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Article drafts

Sub-series contains several unpublished drafts of articles written by Delgado relating to historical events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the September 11, 2001 attack.

Published articles

Sub-series contains copies of articles written by Delgado published in magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals and newsletters. Articles relate to topics such archaeology, shipwrecks, San Francisco history, and Delgado's work for the National Park Service.

Publicity records and reviews

Sub-series contains records relating to reviews and publicity records for various books written by James Delgado, as well as some records relating to Delgado's reviews of the work of others. Records include correspondence (primarily with publishers), newspaper clippings, web page printouts, newsletters, and journals.

housepress publications

Sub-series consists of the publications published by housepress from 1997 through 2004. Individual publications are listed in the attached pdf bibliography.

Editorial files

Sub-series consists of files of editorial correspondence, submissions and marked proofs of housepress publications.

Administrative files

Sub-series includes records generated from the administration of housepress and includes the housepress minute book, permission files, ISBN log, grant application, correspondence, one photograph and publicity clippings.

Financial records

Sub-series consists of records documenting the financial operation of housepress, including invoices, bank statements, bank books, check stubs, notices of assessment, and receipts.

Electronic file backups

Sub-series consists of electronic backups of housepress’s administrative and manuscript files.


Sub-series consists of the housepress sign, as well as linocuts, stamps and a seal used in the production of housepress chapbooks.

No press publications

Series consists of the chapbooks published by No press from 2005 to 2015. Individual publications are listed in the attached pdf bibliography.

Editorial files

Series consists of proofs, correspondence and manuscript submissions for chapbooks published by No press.

Poetry and book files

Sub-series consists of poetry and book files for titles written or edited by Beaulieu, including "With Wax," "How to Write," and "Rush: What Fuckan Theory."

Article files

Sub-series contains drafts and accompanying correspondence about articles, talks and essays written by Beaulieu.

Academic research and writings

Sub-series contains research and project files for Derek Beaulieu’s MA thesis on the TISH poets, and annotated drafts of his PhD dissertation on concrete poetry and conceptual writing.

Writings by students

Sub-series contains works written and/or produced by students of Derek Beaulieu, from institutions such as Alberta College of Art & Design, Henry Wise Wood Senior High School and the Writers Guild of Alberta. These publications reflect Beaulieu’s teaching and his approach to independent publishing.

Writings by others

Sub-series consists of correspondence and unpublished manuscripts from writers such as Helen Hajnoczky, Eric Zboya, Pete Spence, Jordan Scott and Mark Laliberte. Series also includes a publication edited by Christian Bök and produced in an edition of forty copies for Beaulieu’s fortieth birthday.

Handmade books

Sub-series consists of unique handmade books made by Derek Beaulieu. One book contains seven photographs glued to its pages.

Broadsides and Posters

The following large broadsides and posters associated with this sub-series were entered into the SFU catalog and have been stored in the Contemporary Literature Collection cases in Special Collections:

Chapter O (for Christian Bök) #1 & #2 / Derek Beaulieu
Midwinter Glaciaria / Christian Bok
Sentences on Simon Morris / Howard Britton
Instruction manual / Lucia Della Paolera
The different senses in which... / Lucia Della Paolera
For Atomino / Derek Beaulieu
Andy Warhol had been shot / Steve Giasson
Carnival: second panel / Steve McCaffery

Works on paper

Sub-series consists of artworks created by Beaulieu, many of which were produced while he was a student at Alberta College of Art + Design.


Sub-series consists of hand-carved lino blocks used by Beaulieu to create printed works on paper.

Photographs documenting artworks

Sub-series consists of one photograph album and loose photographic prints and slides of Beaulieu’s artworks, installations and related events.

Artworks by others

Series consists of original prints of visual poems by Eric Zboya (whose work has been published by "filling Station" and No press), a chess game given to Beaulieu on the occasion of the publication of "Flatland," and a collage given to Beaulieu by text, visual and sound poet Michael Basinski.


