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Archival description
Convocation files
F-91-3 · Series · 1967-2023
Part of Ceremonies and Events Office fonds

Series consists of records relating to the convocation ceremonies held at SFU to award undergraduate, graduate, and honorary degrees. Records include Convocation booklet, programs, invitations, guest lists, books of words (order of proceedings), timetables, correspondence, notes, publications, press releases, news clippings, speeches, and other documents.

Note that files from 1990s onwards contain fewer document types, often only the Convocation booklet and book of words; and from 2006 only the Convocation booklet. The format of the booklet changed little from 1967 to 2005. Since ca. 2006, the booklet has been produced by Communication Services, a unit of Student Services (the Spring 2006 booklet is the first to credit Student Services).

Artistic works
MsC-76-0-6 · Series · ca.1970-2022
Part of Shani Mootoo fonds

Series consists of records relating specifically to Mootoo’s visual artworks and video productions, as well as some audio recordings that were broadcast on radio.

F-318-2 · Series · 1992-2019, 2022
Part of John Rowling fonds

Series consists of records relating to the establishment, administration and activities of the Great Canadian Beer Festival Society. Records include general administrative files (sub-series 1), annual festival planning and organization records (sub-series 2), festival posters (sub-series 3) and programs (sub-series 4), photographs (sub-series 5) and artefacts (sub-series 6. The series is a hybrid of paper files, born-digital records, and physical artefacts. Born-digital records are located in sub-series 2 (Festival planning files) and sub-series 5 (Photographs). For record types, see sub-series descriptions.

Great Canadian Beer Festival (GCBF) Society
Media Publicity Files
F-322-6 · Series · 1996-2022
Part of Tin Whistle Brewing Company fonds

Series consists of digital images and word document files documenting Tin Whistle Brewery's activities in various media publications. Records include final article drafts and scanned newspaper clippings.

F-300-2 · Series · 1989-2022
Part of Adbusters Media Foundation fonds

Series consists of Adbusters Media Foundation publications and books authored by Kalle Lasn, as well as drafts and mockups associated with the creation of these publications. Records include copies of Adbusters magazine and its mockups, Big Noise magazine, Culture Jam, Design Anarchy, Meme Wars, the Adbusters Media Literacy Kit, calendars, pamphlets, posters, digital spoof ads, and digital listserv newsletters.

The series has been arranged by the archivist into ten sub-series based on the publication type:

Adbusters magazine records (sub-series 1).
Big Noise magazine records (sub-series 2).
Magazine mockups and revisions (sub-series 3).
Books and associated records (sub-series 4).
Media literacy kits and associated records (sub-series 5).
Calendars and associated records (sub-series 6).
Pamphlets (sub-series 7).
Posters and associated records (sub-series 8).
Digital spoof ads and associated records (sub-series 9).
Listserv newsletter (sub-series 10).

Files are arranged chronologically.

MsC-76-0-2 · Series · 1966-2022
Part of Shani Mootoo fonds

Series consists of correspondence sent and received by Mootoo. Records include cards and letters sent by friends and admirers, printed emails exchanged between Mootoo and her agent and publishers, and other professional and personal correspondence.

F-313-6 · Series · 1984-2021
Part of Larry Gambone fonds

Series consists of books written or published by Gambone. Sub-series 1 represents output from Gambone's own publishing house, the Red Lion Press; sub-series 2 comprises books written or edited by Gambone issued by other publishers.

F-322-3 · Series · [ca. 1995]-2021
Part of Tin Whistle Brewing Company fonds

Series consists of promotional materials and merchandise produced and distributed by Tin Whistle Brewing Company. Records include table cards, beer profiles, posters, signs, banners, pamphlets, temporary tattoos, drink cards, gift certificates, business cards, t-shirts, and beer glasses.

MsC-76-0-10 · Series · 1990-2020
Part of Shani Mootoo fonds

Series consists of publications of Mootoo's poetic and prose works.

Campaign records
F-300-3 · Series · 1999-2020
Part of Adbusters Media Foundation fonds

Series consists of records created by Adbusters Media Foundation during the following campaigns: Buy Nothing Day, First Things First Project, Media Carta, Kick It Over, Occupy Wall Street, Mindbombs, Boycott Divest Sanctions, Occupy Silicon Valley, Black Remembrance Day, and the White House Seige. Records include paper and born-digital materials such as digital graphics, photographs, design submissions, memes, press releases, emails, and moving image and audio "subvertisements."

The series has been arranged by the archivist into separate sub-series according to which advocacy campaign they derive from:

Buy Nothing Day campaign records (sub-series 1).
First Things First project records (sub-series 2).
Kick It Over campaign records (sub-series 3).
Occupy Wall Street campaign records (sub-series 4).
Occupy Silicon Valley campaign records (sub-series 5).
General campaign records (sub-series 6).

Files are arranged chronologically.

