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Association of University Employees

Series consists of records relating to the Association of University and College Employees (AUCE) and the 1979 strike at Simon Fraser University. Includes news bulletins, press releases, notebooks, and press clippings.

Association records

Series comprises records made or received by the Association's central organizations relating to Association-wide business. Activities documented include annual general meetings, meetings of the Central Executive and committees; revisions to the Association's constitution and organizational structure; financial management of Association funds; liaison with Divisions, government, and other organizations; production of the Association newsletter; development of educational initiatives; interventions in public-policy debates; participation in public fairs, markets and exhibits; and the administration of membership and the Boone Hodgson Wilkinson Trust Fund. For types of records, see sub-series descriptions.

Series is arranged into 8 sub-series:

  1. Correspondence
  2. Financial records
  3. Meeting minutes
  4. Newsletters
  5. Organization records
  6. Projects and activities files
  7. Membership records
  8. Boone Hodgson Wilkinson Trust Fund records

Association records

Series primarily comprises copies of records created by a number of associations currently or formerly active in the field of beekeeping. Records consist of association constitutions, meeting minutes, proceedings, newsletters, correspondence, and other documents.

Series is arranged into 6 sub-series:

  1. British Columbia Commercial Beekeepers Association
  2. Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturalists
  3. Canadian Beekeepers' Council
  4. Fraser Valley Pollinators' Association
  5. Provincial Apiarists' Association
  6. Other associations


Series consists of records relating to professional associations to which members of the Department belonged. It includes correspondence and memoranda.


Series consists of records relating to various professional associations, including the Archaeology Society of B.C., the Canadian Archaeological Association, the American Anthropological Association, and the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. It includes correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, and reports.


Series consists of materials relating to professional associations to which members of the Department belonged. It includes correspondence and memoranda.

Associations and memberships - correspondence

Series consists of records relating to the University's membership in provincial, national and international research and educational associations. Records include correspondence, working papers, minutes and agendas, reports and photographs.

Associations and societies

Series consists of records relating to the involvement of the Department in external associations and societies, including the Canadian Association of Physicists. The series includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, and registration materials from a symposium held at S.F.U.

Associations, memberships, societies and councils - correspondence

Series consists of records relating to the Vice-President, Academic's interactions with associations and societies, including the Simon Fraser University Faculty Association (SFUFA), the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). For detailed description of record types, see sub-series descriptions.

AUCE 2 Strike

Series consists of records arising from TSSU's involvement in the 1979 AUCE 2 strike over wages and temporary employee rights. Activities documented include the discussions and decisions of the TSSU Steering Committee and TSSU emergency meetings, TSSU participation in the joint Academic Penalties Committee and the Job Action Committee, members' strike action, and the actions of the SFU 18 Defense Committee. Records include agendas, minutes, motions and reports; correspondence and memoranda to union members, the university community, and administration; publicity materials for and against the strike, including a petition; administration, departmental and student notices and statements; bulletins, news releases and press clippings. Details of strike action are included in lists of members respecting picket lines, the picket captain's register and sign-up sheets, individual job action reports, and letters of resignation from the TSSU.

Audio and audiovisual materials

Series consists of sound recordings and audiovisual material created and/or distributed by Adbusters Media Foundation. This series contains analogue as well as born-digital materials.

Analogue materials include a VHS titled New Ideas for Television: Ads to Make You Think (1991), a mixed CD titled Adbusters Live Without Dead Time (2003, mixed by DJ Spooky that subliminal kid), and a DVD titled The Production of Meaning (2006).

Born-digital materials include short (15 second to 1 minute in length) promotional videos for Adbusters Magazine and the organization's various campaigns; audio readings of Adbusters Magazine (Issues 71 to 98), and an audio recording interview with activist Kenneth O'Keefe. Born-digital graphic materials associated with Adbusters Live Without Dead Time (2003, mixed by DJ Spooky that subliminal kid), and The Production of Meaning (2006) are also included within this sub-series.

The series has been arranged by the archivist into two sub-series based on the record's format.

Analogue publications (sub-series 1).
Born-digital records (sub-series 2).

Files are arranged chronologically.

Audio and video recordings

Series contains audio and audio-visual recordings featuring Adeena Karasick, including interviews, poetry readings and performances, academic pechakuchas, videopoems, and digital photographs.

