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“Opening doors - in Vancouver's East End: Strathcona" records

Sub-series consists of records created or accumulated by Marlatt and co-editor Carole Itter while conducting research for and working on the project “Opening Doors - In Vancouver's East End: Strathcona," a work that documents the history and culture of Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood through oral history interviews with community members. Records include photographs, a collage, interview transcripts, and other research records.

[Transcription] Mrs. Nobue Minato

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Father’s history before Canada and coming to Canada
Schooling on Powell Steet, Eclere 900 blk Cordova as a child

Fishing in harbour
Matsunoya Bath house
Father buying land in Burnaby
Chicken story
Mother sewing

Home remedies
Evacuation and Lillooet and Vernon

4 page story

[Transcription] David de Camillis - preliminary edit

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Immigration and first jobs
Business – landlord
Depression – jungle life
Entertainment – theatre/movie houses/swing banks

Prewar in area/Italian/Canadian fascists
W.W. II – Italians interred

Business – cabaret 1930’s
Prostitution – Alexander St/as taxi driver

Roma people [original included derogatory term Gypsies]
Italian weddings
Montreal bakery
Home skills – wine making
Characters in area
Italian picnics*

[Transcription] W.T. (Bill) Abercrombie and Vernon Wiedrich

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Arrival and teaching experience
Longshoremen’s strike
Going into school
Boy in trouble and teachers help (30) (shoot up a policeman)

Teachers in west end/east end schools

In conversation
Delinquency in school (boy stealing clothes)
School grounds – 1910 to 1930
Immigrant children
Nurse McLellan

Family history
Children’s games (1905)
Organized sport
False Creek abattoir

Fist fight story
School rifle teams

Sergeant-major bundy
Punishment in schools
Wild game/fowl

Race riot 1907
Racial difficulties

Runaway horse (orange hall window)
Chinese vegetable vendors


[Transcription] Al Izen

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Family’s arrival
Depression (on young person)*

[Transcription] Ramon and Irma Benedetti

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Boarding Houses in area

Business – father startup store/integrity
long story/details good
Early bootlegging

Games – play
Politics – 1970’s
Home skills/entertainment/livestock

Sausage making
Grape importing
Play – Games – long
Boccia – details

Schooling – some is good
Wartime – school/Japanese evac./Powell St.

School teacher 1940’s
Church/Sacred Heart/Boulignon
Politics/Renewal of area – good 1950-1960


[Transcription] Elisa Negrin - preliminary edit

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Parents’ immigration to Canada
Acquiring cows 5 page story
Fuel from Stanley Park
Depression – transients

Daughters learning self-defense
Chores as an assistant midwife and housekeeper
Working in grocery store
Fruit trees and large trees in area
Funny chicken story
Speaking English on the streets*

[Transcription] Violet Benedetti - preliminary edited transcript

File contains notes from original folder that read:
N.B. Some statements by Inez Leland in this section
Early family history 1900’s
Opera and theatre in area

Jemina story
First car ride
Children’s work/crocheting
English people in area 1914

Courtship ritual with Italians
Flu epidemic

Marriage at fourteen
Her store
Store details
Children’s chores and entertainment
Geography – early changes

Boarding houses
Home remedies
Mushroom hunting

Dandelion wine
Stars at Xmas time
Character: Turkey lurkey
Women in the Home/Boccia

/having babies
Cows in area

Home remedies

East End/West End rivalry
Wartime/Italian entertainment

[Transcription] Elda Venturato (nee Battistoni) - preliminary edit and scraps

File contains notes from original folder that read:
School – 1913
Community togetherness 1912
Poverty in family
Dr. MacKay

Children's activities/chores
House interior
Family-mother’s accident
Stores in area
Home skills – cows, goats
Roma people [original included derogatory term Gypsies
W.W.II – Japanese Evacuation*
Internment of Italians
Depression story
Safety in area
Note: not included is short statement on Blacks in the community 2-2 p. 5

[Transcription] Polowy/Bezubiak - Xerox remains

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Housework Rosie B.
Ukrainian Food Store – Ed.
“Music – horne
Princess Street House
Bootlegging – working for them
Street gangs – Loine, Hannah
Abortionist and Morals in area
Organized Sport – Ed.
Job-newspaper route – Inlet

Ethnic groups in area
WWII and Japanese Evacuation
Discrimination/Ethnic minority
Ukrainian Hall – Labor Temple

Labor demonstrations 1930’s
Church and charity activity
Evictions from homes
Neighbourhood characters*
Dr. Fox

Envelope 2 - notes on photographs

File contains MsC 142.500-574. The images were considered for use in the final product of the Strathcona Aural History project. File was originally an envelope labelled "128 Aural History Carole Itter 255-8851; 543 Hawks; Daphne Marlatt" and "copy negatives, proofs, (some prints) list". The envelope contained 6 smaller envelopes of photographs. The first envelope was labelled "copy negatives that have been printed" and "Peter Battistoni". The file contains a hand-drawn diagram of his family. The file also contains a list of the photographs' subjects and when they were received, shot, printed and returned; the first part probably refers to the first envelope of photographs.

[Transcription] Myer Freedman - preliminary edit

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Immigration and fathers first job
First religious meeting place, Union St. and school on Georgia

School – Cairn sisters and view on other groups in area
Powell St grounds
L.D. Taylor
First job, play area, entertainment for children
False Creek
Union Street garage – relates to a photo
House and wagons

Mosquitoes from the flats
Old Westminster Avenue Bridge
Blacksmith shop
White House Clothing Co

Entertainment – movie houses
Back porches
Honor among people/Roma people logging co. story
[original included derogatory term gyps]
Chinese/dealings with in business
Liquor, prostitution
Crime – shoot out in area – relates to newspaper story
Chinese – opium – NOT USABLE – his request
Health, Epidemics, Nutrition, remedies

Buying live chickens
Interior of synagogue

Rabbi Pastinsky*

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