Media coverage
F-300-10 · Series · 2001-2020
Part of Adbusters Media Foundation fonds

The series consists of paper and born-digital records documenting Adbusters Media Foundation's activities and the Occupy movement in various media publications. Records include interview transcriptions, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, online news article printouts, letters to the editor, 2 published books, and 1 photocopied book excerpt.

Interview transcriptions were conducted for Kyoto Journal (2001), Eyeteeth (2003), Staya (2005), Guernica (2011), the White Review (2013), and Micah White (2013).

Print and online media publishers include Sun Magazine (2001), CBC (2004), Lürzer's Archive (2008), the Georgia Straight (2009), the Globe and Mail (2009, 2013), the Hook (2009), the Lawyer's Weekly (2009), the Vancouver Sun (2011, 2012), Advertising Age (2011), the New York Times (2011, 2012, 2015), the Vancouver Observer (2011), the Washington Post (2011), the New York Review (2011-2013), the Occupied Times of London (2011), the Epoch Times (2011), Der Spiegel (2011), Vanity Fair (2012), Harper's Magazine (2012), the Progressive (2012, 2015), Vancouver Magazine (2012), In These Times (2012), the Dance Current (2012), the Guardian (2012), the Walrus (2012), the Ubyssey (2013), the London Review of Books (2013), Sad Mag ( 2015), and the Ethical Consumer (2020).

Books include Alternative Media in Canada by Kirsten Kozolanka, Patricia Mazepa, and David Skinner (2012), Why We Occupy: Liberty Plaza 2011 by Olivia Schanzer (2012), and a photocopied excerpt of Why Dissent Matters, Chapter 7, by William Kaplan (2017).

Born-digital media coverage records include a scanned newspaper clipping advertising Blackspot sneakers (2004), a draft article written by Kalle Last and Micah White (2011), an interview with Greg McLaughlin for Contexts Magazine (2012), and two draft letters to the editor of the New York Times (2013, 2016).

Literary works
MsC-76-0-1 · Series · 1980-2020
Part of Shani Mootoo fonds

Series consists of manuscripts, typescript drafts and working papers for Mootoo’s literary compositions, including novels, short stories, poetry, and lectures and talks delivered on various occasions.

Beer writings
F-318-3 · Series · 1995-2020
Part of John Rowling fonds

Series consists of records relating to Rowling's writings on beer and the BC craft beer scene for What's Brewing Magazine (sub-series 1), Celebrator Beer News Magazine (sub-series 2) and Eat Magazine (sub-series 3-3. Records include drafts, outlines, working notes, background documents, and texts of articles. There are a small number of paper files, but the bulk of the records were created and transferred to Archives in digital form. Microsoft Word file formats (doc, docx) are predominant, with some jpgs (images) and spreadsheets (xls, xlsx).

F-300-11 · Series · 1991-2020
Part of Adbusters Media Foundation fonds

Series consists of sound recordings and audiovisual material created and/or distributed by Adbusters Media Foundation. This series contains analogue as well as born-digital materials.

Analogue materials include a VHS titled New Ideas for Television: Ads to Make You Think (1991), a mixed CD titled Adbusters Live Without Dead Time (2003, mixed by DJ Spooky that subliminal kid), and a DVD titled The Production of Meaning (2006).

Born-digital materials include short (15 second to 1 minute in length) promotional videos for Adbusters Magazine and the organization's various campaigns; audio readings of Adbusters Magazine (Issues 71 to 98), and an audio recording interview with activist Kenneth O'Keefe. Born-digital graphic materials associated with Adbusters Live Without Dead Time (2003, mixed by DJ Spooky that subliminal kid), and The Production of Meaning (2006) are also included within this sub-series.

The series has been arranged by the archivist into two sub-series based on the record's format.

Analogue publications (sub-series 1).
Born-digital records (sub-series 2).

Files are arranged chronologically.

Beer bottles and growlers
F-322-1 · Series · [ca. 1995-2020]
Part of Tin Whistle Brewing Company fonds

Series contains records and artifacts related to the bottling of craft beer at Tin Whistle Brewing Company. Records and artifacts include beer bottles, growlers, beer bottle labels, and beer bottle blueprints.

F-300-6 · Series · [ca. 1989]-2020
Part of Adbusters Media Foundation fonds

Series consists of physical merchandise produced and distributed by Adbusters Media Foundation, as well as born-digital records related to the creation and design of the merchandise. Physical merchandise includes postcards, stickers, pin-back buttons, fridge magnets, flags, apparel, a coffee mug, a magnetized ceramic cookie, spoof parking tickets, and baseball cards. Born-digital records include photographs and digital graphic mockups of postcards, stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, baseball cards, flags, packaging, pin-back buttons, patches, and a spoof parking ticket. While there is some overlap, physical merchandise and born-digital records in this series do not necessarily correlate.

The series has been arranged by the archivist into two sub-series based on the record's format.