Audio cassette interviews

Series consists of a set of six sound recording originally on audio cassette. Four of the recordings are interviews with former Executive Directors and the present Executive Director on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of childcare at SFU. The remaining sound recordings are copies of radio interviews by broadcaster Rafe Mair with Sheila Davidson and Social Services Minister Lois Boone about the social services strike in 1999.

Audio recordings

Series consists of audio recordings presented to or regarding W.A.C. Bennett. Items were produced primarily by radio stations, although some were created by private citizens.

The series focuses on a variety of subject matters regarding Bennett. The majority of the reels document tributes and dinners which were given in honour of the Premier. Several of the reels also document interviews with Bennett as well as many radio commentaries on his performance as Premier. Finally, a significant number of reels document political functions and gatherings which Bennett attended. These include the Ottawa Conference on the Constitution, a Social Credit leadership convention, and the provincial Social Credit convention of 1963.

Audio recordings

As Director of the University News Service, Dennis Roberts purchased a cassette recorder, which he took with him to meetings, interviews, and newsworthy events. Over the years, he captured the voices of students, staff, faculty and administrators. Although there are no transcripts for the recordings, many of them served as the basis for articles in Comment magazine, which contain additional information on the topic or individual interviewed. Topics include student protests; the dispute over the Political Science, Sociology and Anthopology (PSA) Department; interviews, speeches and news conferences with university Presidents, adminstrative officers, faculty members, staff and students.

Audio recordings

Series consists of audio cassettes, primarily of interviews with James Delgado or of interviews conducted by him. Some tapes relate to shipwreck dives and other projects he has worked on.

Audio recordings

Series consists of audio recordings made by Duke including personal musical compilations, family voice recordings, interviews with Duke and various production themes.

Audio visual records

Series consists of audio visual materials made or received by SFU Recreational Services and Athletics in the course of its activities and programs. The majority of the items relate to the games and practices of the SFU football, with some additional material relating to the SFU basketball team.

Audio/visual materials

Series consists of VHS, DVDs, Betacam, Umatic and reel-to-reel recordings of audio-visual materials related to IMAG's training programs and film festivals.The series is divided into three subseries: Submissions to film festivals, commercials and other promotional films for the film festivals, and student work or other recordings produced as part of a training program.

Audiovisual materials related to Arthur Erickson

Series consists of analogue and digitized motion picture documentaries, exhibitions, TV programs, news reels, interviews, Architectural Institute of America meetings, and aerial footage. The subject of these motion pictures includes Erickson, the Erickson/Massey Architects firm, and specific buildings and designs by Erickson.

Note that a number of the motion pictures include duplicates stored on different mediums (e.g. Betacam, U-matic, and VHS), so total item numbers do not correspond with total objects.

Audio-visual records

This series consists of audio-visual recordings of performances of Krestova Youth Choir during the EXPO 1986 as well as audio recordings of singing and Sorokin’s speeches during his visit to the Doukhobor villages in British Columbia in 1954.

Audio-visual records

This series contains audio and video recordings of provincial and party leadership campaign events. The recordings contain speeches, addresses, presentations, recordings of convention activities, campaign tutorials, newscasts, and campaign songs.
This series is divided into two sub-series: 1. Audio recordings; 2. Video recordings.

Author correspondence

Series consists of correspondence between the publisher and various authors regarding current and future projects, editorial discussions and decisions, revisions, biographical information, book tour information, financial estimates and payments, and press coverage. Records include: correspondence, invoices, orders, receipts, notes, contracts, trade publications, photographs and newspaper clippings.

For related materials, see also: Series 5: Editorial correspondence and related records and Series 8: Royalties and related correspondence


Series consists of awards granted to the Tin Whistle Brewing Company. Awards included within this series were issued by the Okanagan Fest-of-Ale in 1996 and in 2013.

Awards and grants records

Series contains records relating to honours Daphne Marlatt has received, grants she has applied for, recommendations she has written for others, and literary competitions she has judged. Records include correspondence, brochures, advertisements, programs, and photographs.

Series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: Awards and honours ([ca. 2002-2012]), Letters of recommendation and competition records ([ca. 1984]-2012), Grant applications ([ca. 1965-2006]).

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