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Distributed by Nunaga/Antonson

Series consists of project files for books distributed by Nunaga/Antonson Publishing Ltd. on an agency arrangement. Titles include "I Did Not Kill Bob Neville" and "A Bear Behind."


This sub-series is comprised of photographs of Ajaib’s life and family in his formative years.

British Columbia Craft Beer News

Sub-series consists of a single issue – the first – of the British Columbia Craft Beer News. The issue (volume 1, number 1) was published in XXXX 2013.

Beer bottles

Sub-series consists of Smith's collection of beer bottles from British Columbia breweries. Items are organized by brewery, with files created for each brewery, arranged alphabetically. No attempt has been made to date individual bottles. The bulk are from breweries belonging to the craft beer movement and were established in the period from 1982 to the 2010s. There are a number of bottles from early BC craft breweries, including a bottle of Bay Ale by BC's first craft brewery, the Horseshoe Bay Brewing Company (file 13). The sub-series also includes several bottles from older BC breweries that predate the craft beer movement, including the Columbia Brewing Company (file 10), the Pacific Western Brewing Company (file 22), Uncle Ben's Tartan Brewery (file 35) and Vancouver Breweries Ltd. (file 36). The oldest of these is estimated to date to ca. 1950s.

Brewery files: craft breweries

Sub-series consists of research materials and information relating to the emergence of craft brewing in the 1980s and beyond. The focus is on BC craft breweries, but includes some materials relating to the rest of Canada and to the United States. Records include Evans' notes and working papers; copies of newspaper and magazine articles; brewery news releases, brochures and marketing materials. Files are arranged alphabetically.

Hops: research subject files

Sub-series consists of research materials relating to the BC hops industry. Some of this material goes back to Evans' work on his thesis in the late 1980s, but much appears to have been accumulated in the context of his work on the "Brewers Gold" project, a travelling exhibit on the history of hops in BC (see sub-series 2).

Topics documented include the development of the industry in various regions of BC (the Saanich peninsula, Squamish, the Fraser Valley, the Okanagan); prominent BC hops growers and associations including the Canadian Hops Growers Ltd., Henry Ord Hops Dealers, John I. Hass Hop Company, the Horth family, William Towner, Thomas Lee, the Downey family, and Isaac Cloake; Indigenous involvement in the industry; production techniques, labour relations and strikes; Japanese Canadian and Indo-Canadian growers and pickers, including the use of Japanese Canadian workers during World War II and the Japanese Canadian internment.

Records include Evans' correspondence, notes and working papers, and speaking notes; interview notes, and some interview transcripts (file 16); copies of newspaper and magazine articles, excerpts from books and publications; family history and genealogical information relating to BC hop growers; and Evans' paper on the "Origins of the Hops Industry in the Pacific Northwest" (undated, file 12).

Archival materials found in the sub-series include photocopies of business correspondence, minutes, memoranda of agreement, and reports relating to the Canadian Hops Growers Ltd and Henry Ord Hops Dealers; original payrolls cheques of the Canadian Hops Growers Ltd from 1931; and an original business card of William Towner, Pioneer Hop Grower, North Saanich.

Publications include the full 1990 issue of Orchard, the journal of the British Columbia Orchard Industry Museum (file 9).

Files are arranged alphabetically.

Brewer's Gold travelling exhibit files

Sub-series consists of Evans' project files relating to "Brewer's Gold: A History of the Hop Growing Industry in British Columbia," a travelling exhibit using photographs, artefacts and text. The exhibit launched in 2003 and travelled for several years to cities throughout North America, receiving the BC Museums Association's Award of Merit in 2005.

The exhibit was organized by the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, but it was also a collaboration involving the Secwepemc Museum and Heritage Park in Kamloops, Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre, Stō:ló Nation, Yakima Valley Museum, and the American Hops Museum. It received grant funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, with additional sponsorship from CAMRA Victoria, the Great Canadian Beer Festival, Hopunion USA, Spinnakers Brewpub and Guesthouse (Victoria), and the Chilliwack Community Development Initiative. Ron Denman (Director, Chilliwack Museum and Archives), Ken Favrholdt (Director, Secwepemc Museum and Heritage Park) and Evans supervised the project, while Evans and Linda Eversole undertook much of the research and writing.

Records includes grant proposal, correspondence, notes and working papers; copies of archival descriptions and finding aids, artefact lists, photographs and illustrations; interview transcripts; copies of newspaper and periodical articles; and exhibit storyline, draft panel text, and exhibit-case design documentation.

Financial records

This sub-series consists of documents of financial nature that include: correspondence, reports, statements, receipts, purchase orders, bills of sales, accounting books. These documents were created by the CCUB executive members in branch offices in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Washington State in USA. These sub-series also contains legal documentation that relate to the financial operations of the CCUB and its members. Most of the documents in this sub-series are original mimeographs, some with handwritten notes, as well as there is some handwritten documents. Most documents are in Russian and some are in English.