Physical merchandise (sub-series 1).
Born-digital records (sub-series 2).

Files are arrange chronologically.

F-314-1 · Series · 2015-2020
Part of Dave Smith fonds

Series consists of records relating to Smith's work as publisher and editor of What's Brewing Magazine following his relaunch of the publication in 2015. Records include a run of print copies the magazine (2015-2020) (sub-series 1) and business planning documents and artefacts (sub-series 2).

What's Brewing Magazine (BC)
Administrative records
F-300-1 · Series · 1989-2020
Part of Adbusters Media Foundation fonds

Series contains records related to the administration of Adbusters Media Foundation. Sub-series contained in this series were classified as administrative in the original arrangement of the organization's records. Records include stationary, brand assets, job descriptions, manuals, user surveys, marking plans, operational notes, subscription scheduling, generic communications with subscribers, production schedules, order tracking tables, invoices, sales forecasts, advertisements, grant applications, annual reports, financial summaries, balance sheets, payment schedules, and sales analytics.

The series has been arranged by the archivist into nine sub-series based on the type of administrative activity:

General administrative records (sub-series 1)
Culture shop administrative records (sub-series 2)
Social media marketing records (sub-series 3)
Operational notes (sub-series 4)
Subscription records (sub-series 5)
Production and distribution records (sub-series 6)
Marketing records (sub-series 7)
Grant applications and associated records (sub-series 8)
Financial records (sub-series 9)

F-326-6 · Series · 1966-2020
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The records consist of 12 photographic negatives, a DVD with digital copies of the negatives, and contact sheets with handwritten captions identifying some of the students in the images.

Helena Turner took the photographs during a symposium for SFU students at Rosario Beach, Washington, that was held from March 11-13, 1966. The writers of the charter edition yearbook described the venue as, "a small research station with cabins, a lecture hall, and a large dining room." The symposium was organized around the idea of an academic retreat, with debates, student speeches, and a Saturday night dance. The speakers included SFU professors Ron Baker, Murray Schafer, and Allan Cunningham, among others.

The series also includes obituaries for two of the subjects of the photos: Lenore Herb and Hanne Bondo Mawhinney.

Turner, Helena
F-318-1 · Series · 1985-2020
Part of John Rowling fonds

Series consists of records made or received by John Rowling in his capacity as a member and officer of CAMRA BC. Rowling served as President of the Victoria branch from 1990-1992 and 2000-2003. The records mainly reflect the workings of the Victoria branch, but up to 2010 the Executive of CAMRA Victoria acted for BC as a whole.

Activities and events documented include the establishment of CAMRA BC; meetings, administration and management of membership; CAMRA public campaigns; and the production of the What's Brewing newsletter. Series includes both paper and born-digital records. For record types, see sub-series descriptions.

The series is arranged into seven sub-series:

Campaign for Real Ale Society of British Columbia (CAMRA BC)
MsC-121-8-7 · Series · 1882-2019
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of various published materials such as issues of newspapers, journals, magazines, copy of chapters and articles, clippings, brochures, flyers, booklets, calendars, newsletters, some correspondence and writings relating to the publications. This series also contains events, festivals, choir and other Doukhobor related promotional materials such as posters, flyers and event programs as well as 3 photographs of the choir.

Beer periodicals
F-314-4 · Series · 1983-2019
Part of Dave Smith fonds

Series consists of Smith's collection of magazines, newsletters and newspapers covering the craft beer movement. Records include a run of issues of CAMRA Canada's What's Brewing newsletter from 1983-1989 (sub-series 1); two issues of CAMRA Calgary's newsletter (sub-series 2; 11 issues of the Northwest Brewing News (sub-series 3; and the first issue of the BC Craft News from 2013 (sub-series 4.

F-299-3 · Series · 2015 - 2019
Part of Arthur Erickson fonds

Series consists of books written by or about Arthur Erickson. Books include Eppich House II: The Story of an Arthur Erickson Masterwork by Greg Bellerby and Michelangelo Sabatino (2019), and Francisco Kripacz: Interior Design by Arthur Erickson (2015, published posthumously).

Works by others
MsC-162-0-8 · Series · 1982 - [201-]
Part of Adeena Karasick fonds

Series contains published works, audio cassettes and a painting by individuals other than Adeena Karasick.

MsC-121-0-14 · Series · [19--]
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains samples of Doukhobor handmade textiles, including crochet rugs, woolen fabrics and woolen fabrics made for skirts.

MsC-175-0-1 · Series · [19--]
Part of E. Pauline Johnson Collection

The series consists primarily of photographs relating to Stanley Park and the burial site of E. Pauline Johnson. All but one hand-coloured photo postcard are black and white images, most have notes written on the reverse which approximately date the series between about 1905-1913. One postcard can only be dated to after-1922 because that is the year the stone memorial was built. Pauline's sister Evelyn is thought to have written some of the identifying information on the reverse of some images, and features in at least one of them.