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Background material - Chapters 1, 2 and 3

Sub-series consists primarily of photocopied background material, which Hugh Johnston used as sources for chapters one, two and three in Radical Campus. Subjects, events and activities documented include the socio-political context of post-secondary education in the 1960s; the establishment of SFU; prominent members of the SFU community; student activism; and university disputes. Sub-series includes correspondence, memoranda, minutes, newspaper articles, reports, press releases, journal and magazine articles, working papers, bulletins, drafts, book excerpts, and discussion papers.

Background material - Chapters 4, 5 and 6

Sub-series consists of photocopied source material for chapters four, five, and six of Radical Campus. Subjects, events and activities documented include student conduct; student affairs; student activism; student associations; faculty associations; SFU governance; academic departments; prominent members of the SFU community; university disputes; and the Women's Movement. Sub-series includes memoranda; issues of the Peak; correspondence; minutes; newsletters; newspaper and journal articles; reports; research notes; briefs; and an index for the material compiled by Hugh Johnston.

Background material - Political Science, Sociology, and Anthropology Department

Sub-series consists primarily of photocopied material related to the trusteeship over the PSA department, the PSA Strike, and the subsequent dismissal of eight faculty members of the PSA department. Subjects, events and activities documented include the PSA Tenure Committee; the SFU Faculty Association; the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee and statements; the CAUT Committee of Inquiry and motion of censure; the American Anthropological Association (AAA) ad hoc committee to investigate the SFU dispute; the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (CSAA)'s boycott of SFU; the American Sociological Association ad hoc committee on the SFU dispute; the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA)'s position; the Association of University and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)'s Committee on Academic Freedom; the Palmer Committee decision; the Rosenbluth Committee Report; the Supreme Court of BC in Wheeldon vs. SFU; and the university administration's actions under Presidents Kenneth Strand and Pauline Jewett. Sub-series consists of reports, issues of the Peak, minutes, memoranda, abstracts, press releases, correspondence, research notes, telegrams, newsletters, newspaper articles, strike bulletins, CAUT bulletins, book excerpts, journal articles, and printed online material.

Background research interviews

Series consists of interviews with people who knew Gould in a variety of capacities including piano tuner, musicians, and TV producer. All interviews were conducted by Braid.

Basketball records

Subseries consists of records related to the operation of the men's and women's intercollegiate basketball program. Activities and topics documented include the recording of team statistics and records; travel; liaison with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and member universities; and outreach to the local community. Predominant document types include correspondence, rosters, schedules, travel itineraries, statistics, press clippings, news releases, programs (game and season), press guides, and newsletters.

Bastions and beaver pelts records

Sub-series consists of a project proposal and a manuscript for "Bastions and Beaver Pelts," an aborted book project Trower worked on with Yvonne Klan.

BC and Yukon retreat files

Sub-series consists of records relating to a retreat held by the department May 13 through 15, 1988 at Bowen Island. The retreat was for women's studies instructors from colleges and universities in BC and the Yukon. Talks were given by Maggie Benston, Lynda Erickson, Daphne Marlatt, and Greta Nemiroff. Records include correspondence, participant and invitation lists, program package and reference materials, a final budget, and other documents.

BC brewing industry: thematic subject files

Sub-series consists of subject files relating to the history of beer and brewing in BC. Most (but not all) of the files in this sub-series were started by Evans in the course of his thesis work, and many were subsequently continued in his post-thesis research.

Topics documented include the establishment and chronology of various BC breweries; historical brewing processes, equipment, supplies, production and distribution; brewery personnel and labour relations; advertising, public houses and saloons; BC's temperance movement, prohibition, post-prohibition liquor legislation, and debates and plebiscites around liquor licensing in the province.

Records includes Evans' notes and working papers, interview notes, and correspondence; newspaper clippings (photocopied) and periodical articles, book reviews, printed web pages and bibliographies; and images of beer bottles and labels. Includes a copy of Home Made Beverages by a Practical Brewer (1919) and old brewing recipes (file 35); copies of census records, sessional papers of Parliaments and tables of trade and navigation (statistics), labour agreements (1916-1937) and union dues books file 28), reports and unpublished papers.

B.C. Tel CTI Convergence course

In August 1988 the British Columbia Telephone Company entered into agreement with SFU for the delivery of a Certificate Program in Telecommunications Engineering. The specialized program, developed to upgrade the technical knowledge of BC Tel professional engineers in telecommunications technologies, was jointly run by SFU and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and managed by the Applied Sciences Program in Continuing Studies. Working in collaboration with the BC Tel Engineering Training Committee, Continuing Studies developed a series of eight, one-week extensive courses that covered topics such as communication systems, digital concepts, voice networks, communication standards and ISDN. Courses were made up of a combination of lectures, technical presentations, laboratories, and group activities. Each course had a coordinator rather than a single instructor and industry experts were brought in to give presentations. At the end of each session, courses were evaluated by participants and individuals outside of the BC Tel/SFU-UCLA group to ensure that participants acquired an in-depth understanding of changing technology and communication systems.