Valhalla Society’s Endangered Wilderness Map project was a base for creation of the first proposal for comprehensive wilderness protection in Canada. That campaign highlighted the loss of wilderness and need for protection of ecosystems in the province of British Columbia. As a result, the public demand for protected areas and new parks led to creation of regional CORE (Commission on Resources and the Environment) that contributed to establishment of 100 new parks. This sub-series contains records on the state of national and provincial parks as well as federal and provincial acts and policies regarding parks and wilderness protection. This sub-series documents the approach of the government agencies, involved political parties, Indigenous peoples, industries and environmental groups. The records document wilderness areas and endangered species considered of high importance that should be protected in British Columbia and other provinces. This sub-series includes reports, maps, correspondence, management plans, government wilderness policy plans, annual reports news releases, articles, clippings, ephemera, brochures, notes, recommendations, etc.

Governement policies and documents

This sub-series contains various reports, policies and recommendation of government agencies in relation to environment, forestry, land use, water and similar. Most of the records in this sub-series are related to the British Columbia government, and some records are related to the federal government of Canada and some to the government of the US.

Watershed advocacy

This sub-series contains material on conditions and need for protection of watershed regions and their wild inhabitants in Canada. It documents plans and policies regarding management of river system and lakes in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Canada in general. Some records contain information on the management of fisheries. In addition, the sub-series contains records related to drinking water usage and water quality in British Columbia municipalities and rural areas. It documents government watershed policies and plans as well as their critiques. It also documents watershed policies and their relation to land use policies and forestry industries. Moreover, the sub-series contains records of the Endangered Wilderness campaign and protection of watershed regions in Canada. It contains correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, articles, etc

Forestry and pulp industry

In the early 1990, McCrory began travelling across Canada in a van and began creating a grassroot network of groups working on forest issues. These travels resulted in documenting of pulp and paper industry’s plans to increase the amount of logging taking place in Canada. This sub-series contains documents that resulted from the travel as well as other documents created and collected subsequently that contain records on logging practices and policies, reports on sensitive forest ecosystems and wildlife inhabiting these ecosystems across Canada, reports of pollution and specific pollutants created by pulp and paper industry, as well as general and in-depth forestry practices. The records contain information on softwood lumber companies, quotas and trade legislation and practices. In addition, this sub-series contains information, reports, data and lists related to corporations involved in forestry industry and various forestry regulation and agreements. The records were created and collected by VWS, other environmental activist organizations, involved government agencies, and corporations. The sub-series contains reports, articles, policies, clippings, correspondence, newsletters, brochures, data sheets, maps, corporate details and other material.
This sub-series is divided into sub-sub-series based on geographic location of the forestry and pulp mills: Canada, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, World.

Boreal forests

This sub-series containing records related to 1991 cross-country trip that McCrory took to document the crisis in Canada’s northern boreal forests. The records represent materials collected during that trip as well as other material related to the boreal forests in Canada and in other location in the world. McCrory coined the phrase “Brazil of the North” in reference to Canadian boreal forests and this phrase is often found through this fonds. Some of the records related to the work of Canada’s Future Forest Alliance (CFFA) network organization, found by McCrory, aimed to reform forest policy and practice. Other records related to Taiga Rescue Network, also formed with McCrory help, that aims to protect boreal forests. It contains reports, correspondence, news clippings, news releases, articles, papers, reports, publications and maps.

Indigenous peoples

This sub-series contains records related to the Indigenous peoples in Canada and their relation to land, forest and industries, provincial and federal government. The records document Indigenous peoples’ opposition to logging and pollution created by the pulp industries. Many records relate to Lubicon Lake Nation dispute and settlement with the Daishowa corporation. Other records relate to the Indigenous rights, treaties and reconciliation. Some records relate to Algonquin peoples, Ulkatcho people and Grassy Narrows Nations. The sub-series contains reports, correspondence, press releases, news clippings, papers and statement.


This sub-series documents the state of economy in Canadian provinces, specifically British Columbia and Alberta and the relation of economy to the forest and pulp industry. This sub-series contains corporate reports, reports of local economic councils and small business communities, government reports, academic and scientific analysis and proposals of alternative foundations and organization. Other records include correspondence, news releases, publications, plans and memos

Climatic change

This sub-series contains various records related to the climate change concerns including its effects on soil, ozone, greenhouse gases, acid rains, etc. The majority of the documents consist of reports, news items and correspondence.

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