.

General instruction records

Sub-series consists of materials relating to Wah's work as instructor at various institutions, including Selkirk College and the University of Calgary. Records include pedagogical resources, as well as instructional materials not related to one specific course, or where the course is not known.

General notes and research records

File consists of Stonebanks’ notes and research records relating to Ginger Goodwin’s life more generally; the research materials in this sub-series are not related to any one specific section of Stonebanks’ book.

General planning and research newspaper clippings, notes, and photographs

Sub-series consists of general material relating to the planning and execution of actions such as unionization, rallies, or strikes, and research into working conditions and workers’ housing. Included is material pertaining to the Okanagan Farmworkers Group, collected by the Canadian Farmworkers Union as it investigated the possibility of organizing farmworkers and orchard workers in the Okanagan. Records include newspaper clippings and research materials, notes, and photographs of mushroom farms.

General print photographs

Sub-series consists of print photographs of miscellaneous people and places as well as objects such as statutes, paintings, and collages.

General programming correspondence, photographs, and educational material

Sub-series consists of funding information, correspondence, and other planning material relating to Canadian Farmworkers Union programs such as educational programs and awareness campaigns. Records include grant applications, photographs of educational events, and an educational slide presentation with audio cassette soundtrack.

General project records

Sub-series consists of records relating to various projects James Delgado worked on throughout his professional career. Records were created or compiled by Delgado through his work for the National Park Service, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. A large number of files are related to exploring shipwreck sites, court cases related to shipwreck salvage, and the nomination of shipwrecks for Historic Places status. Records include correspondence, photographs, notes, meeting agendas and minutes, newspaper clippings, journal and magazine articles, pamphlets, trip reports and itineraries, press releases, project proposals, and reports.

General records

Sub-series consists of records relating to Wah's professional service and activities, including his service on various groups and committees (excluding the Writers’ Union of Canada), his work as a judge for literary prizes, his applications for grants, and related activities. Records include correspondence, manuscripts and drafts of works of others, and administrative records.

General records

Sub-series consists of records relating to articles and short stories written by Trower, both published and unpublished. Record types include drafts, outlines, notes, proposals, project lists, notes, and research and reference material. Includes articles and short stories published in the periodicals B.C. Studies, Coast News, En Route, Equity, Lifestyle, Peninsula Voice, Vancouver Magazine, Western Living, and Whistle Punk.

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