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Archival description
MsC-128-0-1 · Series · 1959 - 2010
Part of Al Neil fonds

Series consists of personal and professional correspondence to and from Al Neil. Some correspondence is addressed to Marguerite, Al and Marguerite, or Al and Carole.

Neil, Al
F-282-2 · Series · 1988-2015
Part of Out On Campus fonds

Series consists of correspondence with the organization, including records of donation and sponsorship, especially for the Living Personal Truths Award. Some correspondence relates to events and administration (see related materials note).

Programs and publicity
MsC-237-0-3 · Series · [198-]-1998
Part of Women in View Festival fonds

Series contains programs for the Women in View Festivals, including programs for individual performances or events. Series also contains original and photocopied newspaper clippings of press coverage of the Women in View Festivals.

MsC-237-0-1 · Series · 1985-1998
Part of Women in View Festival fonds

Series consists of materials related to the composition and activities of the Women in View festival board of directors and festival staff members. Records include correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, procedures, and photographs.

MsC-237-0-4 · Series · 1989-1998
Part of Women in View Festival fonds

Series consists of photographs, slides, negatives and contact sheets that depict performers, performances, staff, and audiences.

MsC-281-0-2 · Series · 1887-1984
Part of Reid family collection

Series consists of correspondence, mostly letters, but also some postcard, addressed to, and sometimes from, members of the Dunlop Reid family.

Pins and stamps
MsC-121-11-7 · Series · 1984-1988
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains Soviet commemorative lapel pins, three Soviet kopiejka coins (1, 5, and 10) and 2 postal stamps.

Cassette tapes
MsC-121-11-8 · Series · 1980-1989
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains 10 audio cassettes containing recordings of Russian music and recording of meetings and events.

MsC-121-11-6 · Series · 1939-1999
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains material related to Doukhobor cultural activities and history, Doukhobor immigration to Canada and Vancouver and response of all level of government to Doukhobors.

General records
MsC-121-11-5 · Series · 1898-1968
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains general material, mostly correspondence that related to the history of Doukhobor community in Canada.

MsC-121-11-3 · Series · 1940-1995
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains records of various Doukhobor organizations and committees, including newsletters, minutes, correspondence, brochures, forms, publications, and founding records.

MsC-121-11-2 · Series · 1930-1999
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains writings by Koozma J. Tarasoff related to Doukhobor culture, history and ethnicity and peace ideology in light of their settlement in Canada. This series also contains writings of others related to similar themes.

MsC-121-11-1 · Series · 1911-1958
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains images of Doukhobor meeting that took place in Grand Forks in 1958 and images of Peter V. Verigin with large group of Doukhobors during a celebratory events in 1924.

Sound recordings
MsC-121-0-15 · Series · [19--]-2001, predominantly 1970-1988
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains over 145 audio cassettes created by Steve Lapshinoff from around 1970-1980s including speeches, addresses, community events, radio programs about Doukhobors, interviews with Stephen Sorokin, John J. Verigin and others, choir performances, meetings of Planning and Research Committee for KCIR and possibly some sessions of the EKCIR meetings. Many recordings are in Russian and some in English.

MsC-121-0-14 · Series · [19--]
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series contains samples of Doukhobor handmade textiles, including crochet rugs, woolen fabrics and woolen fabrics made for skirts.

MSC-121-0-13 · Series · [1900?]-2003
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of records relating to the Doukhobor music and poetry including texts of songs, pslams and poems, as well as sound recordings of the Doukhobor choirs performances. This series also includes sound recordings containing Russian stories and poetry.
Most of the material is in Russian.
The series is divided into two sub-series: 1: Songs, lyrics, poems; 2: Sound recordings.

Symposiums and festivals
MSC-121-0-12 · Series · 1982-1995
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of records relating to the Doukhobor organized events including: intergroup symposium, centennial celebration of Doukhobor arrival in Canada and cultural festival. The records include: correspondence, promotional materials, open letters and messages, programs, and clippings.

Committees and associations
MSC-121-0-11 · Series · 1873-2006, predominantly 1966-1987
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of records created by various Doukhobor organization including: Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations, Association of Canadians of Russian Descent, Joint Doukhobor Research Committee, National Doukhobor Heritage Village, Kootenay and Boundary Citizen Committee on Doukhobor-Canadian Affairs, BC Unity Group, Doukhobor Society of Canada, Doukhobor Youth National Executive Council, and Saskatoon Society of Doukhobor. The records include correspondence, meetings minutes, administrative records, financial records, festival records, and photographs, etc. Many records in the series relate to reconciliation attempts between various Doukhobor factions as well as the organization of cultural celebratory events. Records are in English and Russian.

This series has 4 sub-series: Sub-series 1: KCIR; sub-series 2: ACRD; sub-series 3: Joint Doukhobor Research Committee; sub-series 4: Various organizations.

Government documents
MsC-121-0-10 · Series · 1873-1987
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of mainly photocopies of documents created by various government bodies: federal, provincial and local between 1873 and 1987 relating to the Doukhobor communities in Canada. These records also include correspondence, open letters, statements, reports, messages and telegrams send by the Doukhobor communities to the government officials. This series also includes some photocopies of newspaper clippings, articles, chapters of publications, trial proceedings and maps.
Most of these documents are housed in other archives and contain file reference numbers. This collection was created by members of the Doukhobor community during their research of the Doukhobor history and Doukhobor relations with the Canadian governments. The files indicate photocopy requests by Steve Lapshinoff, Makortoff, Chernoff, and Sam Shlakoff. In addition, many of the records relate to the Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations (KCIR) and court cases and proceedings that Doukhobor communities were involved in.

