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Meeting minutes, correspondence, photographs, and other records relating to collaboration with other organizations

Sub-series consists of minutes, correspondence, reports, and photographs relating to projects undertaken by members of the Canadian Farmworkers Union in collaboration with other unions, organizations, or government agencies. Such collaborations included the BC Federation of Labour’s Human Rights Committee and Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Agency (FARSHA), Operation Solidarity, the Pesticide Registration Review, the Workers’ Compensation Board Agricultural Sub-Committee, and the Workers’ Compensation Group. Also included are scripts and photographs of the Vancouver Sath theatre group’s workers’ rights-themed plays.

Bastions and beaver pelts records

Sub-series consists of a project proposal and a manuscript for "Bastions and Beaver Pelts," an aborted book project Trower worked on with Yvonne Klan.

Personal Photos

Sub-series consists of photographs from an event in 1973 taken by Robin Blaser, personal/family photographs taken by unknown persons, and author photos. Materials include black and white photographs, color prints, contact sheets and film negatives

Photographs, legal records, and correspondence relating to complaints, strikes, and rallies

Sub-series consists of photographs, legal documents, correspondence, and other records relating to individual farmworkers’ complaints, strikes, and the union’s participation in numerous rallies and protests. Records include numerous photographs of strikes and rallies, and an audio recording of a protest.


Sub-series consists of three pamphlet series distributed by Adbusters Media Foundation. These include the "PoWeRShift Media Campaigns" pamphlet (a subsidiary of Adbusters which created advocacy commercials in the 1990s), the "Cyborg Manifesto," and a 5-part advocacy pamphlet series titled "Field Guide to a New World Order."

A born-digital version of each "Field Guide to a New World Order" is included as an access copy of these pamphlets. Access copies of the "PoWeRShift Media Campaigns" and the "Cyborg Manifesto" pamphlets are created from digital scans provided by Adbusters.

Friends of Robin Blaser print photographs

Sub-series consists of photographs of Blaser and his friends and colleagues. Photographs include other notable writers and artists such as Robert Duncan, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, Jack Spicer, Jess Collins, as well as other notable American and Canadian poets and authors. The sub-series also includes print photographs that belonged to James Felts, a former partner of Blaser’s.

Manuscripts and complete poems

This sub-series contains work determined to be either finished or near completion. Colin Stuart spent much of his life continually editing and revising his poems, so it is likely that multiple different versions of the same piece exists.

General documents

This sub-series consists of lists, timelines, statements, petitions, reports, correspondence, memos, and newspaper clippings that document various aspects of Doukhobor history in Canada. The matters contained in this sub-series include: arrival of Doukhobors in Canada, relationship between the Doukhobor community, Verigins and the Sons of Freedom, as well as relationship of the Doukhobors with the Soviets and with the Canadian government. This sub-series includes printed, mimeographed and handwritten documents in Russian and/or English. Some are original documents and some are photocopies. In some cases, Russian handwritten document is supplied with a Russian and English version mimeograph.

Chapters, excerpts and articles

This sub-series consists of photocopy of chapters, articles, clippings and writings collected to support court cases that the Doukhobor community was involved and the research of the KCIR. The material in this sub-series relates to the Doukhobor history and their experiences in Canada, immigration and settlement, Doukhobor religious beliefs and their attitude to peace and avoidance of military service and their connection to the USSR. Most of records are in English and some in Russian.

Memorabilia and artifacts

Subseries contains memorabilia such as Chinese money, coin collection, and George Halpern's advertising materials. Includes artifacts, certificates, and display materials.

Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations (KCIR)

This sub-series consists of records created by Lapshinoff either officially or unofficially for the CCBRD including matters of land, fires, education, and Verigins’ leadership. The sub-series includes correspondence, clippings, reports, meeting minutes, transcripts, receipts, committee proceedings, statements, declarations, notes, speeches, writings, chronologies and lists of events, and photographs.


This sub-series consists of records relating to the Doukhobor immigration and settlement in Canada as well as issues of citizenship.


This sub-series consists of photocopy of clippings and articles from newspapers and magazines as well as documents, writings, notes, cartoon drawings, statements that accompanied the clippings.


This series consists of the correspondence received and send on behalf of the CCUB by its executive members including: I. Konkin, K. Ribin T. Slaykin, S. Vereshagin, M. P. Glukhov, P. Birukoff, S. V. Kuchin, I. P. Shukin, V. P. Ribin, G. V. Vereshagin, P. G. Aniutushkin, M. W. Cazakoff, I. I. Ivin and V. Makhoni, T. S. Samorodin, V. A. Sukharev [Soukoreff], N. M. Plotnikoff, Cecil Koochin and others. Some correspondence was an exchange between the mentioned members and some was sent out to various governmental agencies in Canada and other organizations. The correspondence relates to the matters of Doukhobor communities in B.C. and Saskatchewan and operations of the CCUB. In specific, some documents relate to financial issues, farming, Doukhobors attitudes toward military service and legal matters. Some letters refer to P. P. Verigin (Chistiakov and some addressed to him. Most documents are mimeographed, except for a few handwritten ones. Many documents are originals and there are also some photocopies of documents. The majority of the documents are in Russian and a few in English.


This sub-series consists of government records relating to the life and leadership of Peter V. Verigin, Peter. P. Verigin and John J. Verigin. The bulk of the records relate to the death of Peter V. Verigin and resulting investigation as well as to the arrest and intent of deportation of Peter P. Verigin.

