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Archival description
F-260-4-1 · Sub-series · 1963-2009
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's research activities. Records include correspondence, notes and working papers, proposals, offprints, reviews of Fellman's works, as well as Fellman's reader evaluation reports of the works of others; includes Fellman's contribution to a festschrift for David Brion Davis, an essay entitled "The Transferability of Otherness: American Expansionists Greet the Filipinos, 1898-1902" (file 9).

Files are arranged chronologically.

Book reviews
F-260-4-5 · Sub-series · 1966-1998
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of book reviews authored by Fellman for various academic journals. Records includes offprints, photocopies of articles, and manuscripts. See also series 5 (Journalism and media publications) for Fellman's contributions (including book review) for more popular media outlets.

Files arranged chronologically.

Journal articles
F-260-4-3 · Sub-series · 1971-2008
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's publication of articles in various scholarly journals. Journals include American Studies, the Canadian Review of American Studies, the Journal of the William Morris Society, the Western Humanities Review, the Journal of American History, the Australasian Journal of American Studies, the Journal of Sex Research, Historical Reflections, and the Missouri Historical Review. Records are predominantly offprints, with some manuscript or annotated copies, notes and correspondence.

Files arranged chronologically.

Book and manuscript files
F-260-4-2 · Sub-series · 1973-2011
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's book projects. Records include manuscripts (in paper and digital form), correspondence, research notes and working papers, contracts, reviews, photographs, and book publicity materials.

The files are arranged into separate sub-sub-series for each project. All of Fellman's published works are represented with the exception of his second book, Making Sense of Self. There are in addition materials for two works that were never published: Uneminent Victorians, a series of studies of individuals "falling from respectability in late Victorian England"; and Dirty Civil War, an unfinished novel of the American Civil War.


  • The Unbounded Frame files (sub-sub-series 1)
  • Inside War files (sub-sub-series 2)
  • Uneminent Victorians files (sub-sub-series 3)
  • Citizen Sherman files (sub-sub-series 4)
  • The Making of Robert E. Lee files (sub-sub-series 5)
  • This Terrible War files (sub-sub-series 6)
  • In the Name of God and Country files (sub-sub-series 7)
  • Views from the Dark Side files (sub-sub-series 8)
  • Dirty Civil War files (sub-sub-series 9)

For the earlier works (sub-sub-series 1 through 4), only paper records exist. For later works (sub-sub-series 5 through 9), digital copies of the manuscripts were included among his computer files, often in multiple versions. The Archives has made no attempt to analyze, compare, or reconcile the various versions of the same work; it has simply assigned a version number (A, B, C etc) based on the date-modification timestamps.

F-260-2-2 · Sub-series · 1974-2010
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's delivery of special workshops, seminars, and public lectures. Events documented include Fellman's invitation to the University of Zambia (1981); the Davis Center Seminar at Princeton University (1983); a discussion with SFU's Stephen Duguid for a class for the Alaska Prison System (video, ca 1980s); Fellman's paper at the Gettysburg Civil War Institute (1993); the History Colloquium on War, Culture and Personality at Stanford University (1993); Fellman's talks for the Fifth Annual Jeans Lecture in History at the Missouri Southern State College (1999); and the War and Society Workshop delivered at the University of Georgia (2010).

Records include correspondence, visit itineraries, event publicity, seminar and workshop materials, text of lectures, and three video recordings (for the Alaska Prison System class and the two Jeans lectures).

Files arranged chronologically.

F-260-4-4 · Sub-series · 1975-2011
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's participation in academic conferences. Conferences attended include the Wingspread Conference on American Intellectual History (Racine, 1977), the University of Sydney Centenary Conference: Setting Historical Agendas (Sydney, 1991), the First International Conference on Civil Wars (Barcelona, 1992), On the Road to Total War: The American Civil War and the German Wars of Unifications (Washington, 1992), A World at Total War: Global Conflict and the Politics of Destruction, 1939-1943 (Hamburg, 2001), and Toward an International History of Lynching (Heidelberg, 2010). Other events include annual meetings and conferences of the Organization of American Historians, the Southern Historical Association, the American Historical Association, the Canadian Association for American Studies, Popular Culture Association, the Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association, and the Civil War Forum Conference Series, the Society of Civil War Historians.

Records include papers delivered, edited transcripts, correspondence, conference materials and programs.

Files arranged chronologically.

SFU course files
F-260-2-1 · Sub-series · 1976-2003
Part of Michael Fellman fonds

Sub-series consists of records relating to Fellman's teaching at SFU. Courses documented are:

  • History 190, Approaches to History (1976)
  • History 212, The United States to 1877 (1985-1994, 2000)
  • History 213, The United States since 1877 (1995-2001)
  • History 450, The United States in the 19th Century: The Era of the American Civil War (2002)
  • History 482, Introduction to Psychohistory (1977)
  • History 486, Early Modern English Society (1995)
  • History 495, Methodology and Philosophy of History (1987)
  • Liberal Studies 813-5, Religious and Secular World Views: Tensions in Utopia (1993).

Files also include a 1986 proposal for a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program (Fellman would become Director of the graduate program in Liberal Studies in 2000). Records include program proposals; course outlines and descriptions, reading lists, and exam questions; offprints and reference materials; lectures and lecture notes.

Files arranged alphabetically by course number.