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Energy industry

This sub-series contains records related to the energy industry in British Columbia, Alberta and Canada in general, including electricity produced by hydro, oil and gas power plants and the implication of energy production on the natural environment. A part of the sub-series documents opposition to the construction of Site C dam in British Columbia. The majority of the documents consist of reports, news items and correspondence.

General records

This sub-series contains records related to general environmental, wilderness and biodiversity issues across Canada and in other location in the world. The issues mentioned include: pesticide, poisons, pollution, endangered animal and plant species, garbage and recycling, and ecosystems conservation issues. The records include reports, articles, news items, correspondence, brochures, ephemera, maps, photographs, and samples.

Canadian groups

This sub-series contains records related to Canadian based organization in general and some specific to the individual provinces, with the majority of records relating to BC organizations, including British Columbia Environmental Network that Colleen McCrory was involved in.

United States groups

This sub-series contains records related to the United States’ organization involved in environment protection, and forest industry and forestry products trade, including workers’ unions involved in forestry. Many records refer to the forest issues existing in Canada and in other places in the world.

International groups

This sub-series contains records related to forestry and wildlife protection worldwide. Some records relate to the international situation in general and some refer to the specific countries. In addition, some records relate to activities of the Taiga Rescue Network and Canada’s Future Forest Alliance.

Governement - NDP

This sub-series contains records related to the National Democratic Party (NDP) as political party of BC and as the Government of British Columbia as well as the major party at the federal level. This sub-series documents NDP policies focused on the environmental protection and the forestry industry of British Columbia and Canada. Some files refer to the individual NDP members as party candidates or as elected representatives: Don Carlett, Corky Evans, Lois Boone, Jim Fulton, and Mike Hartcourt. This sub-series contains correspondence, reports, analysis, promotional material, clippings, press releases, articles, minutes and other records.

Canada's Future Forest Alliance

This sub-series contains records of the Canada’s Future Forest Alliance (CFFA) organization formed by Colleen McCrory in 1991 during her cross-country journey to mobilize grassroot movement to protect boreal forests. This organization brought together the network of environmentalists, Indigenous peoples, labor and community groups and individuals interested in the reform of forest policy and practices. The records contain organization’s mission statement, correspondence, memos, press releases, notes, lists of organizations, and other records.

Share and hate/general groups

This sub-series contains records related to Share groups or Share societies of BC that formed in response to the forest preservation movements and formation of the parks. Share societies aimed at the protection of working land and use of the forest for their livelihood. In addition, this sub-series contains records related to the anti-environmental groups, religious/cult groups, wise use movement group, forest and pulp mill industry sympathizers and other similar groups and movements that opposed the protection of forests. Some materials related to the matters of racism, human rights and free speech.

Valhalla Park

This sub-series contains material related to the establishment of the Valhalla Provincial Park, a result of McCrory’s first campaign to save the Valhalla forests and mountains. The records include a draft of master plan, maps and plans for subsequent developments in the vicinity of the Park. This sub-series also includes 1984 Slocan Valley Development Guidelines prepared by the Province of BC.

Kootenay Boundary Land Use

This sub-series contains records related to work of the Commission on Resources and Environment (CORE) with a mandate to develop strategy for land use and resource management across the province with focus on specific regions and with the protection of forest ecosystems and watershed in mind. The formation of CORE was influenced by the high public profile of the Endangered Wilderness campaign created by Valhalla. That campaign highlighted the speed of wilderness areas loss in the province and the need for protection and creation of parks. This sub-series documents CORE work on Kootenay-Boundary region land use plans and the opposition to CORE recommendations by some groups. It includes reports and recommendations as well as correspondence of the CORE representative with Valhalla Society and other involved groups. This sub-series also contains Kootenay-Boundary Land Use Plan documentation and implementation strategies prepared by the Kootenay Inter-Agency Management Committee.

Clayoquot Sound

This sub-series contains records related to land use, resource management and protection of rainforest of Clayoquot Sound area on Vancouver Island. The records document interaction of Valhalla Society, agencies of the provincial government of BC, CORE, Nuu-chah-nulth Tribe, The Friends of Clayoquot Sound group and other involved groups.

