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Epilogue notes and research records

Sub-series consists of Stonebanks’ notes and research records relating to the epilogue of his book. The epilogue speaks about topics related to Goodwin’s legacy, including his gravesite, Miners’ Memorial Day, and Ginger Goodwin Way. It also speaks about the lives and legacies of those connected to Goodwin, and provides information about living and working conditions in the town where Goodwin had lived. Records include reproduced research records for various sources, correspondence, and Stonebanks’ notes.

Medical activities records

Subseries consists of personal and professional correspondence, patient notes, notebook of clinical data, scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Fanny's career, reprints of published articles, speeches on medical topics given by Fanny at various conferences and meetings, and lecture notes for some of her courses in neurology and psychiatry.

Course notes

Subseries consists of records arising from Smythe's activities as a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Subseries includes class notes, term papers, and research notes.

Other associations

Sub-series comprises records created by other associations currently or formerly active in the field of beekeeping, including the Beekeepers Association of BC, the Surrey Beekeepers Association, and the Vancouver Island Beekeepers' Coalition. Records consist of newsletters, minutes, and other documents.

Resources and Services

Subseries consists of a number of files on reports and statistics of services provided by the Society, such as the number of cases accepted and cases closed, areas of services and work distribution. A number of other files in this subseries contain material on related associations of the Society, including the B.C. Borstal Association, Canadian Penal Association and the Canadian Corrections Association (see Access Points for list).

Doukhobor Research Committee

This sub-series contains documents relating to the work of the Doukhobor Research Committee. It includes affidavits and letters.
The documents include index.

British Columbia - publications, legislation, and forms

Sub-series comprises publications, legislation, and forms issued or used by the BC Department of Agriculture and later by the BC Ministry of Agriculture, pertaining to apiculture-related topics and issues. Records include bulletins, circulars, pamphlets, publications, legislation, and blank forms.

Correspondence to P.P. Verigin

This sub-series consists of the correspondence sent to P. V. Verigin by various members of the CCUB, including: M. Streliaev, I. Shukin, V. Ribin, P. Biriukov, V. Bonch-Bruevich, I. Tregubov, I. Gorbunov-Posadov, G. Rezendort. Some letters refer to the planned arrival of Peter P. Verigin in Canada, others to matters of the Doukhobor leadership. Also, includes correspondence from War Resisters International. All correspondence in this sub-series is mimeographed; some records are originals and some are photocopies. All records are in Russian.

Lectures general

This sub-series consists of the various resources related to lectures, seminars and Sunday school material prepared and collected by Eli A. Popoff that are focused on Doukhobor history and beliefs. The material includes writings, notes, song texts, clippings, curriculum material, correspondence, booklets, Iskra articles, and other related material. This sub-series also includes meeting minutes documenting organization of the Sunday schools.


This sub-series consists of photographic black & white and color images depicting the Sons of Freedom’s various protest and gathering activities from 1927 until 1993. The protests and gatherings were results of various circumstances that the Sons of Freedom found unjustly and worthy of fighting against. Some of the protest were the response to the Canadian government treatment of the Sons, including detention of the children or prison sentences given for arson and public nudity. Other protests were prompted by discontent with leadership issues and divisions within the Doukhobor community as well as by eagerness to demonstrate the Sons’ beliefs. This sub-series includes images of protesters gathering, marching and/or being arrested; images of trek to Aggasiz and camp settlement; images of arson; images of nude protests and images of visits to New Denver School Dormitory where the Sons of Freedom children were detained

Administrative records

This sub-series consists of administrative records created by the Editorial Board and management of the Iskra

Prison related documents

This sub-series consists of various records documenting the Doukhobor incarceration experiences over several decades. The records relate to the Doukhobor beliefs and ideology, influence of their leaders, Doukhobor justification for the participation in unlawful activities that ultimately resulted in incarceration, as well as the hardship and suffering of the community as a whole caused by incarceration. Some documents refer to the mistreatment of the Doukhobors by the Canadian government. Many authors of the documents are women. The documents include: correspondence, statements, petitions, lists, accounts of events, drawings, songs texts, declarations, slogans, writings, articles and clippings. The records are in Russian and/or English; many are handwritten and some with accompanying transcriptions; some are original documents and some are photocopies.

John Howard Societies

Subseries consists of files on other offices of the John Howard Society: its National office, provincial counterparts and regional branches. National office files contain material relevant to its formation around 1961 and provincial and regional files relate to matters of common concern, including policy matters. Files also contain information about these organizations, including reports and other printed material.

Publications and clippings

This sub-series consists of various publications and newspaper clippings that document various matters relating to the Doukhobor community and the organizations within the community such as the CCBRD, the USCC and the Sons of Freedom. Some of the documents relate to the Doukhobor relations with the Canadian government and their attitude toward the Soviet Union. Many publications in this file are created by the CCBRD, its Fraternal Council and some were created by the Investigative Symposium of the CCBRD. These publications contain often ranting, doctrinal, argumentative, historical, and political information and many are authored by Steve Lapshinoff. Some documents are in Russian and some in English. On occasion files contain copies of documents in both languages.


Subseries consists of files on various correctional institutions, including Haney Correctional Institution, The Oakalla Prison Farm and the B.C. Penitentiary (see Access Points for list). Files include reports, memoranda, notes, newspaper clippings and correspondence relating to the operation and management of the various penitentiaries in B.C.

Outgoing correspondence

Sub-series consists of outgoing correspondence from Blaser to family, friends, and colleagues. Material includes handwritten and typed correspondence, as well as facsimile and email correspondence.


Subseries consists of files relating to general administrative matters of the Society, including general reports, organizational information, policies and agreements. Files also include some committee files, such as the Constitution, Provincial Liaison and Women's and Family Committees. Files in this subseries include reports, memoranda, articles, newspaper clippings and pamphlets, and correspondence.


Subseries consists of the official Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Society from 1932 to 1982, official Minutes of the Board and Executive Committee meetings from 1956 to 1980 and some early reports of the Executive Secretary primarily from the 1930s.


Subseries consists of Annual Reports dating from 1932 to 1988, including promotional pamphlets summarizing the Annual Report for some of these years. President's Reports and some Monthly Reports for assorted years are also included in this subseries.

Corrections - General

Subseries consists of files pertaining to corrections reform, including correspondence with and information about international organizations involved in the areas of prison reform and criminal rehabilitation, such as the Howard League for Penal Reform in Great Britain. Files also include information about various correctional institutions outside of B.C., and include articles, newspapers, clippings, bulletins, reports and correspondence.

General and Miscellaneous

Subseries consists of 2 files: one is a general John Howard Society file containing general reports on the Society, memoranda and correspondence with those interested in the work of the Society; and the other contains information on prison libraries, especially the Society's work in advocating the role of prison libraries in the rehabilitation of offenders.

Incoming correspondence

Sub-series consists of incoming correspondence to Blaser by family, friends, and colleagues. Material includes handwritten and typed correspondence as well as facsimile and email correspondence sent or forwarded to Blaser. Additional material includes enclosed contracts, poetry, and other textual material sent to Blaser.

General correspondence

Sub-series consists of general correspondence created or received by Patrick McTaggart-Cowan. Records document a wide range of activities, and concerns relevant to McTaggart-Cowan's personal and professional life.

Financial records

This sub-series consists of records relating to financial operation of the USCC and the Doukhobor community in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The sub-series includes: accounting ledger, correspondence, bills, receipts, notes, statements and reports.

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