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“A Flag for Canada” – Rick Archbold

This series is comprised of records related to the revision of “I Stand for Canada” into an edition titled “A Flag for Canada: the Illustrated Biography of the Maple Leaf Flag”, published in 2008.
The series is divided into the following 5 sub-series: Drafts, proofs and edits (2007-2008), Agreements and contracts (2003-2012), Project development and correspondence (2002-2010), Post-production, promotions, and reviews (2006-2015), and Image copyright requests and agreements (2002-2008).

“I Stand for Canada” – Rick Archbold

This series is comprised of records related to the conception and publication of the book “I Stand for Canada: the Story of the Maple Leaf Flag”, published in 2002.
The series is divided into the following 7 sub-series: Drafts, proofs and edits (2001-2003), Agreements and contracts (1998-2002), Project development and correspondence (2000-2002), Post-production, promotions, and reviews (2002-2009), Image copyright requests and agreements (2002), Images collected for use in "I Stand for Canada" (2002), and Research conducted for "I Stand for Canada" (2002).

"A Road for Canada" - Daniel Francis

This series is comprised of records related to the conception and publication of the book “A Road for Canada: the Illustrated Story of the Trans-Canada Highway” published in 2006.
The series is divided into the following 6 sub-series: Drafts, proofs and edits (2003-2006), Project development and correspondence (2003-2010), Post-production, promotions, and reviews (2006-2011), Image copyright requests and agreements (2005-2006), Images collected for use in "A Road for Canada" ([ca. 2006]), and Research conducted for "A Road for Canada" ([2003-2006?]).

Academic work records

Series consists of records relating to Wah's work at various academic institutions, including Selkirk College, the David Thompson University Centre, and the University of Calgary. Records include course material and student assignments, instructional resources used by Wah, and administrative records created through Wah's employment at these various academic institutions.

The records in this series have been arranged into the following five sub-series: bpNichol seminar records, Course records, General instruction records, Markin-Flanagan residency records, and Administrative and general records.

Accounts correspondence and invoices

Series consists of accounts payable and received by various vendors, distributers, professional organizations and service providers dealt with in the course of normal business. Records include: correspondence, balance sheets, invoices, orders, receipts, contracts, trade publications, and newspaper clippings.


Series consists of material relating to Occupy Vancouver either created or received by Adbusters. Included are two flags similar to the American and Canadian flags. The first flag contains the symbols of large corporations. The second flag is decorated with multiple maple leaves that form “99%.” It also includes a copy of the Adbusters magazine The Big Ideas of 2012 and a copy of the book Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics.

Administrative records

This series contains records related to administrative operation of the Valhalla Wilderness Society and work of Colleen McCrory, including correspondence and contact lists of individuals and organizations that Valhalla cooperated with in some capacity.
This series is divided into two sub-series: Correspondence and General Records.

Administrative records

Series consists of records generated from the administration of the filling Station Publications Society and the publication of "filling Station" magazine. These include minutes, correspondence, notes, grant and award applications, submissions, forms, subscriber lists, contact lists and distribution requests. Series is divided into the following four sub-series: Minutes (1993–1997); General administrative records ([199-]–1999]); Correspondence (1993–1999); and Grant applications (1995–2008).

Administrative records

Series consists of correspondence, legal and financial records, notes, manuals, plans, agreements, project files, customer survey research and other materials generated or used by Celia Duthie, as president of Duthie Books, Ltd.

Administrative records

Series consists of newspaper clippings, art consignment information, art fundraising records, copyright reproduction information, day timers, travel records, grant applications, postcards, greeting cards, correspondence (typed and handwritten) from poets, writers and art organizations, a magazine article about The Georgia Straight, memorial pamphlets, website design plans and notes, BC Photography and Media Arts Society records (meeting agendas, committee and financial reports, planning records, staff lists and correspondence) and records (reports, constitution, correspondence, minutes, and exhibition requirements) pertaining to the Coast Art Trust. Series also includes official government correspondence, a petition letter on behalf of Barry McKinnon and newsletter articles on Pierre Coupey while he was an instructor at Capilano College/University.

Administrative records

Series consists of records relating to the administration of the Canadian Farmworkers Union, including financial records, meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, membership information, publications, and photographs of events.

The series is arranged into nine sub-series: Minutes and executive reports (1978-1994); Account books and other financial records (1980-1997); Fundraising correspondence, photographs, and other records (1978-1997); Membership surveys, photographs, and other records ([1979-ca. 1999]); Publications, publicity records, and ephemera (1975-2010); Correspondence (1978-1998); Convention and meeting minutes, photographs, and other records (1979-1995); Reports (1974-1997); and General administrative records ([1975]-1996).

