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Film by Fumiko Kiyooka. Also held by "Moving Images Distribution" in video, 16mm, and DVD formats: "Two women submerge themselves in memories of World War II while screening archival footage. One remembers the story of an aunt from Hiroshima whose father had been a member of the peace party when the military government forced its way into power before the war. The young woman recalls how her aunt left Japan for the safety of Canada, only to be interned with Canadians of Japanese descent at the outbreak of war. The other woman recounts the details of her own experience as a young nurse on the morning of August 6, 1945. Awards: Norman McLaren Award at Festival des films du monde, Award of Merit at the Chicago International Film Festival." 26 min., 1985 []. Also held by SFU Library's Special Collections/Rare Books in VHS format [] According to Vancouver Sun article (p. F1, 30 August 1985; copy in reference material section of F-232 collection file): "Clouds, a short about Hiroshima and Japanese internment during the Second World War, won the $1,000 Norman McLaren award [at the Montreal World Film Festival]. The 25-minute, 16-millimetre film, is directed by Scott Haynes and Fumiko Kiyooka. Haynes graduated form SFU in May while Kiyooka was a second-year student."

Raised on Junk

Also held by "Moving Images Distribution" in 16mm format: "In this experimental narrative, a young woman is provoked into questioning her daily consumerism by a character at the periphery of the waking world, a character who appears to be saying 'I've never been a heroin addict but I was raised on junk ...'" 19 min. 1985 []. Won "Best non-narrative fiction film" at the 16th Canadian Student Film Festival in Montreal in 1985.