General documents

This sub-series consists of various documents that were created by the USCC and its members and that relate to the operations of the USCC and matters relating to the Doukhobor community from late 1930s until 1984. The documents include: reports, meeting minutes, protocols, petitions, correspondence, legal documents, forms, essays, articles, and clippings.

Prison related documents

This sub-series consists of various records documenting the Doukhobor incarceration experiences over several decades. The records relate to the Doukhobor beliefs and ideology, influence of their leaders, Doukhobor justification for the participation in unlawful activities that ultimately resulted in incarceration, as well as the hardship and suffering of the community as a whole caused by incarceration. Some documents refer to the mistreatment of the Doukhobors by the Canadian government. Many authors of the documents are women. The documents include: correspondence, statements, petitions, lists, accounts of events, drawings, songs texts, declarations, slogans, writings, articles and clippings. The records are in Russian and/or English; many are handwritten and some with accompanying transcriptions; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

Brewers' files

Sub-series consists of research materials relating to individual BC brewers or brewing families. The sub-series originated in three very large files Evans maintained, titled Brewers A-H, Brewers I-P, and Brewers Q-Z. In each, material was clipped together by brewer with a covering sheet with the brewer's name. To facilitate access, the archivist has created a separate file for each brewer's bundle. File 1 (Brewers A-Z) contains the cover sheets for brewers for which no material was accumulated.

For some brewers, Evans seems to have moved the bundles to the associated brewery files in sub-series 2 through 9 - e.g. bundles for Charles Doering and Otto Marstrand appear in the file on the Doering and Marstrand Brewery (F-316-3-5-0-7). All such bundles have been left in place in the brewery file where Evans moved them.

Records includes Evans' correspondence, notes, working papers, and biographical sketches; copies of census records, marriage records, death certificates and obituaries, family search records, will and probate records; and copies and excerpts from newspaper stories and articles.

Brewery files: Nanaimo and North Vancouver Island

Sub-series consists of research materials relating to individual breweries established in Nanaimo and Cumberland in the 19th and early 20th centuries. For record types, see the Scope and content note in the parent series description (F-316-3). The sub-series include photocopies of business records (prospectus, agreements) relating to the Empire Brewery (file 3).

Brewery files: Interior, Thompson-Okanagan

Sub-series consists of research materials relating to individual breweries established in the Thompson and Okanagan regions of British Columbia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. For record types, see the Scope and content note in the parent series description (F-316-3). The sub-series includes a photocopy of the labour agreement between the Caribou Brewing Company and the Brewery Workers Union, Local 387 (1960; file 12); and a share certificate for the Phoenix Brewing Company (file 11).

Correspondence to P.P. Verigin

This sub-series consists of the correspondence sent to P. V. Verigin by various members of the CCUB, including: M. Streliaev, I. Shukin, V. Ribin, P. Biriukov, V. Bonch-Bruevich, I. Tregubov, I. Gorbunov-Posadov, G. Rezendort. Some letters refer to the planned arrival of Peter P. Verigin in Canada, others to matters of the Doukhobor leadership. Also, includes correspondence from War Resisters International. All correspondence in this sub-series is mimeographed; some records are originals and some are photocopies. All records are in Russian.

Writings of others

This sub-series consists of the various writings: articles, poems and interviews created by other authors and collected by Eli Popoff. Material in this sub-series may have or may not have been published. Many writings in this sub-series are not dated.


This sub-series consists of the USCC annual convention delegate package records that include conventions agendas, procedures, meeting minutes, memorandums, correspondence, reports, trustee reports, participant lists, financial statements, annual reports and report from other Doukhobor organizations relating to schools, choirs, women’ clubs, youth organizations, Iskra publication, etc. These records are rare as convention packages were strictly issued in small numbers for the use of delegates only. Records are mostly in English and some in Russian.

Customs and traditions records

This sub-series consists of the various records relating to the Doukhobor history, customs and traditions including wedding and funeral practices, Doukhobor beliefs and symbols, ritual proceedings, dietary requirements and other related materials. These records document religious and traditional requirements expected of the USCC members. This sub-series includes, brochures, forms, minutes, writings, notes, instructions, songs texts, correspondence, clippings, articles and other materials.


This sub-series consists of the individual Doukhobor writings in the format of journals and diaries. The records describe personal experiences of the authors in Russia before immigration to Canada and their experiences as immigrants in Canada and United States as well as later visits to Soviet Union. The records contain personal experiences of the authors as well as accounts of Doukhobor life and their community as immigrants.
Most of the records are in Russian.

Ephemera and publications

This sub-series consists of various ephemera and publications created by the Doukhobor community. The sub-series contains: publications, map, essay, flyers, calendars, textbooks, songs books, brochures, cartoon drawings drafts, psalm text in Russian and photographs.


This sub-series consists of records relating to the Doukhobor immigration and settlement in Canada as well as issues of citizenship.


This sub-series consists of records relating to Doukhobor settlement and land holdings in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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