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Bee Masters Program

Sub-series comprises material relating to the Bee Masters program. Bee Masters is an intensive course in advanced beekeeping sponsored by the British Columbia ministry responsible for agriculture. The first course was held in 1955. Since around 1986, it has been held at Simon Fraser University and offered jointly by the BC government and SFU's Department of Biological Sciences. Early courses were lengthier to include a field trip to a beekeeping location, while later courses dropped the field trip component and thus shortened to five days in length. Documents include the first written examinations from 1955 and 1958, course outlines, lectures, articles, participant and speakers lists, evaluations, forms, correspondence, pamphlets, and other course material.

Beer and brewery guide books and directories

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of beer and brewery guidebooks. Items arranged alphabetically by author. Copies of the books by Leo Buijs, Jack Erickson, Michael Jackson and Joe Wiebe are signed by the author.

Beer bottles

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of beer bottles from various BC breweries. Pre-craft period examples include bottles from the Victoria-Phoenix Brewery, Sick's Capilano Brewery (Old Style Beer, ca. 1940s), Vancouver Breweries (Old Country Ale, ca. 1940s), and a Silver Springs Lager Beer from Labatt's (ca. 1960s). Craft breweries represented include Canoe, Spinnakers and Swans brewpubs, Phillip's Brewing, Tall Ship Ale Company. Includes a bottle of Big Bad John's Traditional English Barley Wine, a beer brewed by Phillips in honour of John Rowling in recognition of his contributions to BC's craft beer community.

Beer bottles

Sub-series consists of Smith's collection of beer bottles from British Columbia breweries. Items are organized by brewery, with files created for each brewery, arranged alphabetically. No attempt has been made to date individual bottles. The bulk are from breweries belonging to the craft beer movement and were established in the period from 1982 to the 2010s. There are a number of bottles from early BC craft breweries, including a bottle of Bay Ale by BC's first craft brewery, the Horseshoe Bay Brewing Company (file 13). The sub-series also includes several bottles from older BC breweries that predate the craft beer movement, including the Columbia Brewing Company (file 10), the Pacific Western Brewing Company (file 22), Uncle Ben's Tartan Brewery (file 35) and Vancouver Breweries Ltd. (file 36). The oldest of these is estimated to date to ca. 1950s.

Beer bottles, tap handles and other brewing artefacts

Sub-series consists of Granville Island Brewing artefacts relating to the marketing and promotion of the brewery and the distribution of its products accumulated by Mitch Taylor. Includes beer bottles, tap handles, kegs, t-shirts, glasses and a sign.

Sub-series is arranged into six sub-sub-series:

Taylor, Mitch

Beer labels

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of beer labels from various BC breweries. Rowling created a scrapbook (digitized as file 1) presenting examples in roughly chronological order, ranging from early Victoria breweries (Sliver Spring, Victoria-Phoenix) through to contemporary craft breweries. In addition to the scrapbook there were a large number of loose labels grouped into envelopes. Labels for pre-craft beer period breweries are arranged in file 2, craft breweries (post-1982) into file 3. Within these groupings, labels are arranged alphabetically by brewery.

Beer magazines

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of magazines relating to beer and the brewing industry. Four titles are represented in the collection: All About Beer, Taps, The Growler, and Vendor magazine.

Beer reference books and histories

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of beer reference and brewing history books. Items arranged alphabetically by author. Copies of the books by Frank Appleton and Glen Mofford are signed by the author.

Big Noise magazine

Sub-series consists of the first two issues of Big Noise magazine, a periodical published by Adbusters Media Foundation with teenagers as the intended audience. Also included is a Big Noise media literacy supplement for teachers.

Biographical material

Subseries consists of records arising from Smythe's compilation of his autobiography. Included is Smythe's curriculum vitae, correspondence with colleague Thomas Guback and others, drafts of two chapters of the autobiography, and newspaper clippings and articles regarding Smythe.

Biographical material

Sub-series consists of Hari Sharma's personal records of a biographical nature that document his travels by rail through India, his retirement from SFU, his struggles with cancer, and a celebration of his life organized by friends and colleagues. Sub-series includes travelogues, lists, correspondence, notes, visa applications, newspaper clippings, copies of last will and testament, biographies, and eulogies.

Biographical material

Sub-series consists of Iris Garland’s personal records of a biographical nature primarily documented through letters and family photographs, and in part through publicity materials featuring her contributions to dance at SFU and beyond, as well as her celebration of life. Records include photographs, correspondence, copies of clippings, and other materials.

Board of Directors

Subseries consists of miscellaneous materials pertaining to the Board of Directors and other officials of the Society, including Honourary officers, Ex-Officio members and Elected Directors. Some correspondence is included in these files pertaining to appointments and resignations. A Decision Book of the Executive Committee dating from 1968 to 1984 is also included in the subseries.

Board of Directors meeting records

This sub-series consists of records relating to the meetings of the Board of Directors, in the form of the package Directors received in preparation for each meeting. Records include agendas, minutes and supporting papers; correspondence, organization charts, reports, planning documents, budgets and financial statements, communication plans, resolutions, attendance waiver forms, voting proxy forms, ballots, and proposals. The sub-series also includes the Executive Director's file of notes relating to the Board. Both paper and electronic records have been retained, and there is some duplication of documents across media. Electronic records are retained in their original software formats (primarily .doc and .ppt).

Board of Governors

Sub-series consists of records relating to the Vice-President, Academic's involvement with the Board of Governors and various Board committees. It is not always possible to determine whether the records represent the VP Academic's working file as a committee member or rather correspondence between the VP Academic and the committee. For a general description of record types, see the description for the series of committee records and correspondence as a whole (series F-200-8).

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