Sub-series consists of records relating to the development and administration of the BC Tel Convergence course program. Activities, events and topics documented include BC Tel's initial request for proposal, course development, progress reports, instructors contracts and promotional materials sent out to BC Tel staff. Records include correspondence, working papers, reports, course outlines and evaluations, contracts, budgets and financial working papers, and pamphlets.

BC Young Socreds

This sub-series contains records related to administration of BC Young Socreds organization as well as education and leadership campaigns of its members. The sub-series contains flyers, stickers, clippings, minutes, notes, executive members, membership lists, constitution and by-laws, resolutions, reports, promotional materials, constituency handbook, policy conference, events IDs, correspondence, resolutions, articles, memos, provincial affairs conferences, policy notes, campaign school, convention material, demographic analysis, Socreds leadership campaign material and candidates, Leader and Liberté newsletters.

BCFW financial records

Sub-series consists of records relating to BCFW funding and financial management. Activities documented include meetings of the Finance Committee, budget planning and grant applications, and the tracking of accounts and transactions. Records include agendas and minutes; correspondence; budgets, reports and proposals; grant applications and supporting documentation; financial statements, ledgers and daybooks.

BCFW Lower Mainland Region records

Sub-series consists of records relating to the activities of the Lower Mainland Region of the BCFW, the section in which the Women's Centre participated as an affiliate member of the Federation. Activities documented include meetings of representatives from the regional groups and correspondence with BCFW committees and other Regions. Records include agendas, minutes and meeting support papers; correspondence and reports.

BCFW membership records

Sub-series consists of records relating to the administration and maintenance of BCFW membership. Groups applied for membership through the Regional section and fees were determined by a formula based on number of women in the affiliate organization. Activities documented include membership applications and correspondence with members concerning renewals and fees. Records include correspondence, member lists, committee lists, and regional membership logs with fee calculations.

BCFW organization records

Sub-series consists of records relating to the governance and internal organization of the BCFW. Activities documented include the development of BCFW policies, procedures and organizational structure; Annual General Conventions; and meetings of the Coordinating Collective and Convention Planning Committee. Records include constitution and policy handbook; agendas, minutes, and meeting support papers; and correspondence, proposals and reports.

Bee Masters Program

Sub-series comprises material relating to the Bee Masters program. Bee Masters is an intensive course in advanced beekeeping sponsored by the British Columbia ministry responsible for agriculture. The first course was held in 1955. Since around 1986, it has been held at Simon Fraser University and offered jointly by the BC government and SFU's Department of Biological Sciences. Early courses were lengthier to include a field trip to a beekeeping location, while later courses dropped the field trip component and thus shortened to five days in length. Documents include the first written examinations from 1955 and 1958, course outlines, lectures, articles, participant and speakers lists, evaluations, forms, correspondence, pamphlets, and other course material.

Beer and brewery guide books and directories

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of beer and brewery guidebooks. Items arranged alphabetically by author. Copies of the books by Leo Buijs, Jack Erickson, Michael Jackson and Joe Wiebe are signed by the author.

Beer bottles

Sub-series consists of Rowling's collection of beer bottles from various BC breweries. Pre-craft period examples include bottles from the Victoria-Phoenix Brewery, Sick's Capilano Brewery (Old Style Beer, ca. 1940s), Vancouver Breweries (Old Country Ale, ca. 1940s), and a Silver Springs Lager Beer from Labatt's (ca. 1960s). Craft breweries represented include Canoe, Spinnakers and Swans brewpubs, Phillip's Brewing, Tall Ship Ale Company. Includes a bottle of Big Bad John's Traditional English Barley Wine, a beer brewed by Phillips in honour of John Rowling in recognition of his contributions to BC's craft beer community.

Beer bottles

Sub-series consists of Smith's collection of beer bottles from British Columbia breweries. Items are organized by brewery, with files created for each brewery, arranged alphabetically. No attempt has been made to date individual bottles. The bulk are from breweries belonging to the craft beer movement and were established in the period from 1982 to the 2010s. There are a number of bottles from early BC craft breweries, including a bottle of Bay Ale by BC's first craft brewery, the Horseshoe Bay Brewing Company (file 13). The sub-series also includes several bottles from older BC breweries that predate the craft beer movement, including the Columbia Brewing Company (file 10), the Pacific Western Brewing Company (file 22), Uncle Ben's Tartan Brewery (file 35) and Vancouver Breweries Ltd. (file 36). The oldest of these is estimated to date to ca. 1950s.

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