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Hugh Johnston fonds Simon Fraser Student Society
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Photocopies from the Peak

Sub-sub-series consists of several hundred full-page photocopies from The Peak relating to the governance of Simon Fraser University; student affairs; student activism; and academic freedom and tenure. These issues of the Peak are in chronological order. Hugh Johnston referred to these by creating a rough index of articles identified by the page and date of the Peak issues. This index is provided in pages 65-77 of the Yellow Notebook in sub-sub-series three. Subjects, events and activities documented include anti-war rallies and draft dodgers; athletics; football; tuition, student loans and bursaries; the BC Union of Students; Canadian Union of Students (CUS); the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and the Association of University and Colleges of Canada (AUCC); the Faculty Association; Food Services; residences; registration; Graduate Student Society; the PSA affair; Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); Students for a Democratic University (SDU); the Shell service station dispute; the student movement; the Simon Fraser Student Society; and the Women's Movement.

Photocopies from fonds

Sub-sub-series consists of photocopied material from fonds held in the SFU Archives relating to The Peak; the Simon Fraser Student Society; Athletics and the TSSU. Hugh Johnston numbered each page of this material and created a rough index. This index is provided in pages 79-96 of the Yellow Notebook contained within sub-sub-series three. Subjects, activities and events documented include student conduct; the Student Affairs Committee; student activism; SFU Athletic programs; student clubs; health services; campus radio station; enrollment; faculty and student housing; the PSA affair; the Shell gas station affair; SFSS Presidents Stan Wong, Martin Loney, Rob Walsh, and Ian Spencer; the "Dentists' Wives"; the formation of TSSU; sabbatical eligibility; the presidencies of Kenneth Strand and Patrick McTaggart-Cowan; and the Women's Movement at SFU. Records include briefs, convocation programs, correspondence, journal articles, memoranda, minutes, newsletters, newspaper articles, press releases, reports, statistics, the University Act statutes, and Peak Student Handbooks (1985, 1989).