Taiga Rescue Network

This sub-series contains records related to the Taiga Rescue Network, an international organization formed with the help of Colleen McCrory, aimed to protect boreal forest across the world. The sub-series documents international campaign to preserve boreal and rainforest around the world. It contains records related to formation of the organization, its mandate, and its membership. This sub-series contains material related to the Canada’s Future Forest Alliance.

Forest certification and stewardship

This sub-series documents the development and creation of the Forest Stewardship program and Forest Stewardship Council, including analysis of all the necessary practices for creation of sustainable forestry and certification requirements, including CFL -Community Forest Licenses and CFA -Community Forest Agreements. Valhalla advocated true forest stewardship and creating sustainability and potential for the implementation of a community eco-system based plan. The sub-series includes records on tree farm licenses, data on jobs in forestry industry forest renewal, and logging regulation, etc. Some records pertain to situation in Canada and some describe international conditions.

Singing forest

This sub-series contains records related to campaign to protect the old growth forest in West Kootenay, located at the East side of the Tenise Creek and a portion of Howser Creek that local people call “Singing forest”.

Jumbo Glacier Resort

This sub-series contains records related to the proposed ski development of Jumbo Glacier Resort in the Jumbo Creek Valley located west of Invermere in the Purcell Mountains of the Kootenays and opposition to the project by various wilderness protection organizations, including the VWS and Jumbo Creek Conservation Society. Colleen McCrory played key role in leading this campaign. Some records relate to the Gizzly bear protection in the area of the proposed development. The records were created by the project developers (Pheidias Project Management Corp.), government agencies, and wilderness protection organizations.


This sub-series contains general correspondence with various groups and individuals as well as accompanying records. The sub-series includes correspondence with various international environmental groups.

General records

This sub-series contains records related to Valhalla organizational activities in relation to Colleen McCrory work, including presentation, contact lists, memos, and general matters.

Valhalla publications

This sub-series contains various publication created by Valhalla Wilderness Society and its closely affiliated organizations to provide information and highlight environmental issues in the province of British Columbia as well as to highlight various campaigns to protect the wilderness that Valhalla organized. The publications were created by Valhalla Wilderness Society, Canada’s Future Forests Alliance, Citizens for Environmentally Responsible Government and Perry Ridge Water Users Association. The material includes bulletins, newsletters, flyers, brochures and newspaper format.

Other publications

This sub-series contains various publications, magazine, newsletters, articles, conference materials, reports, brochure and papers related to environmental issues and protection of ecosystems. The publications include: New Catalyst, Wild Rockies Networker, Watershed Sentinel, Reach for Unbleached, Friends of Ecological Reserves, Friends of Clayoquot Sound, and Global Biodiversity magazine


This sub-series contains reports prepared for the Valhalla Society by Richard M. Caniell. These reports highlight writings of Robert L. Smith and George Fitchett aimed against environmental movement.


This sub-series contains newspaper clippings related to environmental issues that VWS was concern with including forestry, pulp-mill and logging industry, recreational industry, parks, watersheds, biodiversity, etc.

Original manuscripts

  • MsC-128-0-2-1
  • Sub-series
  • [196-?]–[before 2010]
  • Part of Al Neil fonds

Sub-series consists of handwritten and typescript manuscripts, notes, fragments, and notebooks.

Neil, Al

Published writings

Sub-series consists of Al Neil’s published work. Publications include "Blewointment," "radiofreerainforest," the "Georgia Straight," "Lodgistiks," "BC Monthly" and "Living Art Vancouver."

Neil, Al

Works of others

Sub-series consists of writings and drawings by others; writers include Beth Jankola, Carolyn Zonailo, Howard Broomfield, Jamie Reid and Gail Tuttle. Artists include Madja Van Dam and Chris Reed.

Neil, Al

Tamarind Mem drafts

Subseries consists of two drafts and one copy edited by Worldplay Creative Services of the novel Tamarind Mem. It also includes correspondence with the Bukowski Agency related to the possibility of a Tamarind Mem film

The Hero’s Walk drafts

Subseries consists of three drafts of the novel The Hero’s Walk edited by Algonquin Books USA and Alfred A. Knopf Canada

The Hero’s Walk articles and reviews

Subseries consists of articles and reviews of the novel The Hero’s Walk published in Canadian and international magazines and newspapers. It also includes Italian articles on Anita Rau Badami as winner of Berto Prize with her novel The Hero’s Walk

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