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Biographical information

Series consists of photographs, curriculum vitae, publication lists, clippings, photocopies, reviews of works, grant applications, transcripts, biographies, certificates, awards, and interviews. Includes correspondence.

Biographical material

Series consists of biographical materials compiled in 2013, including a bibliography of Bringhurst's publications, and a timeline outlining major life events and works.

Biographical records

Series consists of records documenting the life of Patrick McTaggart-Cowan. Includes autobiographical notes, curriculum vitae, biography, a 1929 high school annual, school notes, honourary degrees, certificates, interviews, and articles about McTaggart-Cowan.

Blackspot campaign records

Series consists of analogue and born-digital records created by Adbusters Media Foundation while administering the Blackspot shoe campaign as well as designing, promoting, and distributing Blackspot sneakers and boots. The Blackspot shoe campaign was launched in 2002. For this campaign, Adbusters created and sold the Blackspot Sneaker (2002) and the Unswoosher (2006), shoes manufactured in a unionized workshop and created with vegan and recycled materials. The intent of Blackspot is to take market share from large shoe and athletic corporations through the creation of an environmentally responsible and fair trade alternative.

Paper and analogue records include income statements, correspondence (manufacturer, retailer, and customer), stock inventories, marketing plans, market analyses, newsletters, order processing guidelines, shareholder certificates, pamphlets, promotional photographs, and two pairs of blackspot shoes: v. 1 classic sneaker and v. 2 the Unswoosher.

Born-digital records include shoe design drawings, letterheads, internal manuals, advertisement graphics, promotional photographs, posters, coupons, stickers, gift cards, labels, shareholder certificates, T-shirt mockups, catalogues, promotional comics, and website mockups.

The series has been arranged by the archivist into separate sub-series based on the type of material:

Administrative records (sub-series 1).
Promotional materials (sub-series 2).
Shoes (sub-series 3).

Files are arranged chronologically.

Board of Governors - correspondence

Series consists of records relating to the correspondence between the President and the Board of Governors. Records also include working papers, reports, agendas and minutes, contracts, and photographs.

Board of Governors records

Series consists of records relating to the activities of the Board of Governors and its committees. Activities, events and topics documented include the composition, duties, responsibilities, and activities of the Board; meetings of the Board and its committees; the establishment of University budgets; University finances; Presidential recruitment; Presidential reports to the Board; human resources issues; and campus development.

Records include terms of reference, minutes, agendas, and supporting papers; correspondence and reports; subject files; budgets and financial statements; working papers; reference manuals and policy statements; member lists; contracts; press releases; presentations; and photographs.

Technical University of British Columbia. Board of Governors

Board reports

Series comprises 33 reports to the faculty of Simon Fraser University regarding actions taken by the Board of Governors. Also includes a progress report on the University Library.

Board Retreats and Strategy Sessions

This series consists of records created during the planning and facilitation of retreat events attended by Board executives and members. The retreats involved socializing and networking, discussing issues and concerns relevant to the Board, reflection on University events and priorities, as well as strategic planning. Includes retreat agendas and notes, memos, invoices, reports, presentations, correspondence, evaluation forms, event facility brochures, articles, speaker bios, and maps.

Board, committee and meeting records

Series consists of paper and electronic records relating to the meetings of the Board of Directors, several committees (Executive Committee, Program Commitee, Operations Committee and the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Committee), and the Annual General Meetings. Records include meeting agendas, minutes and supporting papers, correspondence, reports, planning documents, organization charts, budgets and financial statements, resolutions, attendance waiver forms, voting proxy forms, ballots, and proposals. Records are retained in both paper and electronic media.

Board, committee and meeting records

Series consists of records relating to meetings of the Board of Directors, several committees (including the Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee, Government Relations Committee, Strategy Committee and Advisory Committee) and ad-hoc or extraordinary meetings. In addition to some minutes of the Society's predecessor body, the Fraser South University Society, the series also includes records relating to meetings of the society with other groups, including meetings of the Joint Committee Group, the University of Surrey Community Committee and the Langley Economic Development Commission.