Administrative records - general

This series is primarily comprised of business records related to the general business activities of Judith Marcuse Projects (and all associated identities), including contracts, annual reports and meeting minutes. In some cases there is overlap with a file containing general documents as well as project-specific ones; in those instances the file was assigned to the series appropriate to the majority of content.

Administrative records and photographs

Series consists of administrative records of the British Columbia Provincial Police Veterans’ Association, photographs of members at reunions and meetings, and records related to the association’s involvement in remembering the BCPP through museum exhibits and memorial plaques. Most of this material is contained in four scrapbooks of photographs, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.


Series consists of 8 Economist hard-bound agendas. These agendas outline Duke’s personal and professional schedules during this time period.

AIDS on Stamps project files

Series consists of records generated from the lobbying activities of AIDS on Stamps, a non-profit AIDS awareness initiative organized by Blair Henshaw. AIDS on Stamps lobbied Canada Post and the federal government to produce an AIDS awareness stamp for circulation in Canada and abroad. Series includes correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, certificates of recognition, commemorative records, proofs of stamps in development, photographs, research and international listings of stamps. Includes records from the 11th International Conference on AIDS, held in Vancouver in 1996, and an obituary for Blair Henshaw.

Air project

This series represents a project that existed in concept only. There are some documents and promotional materials in other series that mention it, however those were not relocated to this series so as to preserve what original order still remains.
The series is comprised of the following sub-series: Sub-series 1: Administrative records (2006).

Allan Grant diaries and notebooks

Series consists of Allan Grant's diaries and notebooks. The diaries record his daily life, with diary entries ranging from two lines to twelve lines. Typical entries include a note about the weather, the types of activities he undertook around the farm, expenses, and notes about meetings with friends and neighbours. The notebooks detail his involvement in municipal and co-operative organizing and lecture notes, poetry, or quotations from books that he recorded and found inspirational.


Series contains records related to the poetry publication Anerca, including correspondence, administrative records, leaflets, flyers, artwork and finalized issues.

Archival documents and research notes

Series consists of photocopied and microfilmed archival documents generated by government bodies, copies of photographs, and handwritten research notes. Records include correspondence (including private letters of South Asians in North America, acquired through government surveillance), as well as telegrams, reports, press clippings from government department files (Canadian, British, Indian and American), and from Governors General files, Prime Ministers' files, and publications.

Records are from Canadian, British, Indian and American archives, primarily from Library and Archives Canada. MsC 183-0-3-0-0-6 contains a guide to most of these materials. The archival reference and origin is written or stamped on each document.

Art prints and illustrations

Series consists of numerous prints and illustrations created by Rimmer as art pieces, as well as linocut blocks, woodcut blocks and stencils created by Rimmer to produce prints. Includes images of animals, people, still life, Frederic W. Goudy and keepsakes created for the American Typecasting Fellowship, (A.T.F.) and other associations.

Rimmer, Jim


Series consists of photocopies of six published articles and one final draft of an essay, on the subject of Sikhs in Canada and the Komagata Maru, written by Hugh Johnston.

Articles and general writings

Series consists of articles and other writings by Norman Klenman. Includes drafts of the "Salt Spring Island Tatler" and the "Salt Spring Island Spectator", as well as copies of the “Diamond Jim Brady” columns he wrote in the 1990s.

Articles, reviews and interviews regarding Trower

Series consists of journal and newspaper articles and reviews pertaining to Peter Trower, books he has published or contributed to, his musical albums, and his participation in the band Industrial Accident. Also includes relating to awards and honours received by Trower, his activities and projects, and also include articles of a biographical nature. Series also includes sound and video recordings of interviews with Trower recorded between 1976 and 2000.

Artistic material

Series consists of material relating to artistic works completed by those other than Blaser. Records include reproductions and prints, gallery posters, sheet music, brochures, book launch invitation, and a piece of a collage presumably created by Jack Spicer.

Artistic works

Series consists of records relating specifically to Mootoo’s visual artworks and video productions, as well as some audio recordings that were broadcast on radio.


Series consists of artwork lists, reviews, art commission records, research, newspaper clippings, UBC panel discussion itinerary and letter, correspondence to and from art galleries, correspondence pertaining to government run art programs; design sketches, sketchbooks and journals; artworks on paper, newspaper clippings and art related print ephemera.


Series consists of print works on paper, photographic documentation, paintings, drawings and linocuts used in the preparation of artworks and chapbooks. Series is divided into the following four sub-series: Works on paper (1996–2005), Linocuts [before 2009], Photographs documenting artworks (1991–[before 2009]), and Artworks by others (2002–[before 2013]).

Artworks and awards

Series is comprised of framed and unframed works of art and commemorative objects and awards.

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