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Armstrong, Kayla
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"Generally I am not too keen on amateur dramas in film this one makes it [sic]. The woman who plays the principle character is an excellent actress who is very sensitive to the entire mood of the film. It is set in mid winter in the interior of B.C. in an old farmhouse in mid winter [sic]. The husband leaves the woman alone for the day though she protests that a blizzard is coming. He says he will stop by a neighbour‚ and ask him to drop by, as he may be late and don't wait for him after six. She spends the day painting the bedroom door and in the evening attempts to bring the cows in despite the severe storm. The neighbour drops by and she makes supper, setting 3 places. The sense of isolation and fear of the storm is evoked through long silent scenes of the woman‚ Äôs face, the empty plate, the drab room. The house is well chosen, old and dark, furnished in early depression. The neighbour seduces the woman. She awakens in the middle of the night to a vision of her husband covered with snow, standing at the doorway. She decides that it must surely be a dream. The next morning we see her racing through the snow to her husband's body which lies at the gate. His bare hand is marked with fresh paint." [Handwritten notes (author unknown), 21 May 1975, in arrangement & description section of F-232 collection file]; "Adapted from the Sinclair Ross story, The Painted Door." [SFU 74/75 Film Workshop Showcase program]