General Research Materials

Sub-series consists of source material compiled by Wasserlein during the writing of her MA thesis. The sub-series contains a photocopy of a scrapbook produced by Marge Hollibaugh; notes; bibliographies; correspondence; publications from women's liberation organizations; proceedings from the Vancouver Indochinese Women's Conference, 1972; photographs from the Abortion Caravan to Ottawa, 1970; copies of the Vancouver Women's Caucus newspaper, The Pedestal; and photocopies of other miscellaneous published material.

Minute books

Sub-series consists of minute books and related papers documenting the founding, meetings, and activities of the Royal Scot Camp. Minutes cover the years 1895 to 1899 and 1940 to 1969. Some books include lists of new and/or existing members, as well as a roll of officers. Related papers include a March 1969 "District Synopsis" for District No. 16.

Festivals, events and choir records

This sub-series consists of the various materials relating to the organization of Doukhobor cultural events or the Doukhobor cultural representative groups participating in provincial or national events.
These events include: Tolstoy unveiling festival, 75th anniversary and Centennial celebration of Doukhobor arrival in Canada, Expo ’86 as well as various performance by Doukhobor choirs, including Heritage Choir, Tri Choir, Centennial Choir, United Doukhobor Centennial Choir, Friendship Choir, and Youth Choir. In addition, this sub-series contains material related to the cooperation with Kenneth Peacock of National Museum of Man in Ottawa in efforts to preserve Doukhobor songs and hymns. This sub-series contains grant correspondence and applications, festival planning records, financial records, events programs, songs text, meeting minutes of the choirs’ committees, photographs and other related records.


This sub-series consists of records relating to Doukhobor settlement and land holdings in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


This sub-series consists of the various documents created by operations and activities of the CCUB and its executive members. Most of the documents relate to the legal aspects of the CCUB and Doukhobor community in terms of land holdings, loans, crops, population, attitude towards war, etc. Other documents relate to the administration and ideological structures of the CCUB and the community. The documents include: forms, reports, statements, lists, certificates, correspondences, protocols, congress proceedings, legal counsel correspondence, and notices. The following people and subgroups are mentioned: John Obed Smith, P. Kazakoff, N. Khabykin, I. Makhonin, I. Podovinnikoff, P.P. Verigin, W. M. Malakoff, W. Blackmore, P. V. Verigin, M. V. Cazakoff (Kazakoff), S. Vereshchagin, S. Reibin, James Merv, J. P. Trofimenkoff, G. Zbeetnoff, W. Perepolkin, J. Tarry, Sun Life Assurance Company, National Trust Company, Great-West Assurance Company, Named Doukhobor Society of Canada, Youth Union. There is considerable number of original printed forms, mimeographs and manuscript documents, but there are also many photocopies. Documents are both in English and Russian.

General documents

This sub-series consists of records relating to various matters of the Doukhobor communities being reported and recorded by various government agencies, such like BC Attorney General, office of BC Premier, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of External Affairs, RCMP and others. This records contain documents relating to alleged actions of terrorism, arson, bombings, and other matters such as imprisonment, protests, Doukhobor children, Doukhobor connection to the Soviet Union, military service, Doukhobor customs, etc.

General documents

This sub-series consists of various documents that relate to the CCBRD operations and organizational agenda as well as to the Doukhobor community beliefs, ideology and history. Some documents in this sub-series focus on particular individuals, other relate to the whole community or specific organizations within the community, such as the USCC, the Sons of Freedom, the CCUB and K.I.C.R. This sub-series includes index of articles written about the Doukhobors between 1920s and 1980s.


This sub-series consists of single or multiply issues of the serials, magazines and journals. Some of the general serials contain only a single article relating to the Doukhobors. Other serials such as Iskra and Vestnik are published by the Doukhobor community themselves and are dedicated to the matters of the Doukhobors entirely.

Key people

This sub-series consists of various documents that pertain to the specific individuals within the Doukhobor community that belong to or had relations with the Sons of Freedom group. The documents found in this sub-series include: correspondence, writings, messages, statements, petitions, resolutions, appeals, notebooks, clippings, articles and account of events. This sub-series includes following themes: Doukhobor leadership issues, splits in the Doukhobor community, arson, imprisonments, children education and children’s removal from homes by the government, the Sons of Freedom and the Reformed Doukhobors. Documents are in Russian or English, some are printed and some handwritten.

Land related documents

This sub-series documents land disputes that existed between the Sons of Freedom, the CCBRD and the CCUB and the USCC. The documents include: open letters, memos, resolutions, appeals, statements, excerpts from publications, proceedings of the hearings, clippings, and articles. This sub-series includes printed, mimeographed and handwritten documents in Russian and/or English. Some are original documents and some are photocopies. In some cases, Russian handwritten document is supplied with a Russian and English version mimeograph.

Key people correspondence and documents

This sub-series consists of documents relating to the specific individuals within the Doukhobor community and the CCBRD as well as individuals outside of the Doukhobor community, whose work and activity closely relate to the CCBRD operations, ideology, and legal and financial matters. Considerable amount of record in this subseries is related to Steve Lapshinoff’s activity as executive member of the Christian Community and Brotherhood of the Reformed Doukhobors and Fraternal Council. The records contain his writings and translations, personal and business correspondence, research records, his trial, pardon and traveling records. Many records reflect his relationship with Stefan Sorokin and Ann Sorokin, and Sons of Freedom as well as Lapshinoff’s involvement in the Kootenay Committee on Intergroup Relations and and his effort in recording of the Doukhobor history. This sub-series includes correspondence, writings, notes, statements, reports, commentaries, questionnaires, newspaper clippings, text of songs and other less specific documents.

Photographic material

Subseries consists of approximately 375 black and white or colour prints, 98 colour transparencies, and 9 contact sheets. The prints appear to be mainly silver gelatin prints, although some of the older portraits are probably albumin prints. The photographs and transparencies date from ca. 1900 to 1989.

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