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Archival description
F-314-1 · Series · 2015-2020
Part of Dave Smith fonds

Series consists of records relating to Smith's work as publisher and editor of What's Brewing Magazine following his relaunch of the publication in 2015. Records include a run of print copies the magazine (2015-2020) (sub-series 1) and business planning documents and artefacts (sub-series 2).

What's Brewing Magazine (BC)
What's Brewing (CAMRA BC)
F-318-1-5-3 · Sub-sub-series · 1990-2010
Part of John Rowling fonds

Sub-sub-series consists of John Rowling's collection of What's Brewing magazine from the period when the magazine was the newsletter of CAMRA BC. It includes the inaugural issue of June 1990 through to 2010 (Volumes 1 through 20), with an additional single issue from 2013 (Volume 23, Number 5). Note that the volume numbering system repeated "Volume 7" for the years1996 and 1997. This run of issues is extensive but not complete: two issues are missing for 1995 (Vol. 2, Nos. 2-3), and one for 1996 (Vol. 3, No. 3) and one for 2004 (Vol. 14, No. 1).

The sub-sub-series also includes several issues from the post-2015 period, when What's Brewing was re-launched as an independent commercial venture. This run is not complete: it includes two issues from 2015 (Vol. 25), one issue from 2018 (Vol. 28, Issue 3), one from 2019 (Vol. 29, Issue 3), and the 2020 30th Anniversary Special Edition (Vol. 30, Issue 2).

What's Brewing Magazine (BC)