Most documents are in English and some in Russian.

This series consists of 4 sub-series: Verigins, Immigration, Land and General documents

Publications and ephemera
MsC-121-0-9 · Series · 1856-2005
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of single issues or clippings of serials, journals, magazines, newspapers, writings, chapters and excepts of books, articles and ephemera relating to the Doukhobor experiences in Russia and Canada. Material in this series are mostly a photocopy of original document and are in English and in Russian. A part of the material in this series was created and collected as supporting source material in the court cases that the Doukhobor community was involved in as well as in the research of the Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations (KCIR).

General photographs
MsC-121-0-8 · Series · [before 1886]- 1978
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of photographic black and white, and color images depicting the Doukhobor Community in Russian, Saskatchewan and British Columbia from before 1886 until 1978, but predominantly 1900-1950s. The images portray various individual members of the Doukhobor community, families and groups in their traditional clothing. More often than not the individuals are unidentified. The images of individuals are often form the early decades of the 20th century. The images also depict various community and personal events, such as funerals, concerts, performances and religious rites as well as places, such as villages, towns, factories, etc. Many images consist of vernacular shots taken by participants, family, etc. and some are taken by identified local photographers.
This series includes images of important Doukhobor leaders including: Anastasia Holoboff, Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov), Peter P. Verigin III (Yasterbov), Anna Markova, Lukeria Kalmykov, Stefan Sorokin, John J. Verigin, and many others.

Some images are in the format of a postcard, some are mounted on boards or contained in their original folding mounts.

MsC-121-0-7 · Series · [190-]-1997
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of the Doukhobor writings in various formats including: journals, dairies, notebooks, manuscripts, addresses to the community, notes, narratives, philosophical writings, song texts, letters, speeches, articles, newspaper clippings, excerpts and other types. These records reveal Doukhobor personal experiences as immigrants, their views on politics, religion and ideology, and their way of life. Some of these accounts are written by identified individual members of the Doukhobor community and many are anonymous.

Saskatchewan land settlement
MsC-121-0-6 · Series · 1886-1918
Part of Doukhobor collection

Series comprises primarily government correspondence pertaining to the Doukhobor land settlement in Saskatchewan. Principal correspondents are the Department of the Interior (Ottawa), regional Dominion land offices in Saskatchewan (particularly the Dominion Lands Office in Yorkton, Saskatchewan), individual Doukhobor settlers, and the York Farmers’ Colonization Company Ltd. (headquarters Toronto) which arranged the land settlement of many Doukhobors in Saskatchewan. Items in the series evidence the legal and bureaucratic side of land settlement and reference: specific government acts and regulations; the granting of permission for ‘entry’ to settle land plots; notification of the cancellation of entry for land plots; liens placed against homesteads; individual settlers’ applications for patent on their homesteads following the payment of liens and the fulfillment of additional requirements. The majority of items are dated, handwritten on official letterhead and carry the dated stamp of the receiving office. Letter enclosures such as official forms are included. Series of correspondence pertaining to specific issues or individual settler cases emerge.

All items are in English; some carry fragments of Russian.

MsC-121-0-5 · Series · 1900-1988
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of original correspondence from Doukhobors in various capacities writing about their experiences with the police or the legal system, other Doukhobors, factions, etc. Mostly dating from late 1940s-1980s. The series includes records relating to the CCUB, the USCC, the CCBRD, the Sons of Freedom, J. J. Verigin, and S. Sorokin. This series contains letters, legal documents, statements, writings, lists, affidavits, reports, song texts and poems, newspaper clippings and other accompanying documents.

The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

MsC-121-0-4 · Series · 1899-2017
Part of Doukhobor collection

This series consists of records mainly created, received and accumulated by the members of the Christian Community and Brotherhood of Reformed Doukhobors (CCBRD). The documents in this series relate to operations of the CCBRD and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from 1899 until 2011, predominantly from 1950s until 1980s. This series relate also to the relationship between the CCBRD, the Sons of Freedom and the USCC. In 1949, Stephan Sorokin arrived in British Columbia became spiritual leader of the Sons of Freedom replacing John Lebedoff. Under his leadership, the organization formally became the CCBRD in 1956. This series contains documents illustrating administration of the organization, managing community and land, relationships and conflicts between parts of the community, leadership problems, Stephan Sorokin’s leadership, conflicts between Doukhobor community and the government of British Columbia and Canada, interest in immigrating out of Canada, and protests and imprisonment of the Sons of Freedom. The records also contain decisions, manifestos, legal and doctrinal arguments, memberships, land “claims” etc. The records include: administrative documents, forms, applications, individual and organizational correspondence, writings, petitions, statements, messages, declarations, protocols, lists, legal documents, songs texts, essays, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs, and publications. The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

This series is divided in to ten sub-series: 1: Administration; 2: Membership; 3: Key people; 4: Stephan Sorokin correspondence and documents; 5: Sons of Freedom related documents; 6: Land documents; 7: Writings; 8: Publications and clippings; 9: General documents; 10: Photographs.