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F-326 · Collection · 1964-2020

The University Archives regularly receives donations of material related to SFU history from members of the University community (e.g., alumni, former staff and faculty, members of the general public, etc.). These donations usually consist of a small number of files and/or items that either focus on a single subject or event, or form a more general collection of material accumulated through a donors' connection to SFU.

When the Archives first started acquiring these types of materials, individual collections were created and named after the donor(s) (e.g., Mr. and Mrs. X SFU history collection). Very quickly, the Archives had several small collections on SFU history spread across its holdings, which it made it difficult for researchers to search and identify such similar groups of records. As a way to make these collections more accessible, the Archives decided to group them together under the umbrella of this collection, with a series created for each donation to preserve the chain of custody.

A description of the activities and and topics documented in the collection can be found in the scope and content note at each series level.

The collection has been arranged into 8 series that consist of material received from separate donors:

  • Gene Waddell SFU architecture manuscript (series 1)
  • Carolyn Hegberg SFU history collection (series 2)
  • Kersti Krug SFU staff experience article (series 3)
  • Sally and John Pankratz SFU Athletics collection (series 4)
  • Breaks Bros. Construction Ltd. SFU construction collection (series 5)
  • Helena Turner SFU charter student colloquium collection (series 6)
  • Bob and Donelda Wilson SFU Sports Car Club collection (series 7)
  • Koenraad Kuiper graduate student mailbox collection (series 8)
Archives and Records Management Department
F-326-1 · Series · 1998
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The series consists of an unpublished manuscript created by Gene Waddell for the Canadian Centre for Architecture. The manuscript exists in two different formats – as a photocopied, physical copy and as digitized files. The physical copy is an unabridged version that can be accessed in the reading room, and the digitized files are text-searchable, PDF files that are accessible here in SFU AtoM.

Waddell, Gene
F-326-2 · Series · 1965-1966
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The series consists of four items relating to the early history of Simon Fraser University: a copy of the program for the university's opening ceremonies on September 9, 1965; an invitation and ticket to the President's Ball held in October 1965; and a copy of the first SFU Yearbook (1965-66).

F-326-3 · Series · 2016
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The series consists of an essay that documents Kersti Krug's experience as a member of SFU's Personnel Department in the 1970s.

The essay was transferred to the Archives as a PDF and is accessible here in SFU AtoM. A hard copy has also been printed for access in the Archives' Reading Room.

Krug, Kersti
F-326-5 · Series · 1964-1965
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The series consists of three items relating to the involvement of Break Bros. Construction Ltd. in the construction of the SFU Burnaby campus: a copy of Construction Canada (vol. 1 no. 5) that features an article on grading the site (item 1); a mounted montage of 9 photos of site clearing and grading (item 2); and a copy of the opening ceremonies program (item 3).

F-326-6 · Series · 1966-2020
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The records consist of 12 photographic negatives, a DVD with digital copies of the negatives, and contact sheets with handwritten captions identifying some of the students in the images.

Helena Turner took the photographs during a symposium for SFU students at Rosario Beach, Washington, that was held from March 11-13, 1966. The writers of the charter edition yearbook described the venue as, "a small research station with cabins, a lecture hall, and a large dining room." The symposium was organized around the idea of an academic retreat, with debates, student speeches, and a Saturday night dance. The speakers included SFU professors Ron Baker, Murray Schafer, and Allan Cunningham, among others.

The series also includes obituaries for two of the subjects of the photos: Lenore Herb and Hanne Bondo Mawhinney.

Turner, Helena
F-326-7 · Series · 1965-1968
Part of Campus community SFU history collection

The series consists of records relating to the activities and administration of the SFU Sports Car Club. Formed in 1965, it was one earliest clubs registered with the Simon Fraser Student Society. According to Bob Sterne, who was President of the Sports Car Club in 1966, "the purpose of the Sports Car Club is to contribute to extra-curricular activities and promote better sportsmanship by directing and sponsoring all aspects of motoring events." The Sports Car Club held timed races, such as the inaugural Gymkhana at the Brentwood Shopping Centre on November 14, 1965, and semesterly rallies to create new interest in motorsports.

Records include a Sports Car Club jacket, a Sport Car Club patch, two issues of the Red Line bulletin, and a copy of the Sports Car Club constitution and by-laws. A copy of The Tartan (vol. 2 no. 4) is also included with the records.