Records include meeting agendas, minutes and supporting papers, correspondence, reports, budgets, financial statements, and special resolutions.

Boards and conferences

Series consists of records relating to various professional conferences and advisory boards, including the Provincial Heritage Advisory Board and the B.C. Heritage Advisory Board Permit Review committee. It includes conference programs, correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, and reports.

Bob and Donelda Wilson SFU Sports Car Club collection

The series consists of records relating to the activities and administration of the SFU Sports Car Club. Formed in 1965, it was one earliest clubs registered with the Simon Fraser Student Society. According to Bob Sterne, who was President of the Sports Car Club in 1966, "the purpose of the Sports Car Club is to contribute to extra-curricular activities and promote better sportsmanship by directing and sponsoring all aspects of motoring events." The Sports Car Club held timed races, such as the inaugural Gymkhana at the Brentwood Shopping Centre on November 14, 1965, and semesterly rallies to create new interest in motorsports.

Records include a Sports Car Club jacket, a Sport Car Club patch, two issues of the Red Line bulletin, and a copy of the Sports Car Club constitution and by-laws. A copy of The Tartan (vol. 2 no. 4) is also included with the records.

Book and magazine project files

Series consists of project files for books and magazines originated or purchased by Nunaga Publishing or Antonson Publishing. Records include publicity clippings, correspondence, notes, publications, graphic material, manuscripts and photographs. Series is divided into two sub-series: Published by Nunaga/Antonson (1970-1980) and Distributed by Nunaga/Antonson (1975-1978).

Book and Periodical Development Council

Series consists of records documenting the ACP's relationship with the Book and Periodical Development Council and as a member of three committees within it. Included are minutes and papers of the Council and General meetings from 1978; the 1978 Book and Periodical Development Council bylaws, memos, reports, briefs and correspondence relating to the first two years of the Council's existence; the results of a 1978 election survey on publishing policies of the three federal political parties and minutes and papers of the Freedom of Information Committee, the Task Force on Library Information and the Distribution Task Force.

Book project files

Series consists of records relating to Evan's book project. In 2011, Evans reached agreement with the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) to produce a series of books under the working title The History of Beer Brewing in British Columbia. The work was initially planned as three separate volumes: The Pioneer Years, 1858-1920 (Part 1); The Years of Consolidation, 1920-1982 (Part 2); and A Renaissance of Brewing, 1982-present (Part 3). A revision of the agreement in 2016 narrowed the scope to just the first two volumes. Evans continued to work on the project up to his death, but the manuscripts were not completed and no copies survive.

This series brings together a number of files relating to the book project. Records includes outlines for the project and the publishing agreement with RBCM (files 1-2); correspondence, notes, working papers, progress checklists, invoices, bibliographies and reference materials. Reference material includes works by Lynn Pearson, "Towers of Strength: Brewery Architecture at Home and Abroad" (paper given at the Victorian Society at Young's Brewery in London in Feb 2006) and Derrek Eberts, "To Brew or Not to Brew: A Brief History of Beer in Canada" (Manitoba History, vol. 54, Feb. 2007).

While there are no surviving manuscripts for the book, it seems likely that many fragments do exist in the form of the multi-page profiles of individual breweries that are found in many of the "brewery files" in series 3.

Two files placed in series 9, Photographs, labels and graphics reference the book project and contain correspondence relating to permissions for use of photographs in the book. Much of the materials in series 3 was accumulated in the course of Evans' work on the book.

Book Purchase Program

Series consists of records relating to the creation, operation and administration of the Book Purchase Program. The records document IPA involvement in its planning and administration, as well as program details such as titles and recipients selected. Included are minutes, speech, clippings, press releases, correspondence, address and account book, budgets, lists and purchase orders.

Book reviews and announcements

Series consists of various published reviews, catalogues and announcements related to Mootoo’s artistic and literary works, collected and maintained by the author.

Book reviews and related records

Series consists of correspondence related to the marketing, reviews and sales of New Star publications. The majority of the series are news clippings of various book reviews. Records include: correspondence, photocopies of articles, newspaper clippings and cartoons, and trade publications.


Series consists of original bookmarks produced by Duthie Books. Bookmarks were designed and printed by artists and printmakers like Takao Tanabe, Chris Bergthorson, Hugh Michaelson, Reinhard Derreth and Barbarian Press, among others. The company published approximately nine million bookmarks between 1957 and 1999. A selection of bookmarks have been reproduced in “Duthie’s Bookmarks: 50 years of Bookmarks for Duthie’s Books,” published in 2008 by the Alcuin Society.


Series consists of books written or published by Gambone. Sub-series 1 represents output from Gambone's own publishing house, the Red Lion Press; sub-series 2 comprises books written or edited by Gambone issued by other publishers.


Series consists of a list of books that were donated as part of the IMAG fonds. These books have been catalogued and are stored according to their call numbers.

Books edited

Series consists of records relating to Karasick’s editorial work. Records include marked-up drafts, and correspondence and contracts related to the work.

Breaks Bros. Construction Ltd. SFU construction collection

The series consists of three items relating to the involvement of Break Bros. Construction Ltd. in the construction of the SFU Burnaby campus: a copy of Construction Canada (vol. 1 no. 5) that features an article on grading the site (item 1); a mounted montage of 9 photos of site clearing and grading (item 2); and a copy of the opening ceremonies program (item 3).


Series consists of Rowling's collection of artefacts and merchandise relating to BC breweries. Items include beer bottles, labels and glasses; posters, t-shirt, coasters, bottle openers, keychains, and business cards. Most of the materials relate to post-1980 craft breweries, but there are some beer bottles (sub-series 1), posters (sub-series 3) and artefacts (sub-series 6) for earlier historic BC breweries; see sub-series descriptions for details.

Brewing history research files

Series consists of Evans' research materials relating to BC brewing history. A large number of the files date back to Evans' work on his thesis (1985-1991), but he continuously added new material to old files and created new files in the course of his ongoing research.

Records includes Evans' notes and working papers, correspondence, speaking notes for public talks; interview notes and biographical sketches of brewers and brewery profiles; copies of advertisements, beer labels, photographs, maps, fire insurance plans, drawings, and floor plans; copies and transcriptions of newspaper and periodical articles, excerpts from publications (books, websites); and copies of archival documents, the originals of which are held by other repositories.

Two types of dates have been given to most files in the series: "dates of creation" and "dates of document". "Creation" dates are based on date of accumulation by Evans. Many of the working papers and notes by Evans are undated, while documents that are dated are often reproductions of older, historical records that he had copied by the repositories he visited. This makes it difficult to determine the precise dates on which files were opened or closed. Files dated [198-]-[199-] are thought to belong to the thesis period; files dated [198-]-[201-] originated in the thesis research but continued to be added to; other ranges are given where more precise dates of accumulation seem possible based on file contents (e.g. Evans' own correspondence). The "dates of document" given at the sub-series and file levels refers to the dates of the original documents that Evans copied.

The series is arranged into ten sub-series:

Brewing reference works

Series consists of reference materials relating to brewing. Works include photocopied excerpts from George Ehret's 1891 history of American brewing; a photocopy of Walter Skykes' 1907 brewing textbook; professional handbooks, buyers' guides, publications and directories (originals and copies); articles, book excerpts, and a copy of Ian Bowering's 1978 Master's thesis on The Art and Mystery of Brewing in Nineteenth Century Toronto (University of Toronto); publications and reports of the Brewers Association of Canada and the BC Liquor Distribution Branch; a run of articles from The Beachcomber relating to Saanich Peninsula heritage (1997); a copy of Rebecca Kneen's Small Scale and Organic Hops Production (2008); an issue of the Brewery History Journal (no. 152, Spring 2013); and reference materials printed from the web relating to beer styles and breweries.

Files are arranged chronologically.

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